Sunday, 12 October 2014



1. No longer feeling my belly or bum jiggling as I run. 

2. Being able to know I can walk into a shop and fit into the clothes on 
    display. Clothes shopping no longer ends in tears of frustration!
3. Feeling more confident and satisfied with my body, emotionally and  
    physically. That overly critical voice that has plagued me for years has finally 
    been silenced. "STFU"
4. I cook from scratch more, experiment and have a more varied diet. Eat 
    things that previously I would have turned my nose up to, eg spinach, 
    beetroot, kale!

5. No more emotional eating. I used to eat sweet stuff all the time. If I was      
    sad, happy or anything inbetween!I no longer need sugar to make my life 
    sweet. I am no longer a slave to sugar.

6. Being in control of my food that what goes into my mouth. No longer having 
    that horrible out of control feeling, that you get when your eating goes to 

7. Knowing I have the strength and tenacity to make positive changes in my 
    life. Knowing a bad moment does not have to turn into a bad day or week or 
    month and that if it all goes wrong I can turn it around and get back on 
8. Being fitter, healthier knowing I am treating my body well, has taken my 
    stress levels down immensely. I am doing what is in my power to take care 
    of myself, and that feels good. No one is guaranteed good health, but it 
    feels good to know I am doing all I can to try and be healthy.

9. Feeling I have finally laid some demons do rest and can concentrate on other 
    things in my life that need fixing. One less thing to worry about.

10. The benefits to my relationship with myself has been wonderful, but so 
      have the benefits to the relationship with my partner. He no longer has to 
      hear my moaning and groaning about being unhappy with my body. We 
      gym it together, go for walks together, both working towards a healthier 
      lifestyle. It makes all the difference having a supportive partner. If you 
      don't have a partner get friends. family, work mates on board,your Gran 
      even your dog if need be! Support is imperative to achieving your goals.

11. I know, I know I said ten but I just had  to include this.
     The intimacy between my partner and me has become even better. 
     Feeling sexier, wanting to keep the lights on during "You Know What." 
     Dressing up in sexy underwear. 
     Wanting to get fruity more often because I just feel better about 
     That has impacted on my self confidence and esteem. 
     Yes I run around the bedroom naked, take control more, fling him down 
     more, what can I say my sex life is also healthier. 
     One of the best unexpected benefits.

12. I know, I know  I said ten,  but starting off the Facebook Group, FiT 

      FabulouS AnD FiercE back in August which Is now over 200 hundred 
      members strong. The group has inspired motivated, kept me on the straight 
      the narrow and at times sane.  I have made new friends and connected with 
      old friends, I have also learnt a hell of a lot as well as passing on 
      knowledge. I look forward to seeing how the group grows.  Want to join us? 
      Just click on this link   

      So that's it for now 12 benefits of a slimmer. healthier and fitter life. I am 
     looking forward to what benefits a second year brings.

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Congratulations to me on my one year anniversary of healthy living and loving.

What a year it has been!

I started out wanting change, I wanted to cure my problem periods, which were causing extreme pain and vomiting. A homeopath visit was the catalyst and here I am a year later, over approx a stone and a half  lighter, (I have stopped weighing myself, all I know is I am ten stone something and a healthy BMI) healthier and somewhat fitter, a size 8/10, more toned and more muscular. 

In the past year, I have drastically limited my sugar and gluten intake, cut out a lot of soya and dairy and become more conscious about how food affects my health.
I am no fitness or health guru, there are times I just have to have a slice of cake or bite into some soft doughy warm bread. The difference is that these items are no longer part of my daily life.

The thinking behind sugar is that sugar can cause inflammation in some people, and conditions which affect the womb  like Adenomyosis (which is what I have) are exacerbated by sugar. Gluten as well is thought to exacerbate the condition and soya and dairy can put the hormones out of sync, which is not what you need when you have hormone problems.

I have also found my way back to the gym after a long hiatus of road running.

The gym has been a beautiful revelation, forgot how much I loved it. I regularly take boxing, spinning, Armageddon, body pump and kettle bell class and even a bit of yoga for a laugh. I'm not laughing but I am sure the rest of the class are laughing at my pathetic efforts!

Sugar was a b*tch to give up, comparable to when I gave up smoking many years ago. I am pleased to say a year later, the cravings have stopped, I no longer see a large Victoria sponge swimming in front of my eyes when I wake up, nor do the children I teach morph into strawberry jam donuts, nor do my fingers resemble chocolate fingers. I am no longer caught within the evil grips of sugar. I do not  have it in my tea, my coffee, cereal or smoothies. In fact not only do I not have sugar I have no sugar substitutes either, no honey, stevia, artificial sugar, the reason behind this was to wean myself off the sweetness, rather than replacing it with something else sweet. It was important I became used to food without loading it with sugar.

Eliminating a lot of sugar has made a massive difference to my taste buds. I now like stronger savoury flavours,  I have become used to lack of sweetness. I no longer need sugar to make my life sweet x

Last October at the start of this journey, I remember thinking this was never going to work, that I the biggest sugar fiend in the world could never give up the sugary crack, but  miraculously it has. My dentist is also very pleased with my decision to give up sugar as are my teeth, which to be honest were about to get up and walk out of my mouth after years of sugary abuse!

No regrets, no regrets, no regrets, gaining control of my weight and health has been revolutionary for me and I feel better physically but best of all emotionally, more energy, more  confidence, better self esteem. 

I love fitting into all my clothes, no longer crying because nothing fits, no longer worrying about my belly fighting  to get out of my trousers. No longer harbouring a wardrobe full of ill fitting outfits or despising shopping because I hated the way everything looked on me.  
No more worrying about what I am going to wear to an event. I can literally walk up to my wardrobe twenty minutes before I go out, pick out anything and know I will look decent. 

This picture below was a few years ago, it was a stinking hot day. I was running a 5k and although embarrassed to take my top off, in the end the heat won and I ran most of the race in my bra top! I lost my inhibitions but I was not happy with the way I looked.

The picture below I took when I stopped off for a toilet break during a 5 mile run a couple of months back. I had dreamt of the day for many a year, when I would be confident enough to whip off a top mid run and run shamelessly down the street and let it all hang out, with no embarrassment.
That was the day and what a difference.

My belly has been a revelation, cutting back sugar has had a big impact on my stomach fat and I have lost a good few inches from there. In fact cutting out sugar cut down my body fat everywhere, another place the fat has stripped from has been my arms. Yes exercise has also played a major part, but I am no stranger to exercise and it was not until I mixed exercise with cutting down on sugar did I see massive changes.

I cannot lie I do come from a family who are naturally muscular, but even I have been taken aback at the muscle that has been hiding under the fat. I did not think I had much of the muscular gene, but low and beyond it looks like I do, now to work on my tummy!

There are some disadvantages to being slimmer:

*Having to get rid of clothes you like.

*Noticing your bed springs, where as before the little cushion of fat 
  you had softened them, time for a new mattress!
*Having your other half playfully pick you up, that has never     
  happened in our relationship before. (Put me down, I am not a 
  black barbie!)
*Having to replace you lingerie collection, boo, (although I have a 
  nice new collection now)
*People trying to push you around on the tube cause you're smaller,    
  but little do they know your may be smaller but you're stronger 
* Feeling your bum bones when you sit on a hard surface!
*Baggy knickers.
*No longer being bigger than the young people you teach, so they 
  think they can try it on even more than usual! 

I have a way to go, to continue to work towards sorting out my health issues and gaining the body I have always wanted. I feel close, sticking to something for a year is no joke, but I am cool with it, because it was never meant to be for a year, it was meant to be forever. I have seen the benefits and I am not going back. I am continuing to move forward, continuing to add even more changes to my life that will help to keep me fit and healthy.

My periods are not perfect, but they are better than they were, and I dread to think what they would be like now, if I had not made these changes. When I started this journey, weight-loss was not on my mind, I just wanted to become fit and healthy and eliminate some of my health issues. The journey is not over, the journey is not easy, but I am so glad I started. Though I am pleased to report the excruciating cramps and pain I suffered a year ago are 80/90 percent better. Now to just get rid of the vomiting. Fingers crossed improvements will continue to be made.

Next phase, sculpting, I want my body to be tight and firm, no wobbles, maybe not a six pack but at least a 2. I want to be strong and fit, knocking out sit ups, press ups and the plank and dreaded burpees which I have yet to master, I look like an f**ked up frog when I attempt them.

I look back at my old pictures and I am proud of the person I was, the girl who kept going, kept running, kept exercising kept trying, even when she did not get the results she wanted.

That girl could run the legs off the girl I am now. The monthly vomiting has put paid to any serious running training. 

Here are some pictures of my progress. and my past.
This first picture I swear I must be a size 16, this picture must be at least ten years old. This was really the start of my up and down struggles with weight! 

My arms have completely changed!

Yep that belly would not go no matter what, I thought we were going to be close friends for life!

Marathon training in Trinidad.

Picture from a 10k run, I was running well back then, running may not have got me the body I wanted but it was therapeutic, fun and made me fit as hell.

The picture below is of a 5k Race For Life, which was the day of my fastest 5k, I was the first black girl to cross the line, yes, yes. I must say though a girl dressed as a nun crossed the line first. 

The picture below really shows how my body has changed and how much fat I have trimmed off!

Thanks to the other half, for taking pictures such as the one below and encouraging me to be confident in my body regardless of size. We always have a lot of fun doing photo shoots, even when I was not happy about the way I looked, he encouraged me to embrace my body and be proud.

The picture below you can see how I carry excess weight around my middle, I thought we were destined to be friends for ever, little did I know....

I love hosting and performing and never let anything get in the way of that, but I can't lie it's nice to pop into the wardrobe and have a great choice of clothes, all of which I know are going to fit. My confidence as a performer has also risen. I was a bit of a beast before, now well, what can I say, the stage is not safe when I am on it. 

I may have been bigger but I could run, the picture below is of me just before I ran my fastest half marathon time. 

Here is what I look like now...
In celebration of my achievement other half treated me to some new clothes and a photoshoot to celebrate my new body.

I have dropped a few more pounds, tightened and toned up even more since the pictures above. Below are pictures from my last photo shoot.

Yep thats me shamlessly parading around in shorts in public, what a ting!

The picture below is of carnival this year, finally confident about my stomach, cannot remember the last time I wore a crop top in public, times have changed.

Here I am in my costume on the Monday Bank holiday.

I am just about to host a poetry night, and am pleased with my outfit, feeling confident and ready for a good show.

Below just a random picture to chart my progress. Thanks to the other half for all the lovely gym gear he has bought for me. I am no longer hiding behind dark colours.

Below, pictures from Ealing half marathon, which I ran/walked/crawled on Sunday 28th September ill health stopped me from training as I wanted but I made it round in once piece.
I ran it in aid of a very special little boy feel free to sponsor me, it's not too late

The before pictures contain some which were a good number of years ago and I do believe in some of them I am a size 16. 

Last year before I started this journey I was a size 12/14, un-toned carrying excess fat,  especially around my belly, which would not shift no matter what I done. I was also up and down with my weight, which was not healthy at all.   

I tell you one thing of the many that giving up sugar has down is shrunk my waist, something I thought I would never be able to get rid off. 

The most important thing was that even though I may not have been very big, I was not happy, I wanted my younger, dancer, fitter, healthy body back. I was sick of being unhappy with the way I looked. I was sick of exercising and my body not reflecting all my hard work,  sick of worrying about my health.

I am glad all my hard work is paying off, health and fitness wise. The weight loss started off as a positive unexpected but wanted side effect and I ran with it. Finally my weight was going in the right direction, if only I had known years before that all I had to do was completely change the way I was eating, maybe I never would've run the London marathon twice lol x

I am happier and healthier and finally taking control of my health and best of all my weight is stable, no yo, yo dieting. Good clean eating has been the key and I will continue to live this way,  It is a good place to be. There is still work to do, I will never go back to the old Kat, as much as I love her and admire her tenacity and resolve I am happy to take her best bits and leave the rest behind. I look forward to continuing my journey and seeing what other fantastic things my body can do.

To anyone out there who is struggling, I promise if you make the changes, impressive things will start to happen, you will see changes in your self emotionally and physically that you probably did not think were possible. No matter what life throws in your way, get your head down, keep trying, keep fighting, keep kicking back and you will achieve xx

If you need a little motivation or group support to help you on your journey, then come over to the Facebook group FiT FabulouS AnD Fierce, where there are a whole heap of us trying hard to better our lives, through exercise and healthy eating.


Thursday, 28 August 2014


So this month it makes ten months since I started on this health/fitness journey. My first motivation was to improve my periods, which were becoming a monthly epic battle, but my reasons have progressed since then and now it is all about my health and fitness as a whole.

I have a condition called Adenomyosis, very much like endometriosis, it causes a whole heap of problems, including extreme cramps, heavy bleeding, nausea and extreme vomiting.

Wanna learn more http

Ten months ago I was diagnosed, saw a homoeopath and started on my journey of a new healthy lifestyle.

Since then I have drastically reduced sugar and gluten in my diet, I exercise at least 4 times a week, if not more. I try to eat well, cooking more, knocking back green smoothies and making better choices when I am out and about.

In changing around my lifestyle I have dropped approx two dress sizes and and improved my periods immensely the cramps are 90 percent better and they are overall lighter and last for less days.

Unfortunately the one thing that has been persistent and I have been unable to eradicate is the vomiting. I ended up in A&E in July due to dehydration. I was put on a drip and had to have an injection to stop the vomiting.

Admitidly this the first time in ten months that I had to pay a visit to the hospital, whereas before the healthy changes I was in A&E every month, without fail, they might as well of had a bed with my name on it.  August was another bad month, which thankfully did not end up in hospital but was also pretty debilitating but what it did accomplish  was to convince me it was time to give my body and mind a break.

I have done everything in my power, changed my eating habits, exercised regularly, cut back drastically on my sugar consumption, but even all of those actions have not complelty eliminated my problems so I have decided to go on the mini pill.   This is not what I wanted but the disruption in my life is too much, the emotional and physical toil is too much. The interruption in my work and social life is too much, my half marathon training has been interrupted constantly by having to take time off running to recover.

The thing is this whole journey is much more than just about my periods, it is about my general health  and well being and that is something I have learnt on the way. I will never go back to eating sugar the way in which I was, or gluten, once in a while as a treat or just because I want to, but on an everyday basis hell no.

If this is about my general health and well being and my periods are causing me so much distress, it is time for some drastic action.

I do want to encourage women who do have gynaecological issues to look at their diet, fibroid's, endometriosis, Adenomyosis, poly cystic ovaries etc can all benefit from dietary changes. Research your condition find out what can work for you and also think about cutting back on sugar, which is deadly for inflammatory conditions. I want to enocourage anyone who is suffering from health problems, to look at how sugar may be adding to your problems, below is a link which will give you food for though.

The benefits have been far wide and reaching. I have no regrets about taking those first steps all those months ago and I am excited to see where I am a year from now, with many more months of good living under my belt.  Changes happen slowly not over night, for things to become a habit you have to do  them over and over and over again until they are second nature and you beat them into your mind!

Your going to fall, crash and sometimes mash up quite spectacularly but so what, you just get up and keep going. It's about finding ways to cope, surrounding yourself with the right kind of people who are going to help not hinder. Having the right foods in your house, planning your meals, building exercise into your life, reaching out if you need support, finding out really works for you. It really is a journey of discovery, what works for you friend may to work for you and visa verso.

The funny thing is once you get control of one portion of your life it rubs off on other parts as well as your confidence spreads to other things, be warned you might not recognise yourself in a years time. You'll be like "Damn who is this amazing specimen of confidence and fierceness."

Stress is something that can cause you to gain weight: A few years back my life was very stressful, I was trying hard to lose weight and be healthy and although I was exercising a lot, and was fit,
weight wise not much was happening, it was not until my circumstances changed did the pounds start to fall off an stay off. I understand there are some things you cannot change, like being a mum, but you could at least make sure you have some "you" time, get a babysitter in and do you. If you got emotional stuff going on which contributes to your negative food choices, until that stuff is sorted out, you may find it difficult to make the healthy changes that you need to. I've been there I know, get rid of the bullsh*t and you might just get rid of the pounds!

Below is a link to an article on weight and stress.

Ten months down the line I feel very much in control of my health and well being, I have the confidence, energy and strength to deal with the things that crop up in my life, work, relationships, family.That has nothing to do with having a smaller jean size and everything to do with being stronger, and fitter and ultimately happier.

Bye for now x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


For all those who have been asking I promised to post some running tips, so here you go.

Running gear: you don't need anything fancy, dash on a pair of old tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and get out there.

If you don't feel confident, or don't want your neighbors to recognize you, (there's always that nosey one all up in your business) wear sunglasses. It blocks out all the people on the street, and helps you live in your own little world, just don’t wear them when it’s raining or at night time, cause ya ganna look like a weirdo!

Get a good sports bra, nothing worse then running and those babies are swinging all over the place, they will only slow you down, and it will be embarrassing if you have to hold them!

Begin slow if you have to, it doesn't matter how slow, build up your distance over time, there’s no rush. For those of you who find running a real chore, run, walk a bit, catch your breath, walk a bit, run a bit, it's a great strategy to keep you moving and before you know it you'll be back home. The fact that your moving is great, you ain't trying to me Mo Farah, your just trying to healthy.

Grab a friend and run with them. I enjoy running on my own, running is my thinking, cussing, praying, meditation time, but if company is what's ganna keep you going, then find a friend to drag along kicking and screaming. Tell them your friendship depends on their co-operation and support of you new healthy lifestyle.

Be safe: wear headphones by all means but make sure you can hear what going on around you, so don’t be turning the music up too high.

Change your route regularly so you don't get bored. I don't mind running the same route again and again, but I know that would drive some people crazy!

Mapmyrun is a great site, where you can plan your route and mileage.

Try some hills, they are great for stamina, and really make you strong.

Watch out for cars, humans don't bounce off bonnets very well.
Watch out for dog's who like to chase humans.
Watch out for pedestrians, prams and wayward children, especially if they are riding scooters!

Ignore any comments that may be thrown at you, from a passing car or an ignoramus person, do not let some ignorant arse-hole take away from the positive steps you are making. They don’t know you; you don’t know them, so lets keep it moving.

Like the trainers above, well their mine, pretty ain't they?  it took me a while to figure out what brand and type of trainer works for me, the website below has loads to choose from.If your serious about running please invest in a decent pair of trainers go to any sports shop and they will point you in the right direction. If you find a pair that you like and it’s a bit expensive, take the name down, then go find it cheaper on the Internet.

Asthmatics try to run when the traffic is not congested and try running in a park where you'll breathe more easily.  Run with your pumps, you never know when you might need them. There are some days your chest will play up and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s real important to listen to your body and pay attention to your breathing. Remember keep the music down to a minimum, Don't be frigthened to run just beacuse your asthamtic, obviuosly use your common sense, listen to your body and react according, especially if your asthama is exercise induced.

Be kind to your knees, jog on grass if you can or switch it up, try not to jog solely on concrete.If you live near a running track, make use of it.

Try not to slam into the ground as you run, think of yourself as gliding across the ground rather than slamming into it.  I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle. I’m a gazelle. I say though to remind myself otherwise I will rhino around the streets.

Some people are programmed to run fast some ain't, don't sweat it if you’re a slow runner like me, doesn't make you any less of a runner.  Some of us are gazelles and some are tortoises, does it bother the tortoise that he is slow, nooo so why should it bother us!

*Get a foam roller. Look it up. It's a runner’s best friend

*Hot bath with salt for achy muscles.

*Tiger balm for achy muscles.

*Kinseo tap for achy muscles or injuries that need healing. cid=3366&affid=7&gridview=1&sortby=bestsell&gclid=CLfqwdzRyr8CFSrItAod2kYAOA

*Beg your other half, your kids or a friend to rub down tired legs.

Mix it up, one of the big mistakes I have made in the past is only to run, this can cause injury, try other things as well, swimming, biking, spinning, body pump, yoga etc. It will make you an all round better and stronger runner, and develop all of your body.

Set yourself a goal, a race 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. Whatever gives you something to work towards?

Hardest thing is getting out the door, but once that run is finished, they'll be no regrets. Especially once those happy hormones start flowing, you'll leave the house a miserable git, and return with the sunny disposition of Mary Poppins.

Some days you run and it's ganna be shit, accept it, it's like that sometimes, some days are body’s will rebel.

For runs under an hour you can manage on water, over an hour you might want start thinking about how to fuel your runs, e.g. gels, banana’s, isotonic drinks (mind the sugar).

Runners and carbs, yes been there done that, pizza, pasta, Lucozade, jelly beans, jelly babies, bagels with loads of peanut butter, no wonder my belly was escaping from my running shorts, screaming "Free me, Free me!"

Find healthy ways to fuel your runs, through complex carbs, rather than simple carbs. E.g. white bread is a simple carb, wholemeal bread a complex carb, here is a link breaking down different carbs

I myself am training for a half marathon and determined not to rely on my old staples, which done no good for my waistline.

Pay attention to injuries, have a rest from running if need be, you don't have to stop exercising, swimming,weights, kettle bells, spinning are all great options, to keep your fitness ticking over until you can hit the street again.

If you do injure yourself, get it checked out as soon as you can, in the meantime if it swells, ice and elevate and pop a couple of ibruprofen which should help with the swelling.

Keep a running journal or even just write your runs in your diary so you can keep a track of your progress and even write down how you felt, or the route you took.

Run in the rain, I promise you it's fun, it rains a lot in England, get used to it and get out that front door. I promise you will not shrivel up like the wicked witch of the West and you’ll feel like a total running badass!

If your running three times a week or more try not to do the same thing over and over again,push yourself do at least one long run each week, a medium one, and a short one where you work on speed.

The only way you can run faster, is to run faster,I do something called fartleck a fun way of gaining speed, run quickly from one object to another as fast as I can, then run slow, then run quick again, and so forth.

Happy Running.

Look below for further reading.

See you all soon Kat

Coach to 5k programme with downloadable podcasts.

A great site, for women runners

Running World magazine do a great site

This guy Hal Higdon does great training programmes for walking and running half and full marathons.

Want a local weekly 5k challenge try a Park, free timed 5k 's every Saturday.

An interesting article on why running may not help you to lose weight.

Opposite school of thought, how to run and lose weight.