Saturday, 10 July 2010


Yes it's been that long since I posted this race was three weeks ago, so here it is better late than never. Above is me before the race, kitted out in my gear, I look like a footballer which was fitting since it is the World cup.

It was said to be a hot day,but quite windy at first, a small field, with lots of whippets, stretching and limbering up, lot of club runners in the field, so I knew it was best to get at the back.
Here are the fast bastards, burning it down the street, I let them go ahead thought I'd just warm up, then catch up with them later.

Can you see me, can you see me, the pink hat with the brown hand thats me, right at the back, might've started too far back, but didn't want to be over ambitious!

They said it was going to be hot and at first I thought the weatherman/woman was lying but the weather did heat up and as you can see the water was greatly received. I carried my own water so didn't have to stop, which I was glad for,still have not managed to master drinking out of a cup without it chocking me, or throwing it all over myself.

Because of my achilles I did have in mind that I might have to go real slow and being such a fast club runners field, I prepared myself to come in last or at least very close to last, but I didn't mind that my ego could cope with that, I just said to my boyfriend wait for me whatever happens, and if everyone has packed up and gone, make sure your there to clap me when I reach!

Here I am at the start, looking nice and fresh, thank you boyfriend for the lovely shot of my behind!

This girl was with a man, who kept jumping in and out of the race, he was quite a bit older than her so maybe it was her dad, he would run with her for a bit, encouraging her then go away and  pop up again, it was a bit mad, but what ever you need to race is cool, I'm not going to criticise, but he did scare me a couple of times, luckily I'm not a black belt in Karate, I could've messed him up. 

See what I mean about running and drinking this brother looks like he's having a hard time of it! One mile from the end still feeling good I pick up the pace, and run next to a women for a while, step for step, we run side by side for a couple of minutes,  I didn't feel comfortable breathing down her neck like a stalker so I say hello but she just looks at me and says nothing so I leave her behind and keep running, maybe she was tired, either way I thought I would leave her to it and keep running my race. 

Looking tired here, I should be just run almost 6 miles in the bloody heat, almost at the finish, by this point I am passing a lot of people, at first I hold back, unsure if I should push, the doubt creeps in, "What if I burn out and they pass me again, what if I fall, what if, what if, what if." So I gave myself a good talking to "RUN KAT, FOR F***K SAKE JUST RUN."

Just about to fling my cap at the other half, almost there almost there, almost there Lord where is the finish line?

All done and dusted and it felt great, to be out there running, but I was glad when it was all over!
Splits 9:37

I finished surprisingly in my second fastest 10k time ever which I so was not expecting of 58:16
We got a mug and a banana and some water for all our hard work, it was a well organised race, through the canal and streets, and I had a great time, achilles held up. Thanks as always to the other half for taking such great pictures of the day and for the support.


  1. Great Job. The outfit was fantastic too! I seriously need to hire your other half to come take my race photos!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats that's an awesome time :)
    Love the pics!

  3. Hey TMB, glad you liked the outfit, since your wonderful sock collection was my inspiration. Hey Anne thanks for passing through, yep the pics are great and all down to the other half who has a great eye for photography.

  4. Wonderful photos!!! Nice run and great recap!
    Yep, fabulous outfit :)

  5. Hey Angie, thanks for passing by, will pass on the compliments about the pictures to the other half.

  6. i have so much respect for you! how you can run that far i don't know!!!
    congrats on the time too!!!

  7. Hey Clare, thanks for the comment, running that far is not as hard as it sounds, just got to build up slowly and it can be done! Thanks for the love.