Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Saturday 10th July 2010

This  is a picture of my mum, niece and friend Cheryl and I, Cheryl is a mum of 2 and not a runner, but I managed to convince her to run this race with me, the only one brave enough to take up the offer, I have a lot of respect for her. 

The atmosphere was great, lots of women, lots of pink, all shapes all sizes, everyone was out, raising money for Cancer Research. It was hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. My plan was to run the 5k with Cheryl then continue on another lap and finish the 10k on my own.

A selection of lovely outfits, althought how these ladies ran in those wigs I really don't know, it was the hottest day of the year, and the race did not start until 11am, so it was blazing by the time we got going, good on you ladies.

I love the above pictures, shows how hot it was, and the girl above in pink with that great smile on her face reminds me why I love running so much.

Cheryl is going well, the heat is very,very oppresive, but I keep talking to her, keep pushing, and we keep running, if she stops I keep going, and tell her to run, even if she's shuffling just keep moving. The ground feels so spongy it's like running through mud so we take off our shoes after about a mile,  I tell her to watch out for thorns and dog mess, but it feels lovely, my feet are now cool and the ground feels better to run on, yaah to the barefoot revolution.

My mum and my ten year old niece,  two more people I managed to convince to sign up, one of the reasons I love RACE FOR LIFE, is anyone can take part, no time limit no pressure, run, walk or crawl.

We've just thrown our shoes to the my boyfriend whose complaing they smell, bloody cheeck!

I love the third picture, the Usain Bolt inspired run to the end, go mum, go niece! Well done to them, I'm trying to encourage everyone I know to run, mum is up for another one is September and so is my niece, this was my nieces first one, they ran and walked, with only one pit stop, I think the medal at the end has got niece hooked, so fingers crossed she'll keep running, and make me eat her dust in time to come.

Cheryl done great, I just kept encouraging her, but she done all the hard work and it was a pleasure to run with her. I drop her off at the end of the 5k which we complete in 38 minutes, a quick stop to put my trainers back on,and I continue on another loop to complete the 10k.

The second loop was brutal, and I ain’t even going to pretend, my left calfs starting to seize up a bit, due to the achilles issues (it’s my fault, I have not been as religious about icing and streaching as I should’ve been recently, don’t worry I’ve learnt my lesson). The sun, the sun, the sun, the sun is beating down like a big drum, I strip down to my bra top, yes you read right, just fling it off in a moment of heat induced madness.

I had not right, no damn right to subject anyone to my belly, but the heat causes me to lose all sense and before I could scream nooooooooo, I strip off  it's too late and there it is, my belly bouncing around like an out of control washing machine. Why have I put the pictures up I hear you ask, because it how I look now, and even though I don’t like the belly I am doing something about it, so there, one pound at a time sweet jesus.

This is me all done and dusted, as you can see I am holding onto the railing, I need that railing, I really, really do, can the railing get a round of applause please. I couldn't wait for it to finish, 1 hour 18 minutes it may well be my longest 10k ever!

Here I am with a few other girls who I knew who also happened to be at the race, they were walking and had a great time, maybe I can convince them to run next year.

Well done to my mum, niece and friend Cheryl, it was a real joy to share my love of running with you all.   it was a great day, really great day, although the weather was extreme it will be a day I remember because of the great atmosphere and for someone like me who usually trains and races on their own, it was blessing to share it with others.  In a couple of weeks I start training/coaching two friends who want to take up running and lose weight and in September I will lead a group of girls in a 5k race,I can't wait, finally, finally I have managed to convince others to join me on this crazy running journey, and it feels great. Once again thanks to the other half for his never ending support and awesome pictures.
Happy Running.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Yes it's been that long since I posted this race was three weeks ago, so here it is better late than never. Above is me before the race, kitted out in my gear, I look like a footballer which was fitting since it is the World cup.

It was said to be a hot day,but quite windy at first, a small field, with lots of whippets, stretching and limbering up, lot of club runners in the field, so I knew it was best to get at the back.
Here are the fast bastards, burning it down the street, I let them go ahead thought I'd just warm up, then catch up with them later.

Can you see me, can you see me, the pink hat with the brown hand thats me, right at the back, might've started too far back, but didn't want to be over ambitious!

They said it was going to be hot and at first I thought the weatherman/woman was lying but the weather did heat up and as you can see the water was greatly received. I carried my own water so didn't have to stop, which I was glad for,still have not managed to master drinking out of a cup without it chocking me, or throwing it all over myself.

Because of my achilles I did have in mind that I might have to go real slow and being such a fast club runners field, I prepared myself to come in last or at least very close to last, but I didn't mind that my ego could cope with that, I just said to my boyfriend wait for me whatever happens, and if everyone has packed up and gone, make sure your there to clap me when I reach!

Here I am at the start, looking nice and fresh, thank you boyfriend for the lovely shot of my behind!

This girl was with a man, who kept jumping in and out of the race, he was quite a bit older than her so maybe it was her dad, he would run with her for a bit, encouraging her then go away and  pop up again, it was a bit mad, but what ever you need to race is cool, I'm not going to criticise, but he did scare me a couple of times, luckily I'm not a black belt in Karate, I could've messed him up. 

See what I mean about running and drinking this brother looks like he's having a hard time of it! One mile from the end still feeling good I pick up the pace, and run next to a women for a while, step for step, we run side by side for a couple of minutes,  I didn't feel comfortable breathing down her neck like a stalker so I say hello but she just looks at me and says nothing so I leave her behind and keep running, maybe she was tired, either way I thought I would leave her to it and keep running my race. 

Looking tired here, I should be just run almost 6 miles in the bloody heat, almost at the finish, by this point I am passing a lot of people, at first I hold back, unsure if I should push, the doubt creeps in, "What if I burn out and they pass me again, what if I fall, what if, what if, what if." So I gave myself a good talking to "RUN KAT, FOR F***K SAKE JUST RUN."

Just about to fling my cap at the other half, almost there almost there, almost there Lord where is the finish line?

All done and dusted and it felt great, to be out there running, but I was glad when it was all over!
Splits 9:37

I finished surprisingly in my second fastest 10k time ever which I so was not expecting of 58:16
We got a mug and a banana and some water for all our hard work, it was a well organised race, through the canal and streets, and I had a great time, achilles held up. Thanks as always to the other half for taking such great pictures of the day and for the support.