Sunday, 7 February 2010


Don't know about you but I hate the cold, really hate the cold, but when your training for a race, you can't be a wimp you just got to get out and do it here are a few personal tips to get you on your way. The tips are not factual or based on any kind of science, they are just pointers I have found work for me.

1. Be brave you'll feel better once your out and about.

2.Wear layers, it's the best way to keep warm and as you become hot you can strip the layers off.

3.Gloves and scarves can really help, and again stuffed in pockets or wrapped around your waist if you get hot.

4. Run early if you can, once the sun goes down Lord it can get really cold.

5. Get changed out of your clothes and jump in a hot shower soon after going home. well it works for me, especially as I sweat
quite a bit, I find it's a good idea to get out of them as soon as possible.

6.Technical running clothing can help, but there not cheap,my tip make sure the layer closest to your skin is a technical top,
then wear whatever you can get your hands on, wolly gloves, leather gloves, warm old tracksuit bottoms, whatever works,
this time of year ooking good is not a priority for me whilst running keeping warm is.

7. I've been doubling up on my clothes on really cold day's, ie a pair of running tight under tracksuit bottoms, a long sleeved
top underneath a short sleeved top, and two running jackets,(my ones are quite thin and individually really not much
use,might as well not be wearing anything, but the two together are great).

8. Buy winter running gear in the summer when it will be cheaper.

9. Leg warmers under my tracksuit bottoms, keep my leg's warm.

10.Long socks are great, keep the muscles snug and cosy until you warm up.

11. Just do it. don't think about it, best to take a deep breathe and get on with it.

12. Think about how fit and how good your going to look in the summer.

13. Keep safe especially if your running at night, maybe not the best time to be pumping music into your ears,

14. Wear visible clothing, your not a ninja or a burglar, bright ,clothing is a must, if your a driver you'll know how hard it is to
spot pedestrians at night time,take heed.

15 Last point enjoy, it'll be worth it in the end, oh and pray for a good summer.

Keep running through the winter and you'll be proud of your achievements and the benefits will weigh any of the negatives that winter running brings. The most important thing is to continue enjoy running, cause if you don't it's going to be hard to find the motivation to get out the house on cold and dreary day', so keep warm and safe and you'll keep running, come rain, shine or cold wintery weather.

Happy running.

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