Wednesday, 10 February 2010


*When my big clothes are now my too tight clothes.

*When I look at my face in the mirror and all I can see are cheeks.

*When I no longer weigh myself and the word SCALES sounds 

*When I have to stretch my knickers so they'll fit even though they 
   are made out of lycra.

*When all I wear is black.

*When all I wear is Lycra, the stretch is just so amazing.

*When I can only fit into two pairs of jeans, even though I have ten 
   pairs in my wardrobe.

*When the majority of the clothes in my wardrobe no longer fit.

*When trying to find something to wear for night out always ends 
   in tears.

*  When clothes shopping has become a nightmare!

* When I start to have evil thoughts towards my slim friends!

*When I snap and curse people out for talking about my weight. 
   Especially family who have no filter or mercy!

*When I don't want to meet people who have not seen me since I 
   gained weight.

* When I realise I've have become allergic to exercise and even the 
    mention of it causes me to start hyperventilating and break out 
    into a rash.

* When the thought of summer fills me with dread.

*When I list eating as a hobby.

*When I can polish off a whole tube of Strawberry Cheesecake 
   Haagan Daz and still feel like I have not eaten!

*When I constantly think about what I am going to eat for my next 

*When I constantly cover up my stomach, especially when sitting 

*When "Just one chocolate digestive biscuit." Turns into the whole 

*When my partner tells me he loves me no matter what size I am. 
  (That's a killer!) What I hear is "I love you even though you're 

Jokes aside, it really is time to do something about my weight and my health. 


  1. Ha ha ha!! Girl, from the time i was nodding my head and pretty much agreeing with every one of these warning signs, my ass needs to lose some damn weight!


  2. Glad you enjoyed it, if we can't laugh well we might as well just, just eat.........