Tuesday, 29 June 2010


In case anyone was wondering where I am, I'm still alive and well just crazy busy, just back from Glastonbury festival, dealing with lack of showers, mad heat, which has left me with a rather fetching tan, and a body so tired I just want to lie in bed and sleep, last week was just as crazy, I do have things to blog about a 10k race, where I wore pink compression socks and posted my second fastest time ever, must've been the socks, so I will be back, I got the pictures, I know what I want to say, I just have to find the time to do it, so in the mean time I am about to run off a teach 10 and 11 year olds about hygiene and puberty, I love my job, all I do this time of year is laugh at what they ask me!
"Why do people make noises when they make love."
"Do girls have wet dreams."
"Why can't men have periods and give birth."
"So I just have one period and that's it, I don't have anymore,just one, right ?"
"Why has one of my breasts started to grow and not the other."
"Miss I got hair in secret places."

Oh the joys of innocence, right thats it enough about my non running life.

happy running.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Ran 5 miles today, all was going very well, then twenty minutes in I fell, well I more than fell, one minute I was running quite happily, crossing a road, then next I am on the floor, sprawled out like a legless drunk, don't know what happened, how it happened, but it happened! I was fine, my trousers were dirty and felt a tiny pull in my right thigh but it went after I carried on running.

Some young girl 18 or so, looked back at me whilst I was down and out on the ground with my water bottle rolling towards her and then just carried on with her business, luckily I didn't need help, and to be honest I wasn't even embarrassed, why should I be? shit happens, I was fine, jumped up like a jumping jack and carried on running, like nothing happened, I think the fact that I was not expecting to fall must've  been my saving grace, because when I fell, I fell like a stunt woman, soft body with no awkward angles or sticky out hands and before you could say "Wow that girls wiped out." I was up again. No damage done. Thank goodness. I'm sure some people must've thought it was a mirage, it happened so quick. "Yes, yes, I got good reflexes."

I had to laugh at the girl who didn't even ask me if I was okay and hoped if she was ever in need she wouldn't come across someone like herself in the process, I could never walk past anyone in need and not offer assistance, but the world is not kind to runners, pedestrians won't move out the way, women pushing buggies, will roll over your feet, cars well most of them think if they hit you it's your fault for running, cyclists try to bully you cause they are faster than you and dog's see runners as fair game!

It's a cruel world and I'm a big girl in more ways than one, I can cope. I've got to an age where I have learnt to really stop worrying so much about what people think especially people that do not even know me, so I will continue to run, fall also if that's part of my journey, sing along to my IPOD, dodge past grannies and little children, sweat spraying like a garden hose, past buses with people staring out at me like I'm a freak, locks following in the wind, reminding myself to always run strong even if I feel like crap!"Hold your form, Kat, hold your form, back straight, arms strong, breathe, breathe." Who the hell has got time to worry about anyone else, when my lungs are on fire and my legs are begging me to stop and I got a cow of a stitch biting into my side.

Other than that the run was uneventful, not the fastest run, took about and hour and ten minutes, but I am on a go slow on the physios orders, achilles felt fine, and it felt great to be out and about running, the weather was lovely, what more could I ask for. Still icing, and stretching, still limping a bit when I walk, but it's getting better.

Latest picture above, I have managed to drop a few pounds, still got a long way to go, but it's a start, one pound at a time, sweet Jesus one pound at a time.

That's me done, happy running everyone,

P.S try not to fall, but if you do, remember fall like a Hollywood stunt woman, roll and up, and as long as your okay, suck it up and keep running, your a running diva, we don't always look great, sometimes we might look stupid, but we're strong, fit, healthy, kicking down that comfort zone and pushing our  own personal boundaries.

happy runnning.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Sunday I was a good runner and gave back to the community. It was a hot day well hot for England, and with the weather being temperamental rainy one day and bright the next, no one has had a chance to acclimatise, it was funny being on the other side, but also nice, considering the weather.
I have yet to run a 10k race this year and to be honest they are not my favourite distance, that's a lot of hard running for a long time.

I got my fashionable Vivienne Westwood jacket and went to my spot, I would be just by the 1k mark, so would the first volunteer everyone would see, being a loud person with no shame I was more than happy to shout, encourage and motivate. I don't even need a reaction, no need to thank me, I know this shit hurts. You do the running, I'll do the talking.

Me and the other volutneers before we head out to complete our duties.

The fast runners were amazing to watch their form was very strong, they didn't even look my way, heads ups, arms and legs pumping they were on a mission, Breathing in deep heavy breaths, in, out, in, out, in, out,  I would be surprised if they paid any attention to their terrain, as far as they were concerned I was not there, in fact most of them were regulars and did not need any direction at all. I was just part of the scenery.

I learnt a lot about form and even self confidence when running,those front runners really believed in themselves, so my new mantra will be "I'm a cheetah, I'm a cheetah, yes I'm a cheetah."

These guys were the first round, a real serious bunch they were!

The slower runners were more fun, now I never once said "Almost there." Cause I hate it when anyone says that to me, but what I did say was. " Your doing well. especially as it's so hot, keep going, fantastic job."

To those who were struggling in the heat." Take your time, your doing well considering how hot it is, I ain't going anywhere, I'll be here when you come around again." The course was 3 laps, so it was great to see people more than once to which I would say "Great to see you again."

No the dog was not running in the race,I love the facial shots, makes me wonder what these guy's were thinking. "Shit when is this going to be over."Or "I hope I remembered to turn the oven off."

The slower runners were more appreciative and I even had a bit of banter with a few of them. To those who were chatting away."If you've got energy to talk, you got energy to run faster." Rude of me I know, but I said it with a smile on my face and everyone I said it too took it as a bit of good humour, (Well I haven't had any complaints).

These guys were  middle of the pack, and as you can see were working real hard in the heat, can't say I was jealous watching them, made me wonder how the hell I'd ever run a 10k in the past.

There were a couple of men pushing their kids nothing but respect to them, not sure what was up with the girl at the end, putting her finger up, well if this picture is of you, I hope your pleased with yourself! I  know what you were thinking."F**k you, get your damn camera out of my face." But you didn't have the energy to say it, hence the finger. I understand that kind of pain, I've been there where you were so  many times before, so all is forgiven.

It really was a hot day and I tried my best to encourage everyone without being annoying, a few runners stopped and walked. " You okay, yep, cool, just take your time, no rush." No one callapsed or fainted, which is what I heard happened the month before, so no mouth to mouth needed, thank goodness!

This dog ran with it's owner, by the last lap the owner was having to pull it round, as you can see its quite wet so he must've let him cool down by taking a dip in a nearby lake, poor doggie, I don't think running was it's thing."Hey Mofo, why can't I just play fetch like all the other dogs here?"

All in all it was a great day and for my efforts I get to run their 10k's in July, August and September for free, which I think is a great trade off. All in all it was a great day and a lot of fun, thanks to Rob my other half for taking the pictures much appreciated as always.

Happy running everyone.

Friday, 4 June 2010


Tried out a new running outfit today ran to the bank, done some business and ran back, Lord it was hot out today, was glad I had some money in my pocket to buy a bottle of water or I think I might've been in trouble on the way back, it was about a 3 mile loop, I ran free today no garmin just me and the pavement.

First time I have run in shorts like this and to be honest although the outfit looks nice it wasn't that great, and did not  stand up to the Kat test,all I ask is my top does not roll up so I end up with a muffin top on show, and that's what happened in fact it was more of a whole cake than a muffin, so much of the run was spent faffing around and pulling it down, my belly is in no condition to be in the public domain.

The shorts bunched up in the crutch  area and even though it was a short run I had a bit of the dreaded chaffing, and, yes there is more the top dismally failed the Kat sweat test, I guess that's not really fair because all tops fail the Kat sweat test, no top could pass that, no matter how technical, no matter how much dry top weave, sweat sucking up properties, my sweat is a unique entity produced in such mass quantities only alien designed materials not created on our planet could come anywhere close to coping.

Physio on Thursday went well, I am allowed to run, the achilles is the problem but it's not a bad as it could be, no scar tissue, just soreness, and the pain is more to the side of the foot rather than the back, which again is a good sign.

I will see the phsyio once a every two weeks,  been given extra exercise to do, instructed to ice it whenever I get a chance, although I think my sis might get fed up of me using the oven chips, they just seem to work so much better than my cool pack!

No fast running allowed just a steady easy pace, hence no garmin today, I don't think the physio was too impressed with my barefoot/vibram running adventures, she said "Since we are not a tribe in Mexico there is no since trying to be one." I think she was referring to the book "BORN TO RUN." which I had stashed away in my bag like an illicit drug, well everyone's allowed their opinion.

She also said that achilles injures are notoriously tough to get rid off, but she doesn't know how much I love running and that I'll do whatever I have to to get better, bar kill. steel or maim, I'm just happy to still be running.

Happy running

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Yesterday I made the mad decision to run barefoot, barefoot,no vibrams, here I am ready to go on my first ever purely barefoot run, I have my vibrams in my hand which I took with me as I did not know whether I could last the whole three miles. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining, birds tweeting, children playing in the streets,  and since I'm on a go slow with my achilles still aching I thought I might as well give it a try.

Earlier this year, 14 miles into a 15 mile training run, the soles of my feet started to really ache so I whipped off my trainers and ran the last mile home in just my socks, that is what got me thinking about running in this way, I've tried the virbrams a couple of times, but yesterday was about going all the way, nothing between me and the ground.

I  wore my headphones, and even though I did receive some comments, I didn't hear a thing that was said, which is what I love about listening to music." No I don't care what you think, and I don't want to know what you think either,why are you talking to me, do I know you." Notice how it's always men who got crap to say!

Now I'm terrified of dog mess even with shoes on,  but funnily enough I didn't see one bit on my journey yesterday, which was a miracle, thank you running God's. (I've been known to throw shoes away in the past if I step in dog mess, it's not like I can throw my feet away, no I ain't rich, I just got a dog mess phobia, when I run past it, I have to hold my breathe in case the spores go into my mouth, get into my chest and infect me, and holding your breathe whilst running is not a smart thing to do, so it can be a problem).

My boyfriends place is a lot more dog mess free than where I live so that's why I decided to run barefoot there, rather than around my own area, where dog mess just sneaks up on you like "POW"before you even see it.


I felt very light on my feet
Don't sound like a baby elephant,  although I have to be careful not to scare old ladies as I sneak up on them.
Slight ache in the achilles which went after a while
I felt a bit hardcore,
Glass is easy to spot, its shines like pretty jewels.
Large stones are easy to spot,


The ground was quite hot, but that did keep me moving.
A couple times I had to stop and brush off tiny bits of stones that got caught under my feet,
Everyone stares, men,women, children in prams!
People say s**t.
Paranoid about stubbing my toe, breaking my toe, going over on my ankle.
I was a bit wussy every time my feet touched anything I thought might harm me, gravel, tiny stone e.t.c!

Speed wise I was just under 12 minute mile, I wasn't breaking any land speed records but I wasn't trying to, it was lovely feeling the ground beneath my feet, and noticing all the differences in the terrain, It made running a bit more exciting, hunting out the best bits of the pavement to run on, watching out for obstacles, It was fun, I felt more animal than human, alright, alright I'm exaggerating, but I felt good,

Just over 2 and a half miles I was ready to put my virbams on, my left foot, the left one with the bad achilles was fine, but my right one was starting to feel quite sore underneath, some of the pavements were quite rough, maybe I ran a bit too far for my first purely barefoot run or maybe the I wasn't picking up my feet high enough, popped the vibrams on and continued on my way.

Those are my feet after the run, if any white readers are confused they are my feet, look at the sides and
you'll see the brown, the soles of black peoples feet are quite pale, just incase you didn't  know!
 The left foot as said was fine, but I had a blood spot underneath the right one and a bit of red spot as well, if you look close at my crusty foot, it's just under the big toe, but luckily I must've got my Virbams on in time as it didn't turn into a blister, it's a tiny bit sore if I press on it, but nothing to write home about.

All in all I think that it was a success, need to read a bit more on form and how I should be running whilst running bare foot, physio tomorrow, new physio as well so I am hoping she can get me back on track and I can start clocking up the mileage again.

that's me done for now.

Happy running.