Friday, 26 February 2010


14 long miles in the rain, I was out on the street for so long I might as well have set up camp! It was a miserable day, miserably wet, it did not help that my achilles was playing up, had to stop off and buy some freeze gel and that helped, praise the Lord for McDonalds, two toilet stops kept me going and gave me a break from the weather.

At one point the rack sack I was carrying fell open and all my bits and pieces started running away from me, (maybe they thought they could go faster without me) A guy who was selling the Big Issue helped me to gather my drinks bottles which were really picking up speed, I gave him a couple of pounds to show my appreciation but did not take a Big Issue as I had nowhere to put it.

I am telling you at times raining so hard all I could do was stop and find some shelter. It didn't help that I was slow,slow and slow again as usual. The run was great in the sense that I completed it, I achieved what I set out to do, but a disaster in terms of time, and pacing, what pace? It was more of a shuffle than a run and at times I wondered if I was swimming it was so wet, no running gear can keep you dry if it’s torrential, and after about 10 miles I was too tired to lift my feet at every puddle so they got soaked and I was sprayed a few times by car drivers. Everything was wet, I mean everything, shoes, socks, clothes underneath, knickers the lot, what I needed wass feathers and webbed feet,oh yes I did wear my running tights, I can’t say I wasn’t a little paranoid, my bum has no right being in running tights in public, but at least there was no chaffing this week and I didn't stop traffic!

No I am not down about the run, actually as soon as I arrived back and was warm my spirits lifted, there is something about being warm and dry which can make you feel great, I don't mind the rain but that was ridiculous, I immediately got out of my wet clothes, and a nice hot bath made me feel human again and after a stretch I was back on track, today I feel great no lasting damage, even my achilles has been giving me no problems and I feel in a lot better shape than I did last week after the 12 miler, maybe that has something to do with not doing a spinning class the day before my long run!

Training wise I am back on track I have been able to keep to my programme so I have to give myself a pat on the back, I may not be Paula Radcliffe, but as least I am trying. Tomorrow as part of my marathon prize I have a Lucozade conference, where we get to train with Liz Yelling a British olympic marathoner, learn about nutrition,injuries e.t.c, it runs for the whole day and should be pretty interesting, the track training session last for an hour,pray for me that I am not the slowest out there!

Happy running.

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