Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Ran 5 miles today, all was going very well, then twenty minutes in I fell, well I more than fell, one minute I was running quite happily, crossing a road, then next I am on the floor, sprawled out like a legless drunk, don't know what happened, how it happened, but it happened! I was fine, my trousers were dirty and felt a tiny pull in my right thigh but it went after I carried on running.

Some young girl 18 or so, looked back at me whilst I was down and out on the ground with my water bottle rolling towards her and then just carried on with her business, luckily I didn't need help, and to be honest I wasn't even embarrassed, why should I be? shit happens, I was fine, jumped up like a jumping jack and carried on running, like nothing happened, I think the fact that I was not expecting to fall must've  been my saving grace, because when I fell, I fell like a stunt woman, soft body with no awkward angles or sticky out hands and before you could say "Wow that girls wiped out." I was up again. No damage done. Thank goodness. I'm sure some people must've thought it was a mirage, it happened so quick. "Yes, yes, I got good reflexes."

I had to laugh at the girl who didn't even ask me if I was okay and hoped if she was ever in need she wouldn't come across someone like herself in the process, I could never walk past anyone in need and not offer assistance, but the world is not kind to runners, pedestrians won't move out the way, women pushing buggies, will roll over your feet, cars well most of them think if they hit you it's your fault for running, cyclists try to bully you cause they are faster than you and dog's see runners as fair game!

It's a cruel world and I'm a big girl in more ways than one, I can cope. I've got to an age where I have learnt to really stop worrying so much about what people think especially people that do not even know me, so I will continue to run, fall also if that's part of my journey, sing along to my IPOD, dodge past grannies and little children, sweat spraying like a garden hose, past buses with people staring out at me like I'm a freak, locks following in the wind, reminding myself to always run strong even if I feel like crap!"Hold your form, Kat, hold your form, back straight, arms strong, breathe, breathe." Who the hell has got time to worry about anyone else, when my lungs are on fire and my legs are begging me to stop and I got a cow of a stitch biting into my side.

Other than that the run was uneventful, not the fastest run, took about and hour and ten minutes, but I am on a go slow on the physios orders, achilles felt fine, and it felt great to be out and about running, the weather was lovely, what more could I ask for. Still icing, and stretching, still limping a bit when I walk, but it's getting better.

Latest picture above, I have managed to drop a few pounds, still got a long way to go, but it's a start, one pound at a time, sweet Jesus one pound at a time.

That's me done, happy running everyone,

P.S try not to fall, but if you do, remember fall like a Hollywood stunt woman, roll and up, and as long as your okay, suck it up and keep running, your a running diva, we don't always look great, sometimes we might look stupid, but we're strong, fit, healthy, kicking down that comfort zone and pushing our  own personal boundaries.

happy runnning.


  1. OK. Glad you are not hurt! I have never wiped out, but I will be sure to follow your tips if I do. I love all these tutu running photos by the way!

  2. Hey thanks for the good wishes, it was one of my biggest fears, but it really wasn't that bad. Glad you like the tutu, they are very easy to make
    and a hell of a lot of fun to run in. Going to dust off this one and take it out for a 10k race next month, can't wait.

  3. I am all about making stuff like falling look like you meant to do it!!
    Yep, those tutus rock!
    Glad you are ok girl, happy running to you!

  4. Your blog makes me smile. Yes, Fall like a stunt woman... that's a great way to put it.

    AS for making a relationship last 12 years. We have a good therapist and my husband is medicated.... seriously though, I have no real good words of advice other than what my Grandmother told me on my wedding day, "Always stay one drink ahead of your husband."

  5. Hey Angie,thanks for the best wishes, yep all is intact, thank goodness.

    Momof3 your grandmother was obviously a very wise woman.

  6. Momof3 said she found you funny...so here I am to see for myself. She's totally right...your latest post was pure entertainment :)
    ...although I'm glad you're okay.
    Love the tutus!

  7. Thank you Anne, for passing through, I'm glad I'm okay too the running Gods were certainly with me that day. Look forward to learning about your running through your blog, and yes those tutus are rather fetching if I might say so myself, very easy to make, so give us a shout if you want the instructions, can't wait to wear it again, it's been a few months since I last wore a tutu for a race and I m starting to experience tutu depravation!