Thursday, 28 August 2014


So this month it makes ten months since I started on this health/fitness journey. My first motivation was to improve my periods, which were becoming a monthly epic battle, but my reasons have progressed since then and now it is all about my health and fitness as a whole.

I have a condition called Adenomyosis, very much like endometriosis, it causes a whole heap of problems, including extreme cramps, heavy bleeding, nausea and extreme vomiting.

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Ten months ago I was diagnosed, saw a homoeopath and started on my journey of a new healthy lifestyle.

Since then I have drastically reduced sugar and gluten in my diet, I exercise at least 4 times a week, if not more. I try to eat well, cooking more, knocking back green smoothies and making better choices when I am out and about.

In changing around my lifestyle I have dropped approx two dress sizes and and improved my periods immensely the cramps are 90 percent better and they are overall lighter and last for less days.

Unfortunately the one thing that has been persistent and I have been unable to eradicate is the vomiting. I ended up in A&E in July due to dehydration. I was put on a drip and had to have an injection to stop the vomiting.

Admitidly this the first time in ten months that I had to pay a visit to the hospital, whereas before the healthy changes I was in A&E every month, without fail, they might as well of had a bed with my name on it.  August was another bad month, which thankfully did not end up in hospital but was also pretty debilitating but what it did accomplish  was to convince me it was time to give my body and mind a break.

I have done everything in my power, changed my eating habits, exercised regularly, cut back drastically on my sugar consumption, but even all of those actions have not complelty eliminated my problems so I have decided to go on the mini pill.   This is not what I wanted but the disruption in my life is too much, the emotional and physical toil is too much. The interruption in my work and social life is too much, my half marathon training has been interrupted constantly by having to take time off running to recover.

The thing is this whole journey is much more than just about my periods, it is about my general health  and well being and that is something I have learnt on the way. I will never go back to eating sugar the way in which I was, or gluten, once in a while as a treat or just because I want to, but on an everyday basis hell no.

If this is about my general health and well being and my periods are causing me so much distress, it is time for some drastic action.

I do want to encourage women who do have gynaecological issues to look at their diet, fibroid's, endometriosis, Adenomyosis, poly cystic ovaries etc can all benefit from dietary changes. Research your condition find out what can work for you and also think about cutting back on sugar, which is deadly for inflammatory conditions. I want to enocourage anyone who is suffering from health problems, to look at how sugar may be adding to your problems, below is a link which will give you food for though.

The benefits have been far wide and reaching. I have no regrets about taking those first steps all those months ago and I am excited to see where I am a year from now, with many more months of good living under my belt.  Changes happen slowly not over night, for things to become a habit you have to do  them over and over and over again until they are second nature and you beat them into your mind!

Your going to fall, crash and sometimes mash up quite spectacularly but so what, you just get up and keep going. It's about finding ways to cope, surrounding yourself with the right kind of people who are going to help not hinder. Having the right foods in your house, planning your meals, building exercise into your life, reaching out if you need support, finding out really works for you. It really is a journey of discovery, what works for you friend may to work for you and visa verso.

The funny thing is once you get control of one portion of your life it rubs off on other parts as well as your confidence spreads to other things, be warned you might not recognise yourself in a years time. You'll be like "Damn who is this amazing specimen of confidence and fierceness."

Stress is something that can cause you to gain weight: A few years back my life was very stressful, I was trying hard to lose weight and be healthy and although I was exercising a lot, and was fit,
weight wise not much was happening, it was not until my circumstances changed did the pounds start to fall off an stay off. I understand there are some things you cannot change, like being a mum, but you could at least make sure you have some "you" time, get a babysitter in and do you. If you got emotional stuff going on which contributes to your negative food choices, until that stuff is sorted out, you may find it difficult to make the healthy changes that you need to. I've been there I know, get rid of the bullsh*t and you might just get rid of the pounds!

Below is a link to an article on weight and stress.

Ten months down the line I feel very much in control of my health and well being, I have the confidence, energy and strength to deal with the things that crop up in my life, work, relationships, family.That has nothing to do with having a smaller jean size and everything to do with being stronger, and fitter and ultimately happier.

Bye for now x

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