Sunday, 28 February 2010


Part of my marathon prize was a marathon seminar day run by the sports products company Lucozade and a training session with Liz Yelling, marathon runner and Olympian.

Well I was pretty worried about all the super fit types that would be at the seminar, all the gazelles and leopards that would be present, walked into the room, was one of the last ones there, due to the fact I took a wrong turning on the vespa and added an extra 15 minutes more than needed onto my journey, got there in the end, changed out of my scooter gear, walked into the room a lot of people were seated together, felt like the first day at school or college when you don't know anyone, sat by myself, not for too long though was joined by a older white guy who was friendly enough. He would not be taking part in the training session later on in the day, due to an achilles injury.

The day stared with a talk on nutrition which was good, could've been interactive to keep it interesting, but the information given was great, and I got some good tips for hydrating and eating during training and on marathon day, of course they promoted their own products but in all honesty they were not too heavy handed.

Liz Yelling gave a chat and it was great to hear that she too cries during training if she is having a hard time and she is having a hard time coming back to training after a baby, so that made me feel better about my pity tears during my 14 mile swim, sorry 14 mile run the other day. She gave us a run down of how she got into marathon running,what was intriguing was the how hard it seems to be to get everything correct, nutrition, hydration, training,she gave me a real insight into the determination, strength and self belief that it takes to perform at that level.

Liz then lead the way to the outside track for the training session.everyone was in tights and t-shirts, but with rain a possibility and to be honest it wasn't 't that warm I was fully track suited up, I was not even sure if I should take part it as was only two days since my 14 miler and my achilles was still protesting a little. To my surprise I had a great time, two things I did not want to happen, one to be the slowest and two to be the biggest, I was one of the slowest but there was a girl as slow as me and no I was not the biggest. I was also worried about my achilles so decided not to push it, for the warm up Liz ran with me we chatted and had a laugh an she was cool, there I was little old tortoise running with a world class marathoner, I can assure you that will be the only time that happens. I am sure the pace was more of a walk for her, but it was cool and I felt like I had a right to be there. There were some real fit types out there on the track, people who were aiming for a marathon time of under 3 hours, that means I will be out there for almost twice as long as them, instead of feeling bad about that I now consider myself an ultra runner.

We done a few warm up stretches, and then ran at marathon pace for 6 minutes, although Liz did say 6 miles at first and everyone one looked worried, then she corrected herself, so 6 minutes running at your won marathon pace then 60 seconds recovery, I stuck at the back and took my time, let the gazelles and leopards do there thing, then we ran faster than marathon pace with a 30 second recovery, all in all we were out there for an hour and ran about 4 miles, my achilles actually warmed up and gave me no problems, and even though I was back of the pack I felt good and it gave me the confidence and boost I needed after the 14 miler, where I questioned my sanity.

I met a woman who was using running as a way to recover from breast cancer and to lose the weight she had gained from the steroids she had to take, she was 42 and it was humbling and inspiring to hear her story.

Lunch was great sandwiches, pasta, salad, fruit and tiny muffins, I can’t lie I had a muffin,but as I said it was tiny, a few sandwiches and a bit of pasta. After lunch a talk by a British runner Paul Evans who won the Chicago marathon in 1986 at the age of 36. He gave us a talk about his career which was amusing and inspiring then we had a talk by a physio we got us up doing some exercises which should help prevent injury her thing was all about having a strong core. Talked to her afterwards about my injury, she said it was the one injury that you could run with whilst it was causing pain and not have to worry about it.

That was the end of the day, they gave us a load of products to take home and I stocked up on the drinks and gels and some new beans they’ve created, I stuffed it all in my rucksack and my Vespa and I wobbled home.

So all in all a great day, worth going to and just what I needed to lift my sprits especially as the training starts to pick up pace.

Happy running.

Friday, 26 February 2010


14 long miles in the rain, I was out on the street for so long I might as well have set up camp! It was a miserable day, miserably wet, it did not help that my achilles was playing up, had to stop off and buy some freeze gel and that helped, praise the Lord for McDonalds, two toilet stops kept me going and gave me a break from the weather.

At one point the rack sack I was carrying fell open and all my bits and pieces started running away from me, (maybe they thought they could go faster without me) A guy who was selling the Big Issue helped me to gather my drinks bottles which were really picking up speed, I gave him a couple of pounds to show my appreciation but did not take a Big Issue as I had nowhere to put it.

I am telling you at times raining so hard all I could do was stop and find some shelter. It didn't help that I was slow,slow and slow again as usual. The run was great in the sense that I completed it, I achieved what I set out to do, but a disaster in terms of time, and pacing, what pace? It was more of a shuffle than a run and at times I wondered if I was swimming it was so wet, no running gear can keep you dry if it’s torrential, and after about 10 miles I was too tired to lift my feet at every puddle so they got soaked and I was sprayed a few times by car drivers. Everything was wet, I mean everything, shoes, socks, clothes underneath, knickers the lot, what I needed wass feathers and webbed feet,oh yes I did wear my running tights, I can’t say I wasn’t a little paranoid, my bum has no right being in running tights in public, but at least there was no chaffing this week and I didn't stop traffic!

No I am not down about the run, actually as soon as I arrived back and was warm my spirits lifted, there is something about being warm and dry which can make you feel great, I don't mind the rain but that was ridiculous, I immediately got out of my wet clothes, and a nice hot bath made me feel human again and after a stretch I was back on track, today I feel great no lasting damage, even my achilles has been giving me no problems and I feel in a lot better shape than I did last week after the 12 miler, maybe that has something to do with not doing a spinning class the day before my long run!

Training wise I am back on track I have been able to keep to my programme so I have to give myself a pat on the back, I may not be Paula Radcliffe, but as least I am trying. Tomorrow as part of my marathon prize I have a Lucozade conference, where we get to train with Liz Yelling a British olympic marathoner, learn about nutrition,injuries e.t.c, it runs for the whole day and should be pretty interesting, the track training session last for an hour,pray for me that I am not the slowest out there!

Happy running.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Confession time, I did not lose weight this week,I did not gain but neither did I lose,I look better, clothes fit a little better, but no movement on the scales. With over 22 miles of running, weights spinning class you would think I would've lost, but I have not been great with the food,I haven't been extremely bad but I have not been great either.

This week I will go back to strictly counting Weight Watcher points as it always, always works, sometimes I can't lie I do get fed up with this weight battle, but I know the alternative is a lot worse, fatness and unhealthiness, which is not an option in my book.

I am finding that the running is making me pretty hungry now that the mileage has gone up, so I need to be careful that I am not undoing all my good work by over eating, so no more chocolate while running,I shall leave that to the other half at 6ft 2 inches and 13 stone he is a good height and weight and can afford to eat like a horse I on the other hand need to eat like a pigeon.

I lost weight last year whilst I trained for the marathon so I know I can again this year just need to get my head around it again, but more than that I am once again enjoying my new healthy regime and the exercise, where I went wrong was to stop training altogether for a few months when I injured my achiilies, next time I will keep training no matter what cause weight is so easy to put on but a bitch to lose.

Like I always say I ain't trying to be a broomstick just fit and healthy and running helps me to do that, fingers crossed I can stay injury free and keep pushing, keep running.

Plus I really need to get a bit of weight off my clothes espeicially my jeans are not exremely comfortable at the moment, and even a little bit of loss will help with that. I cannot give up the fight,I will continue to work towards perfection,okay maybe not perfection but I will continue to work towards the best I can be.


Well, I was a bit of a mess after the 12 mile run on Saturday, by the end my groin was playing up and I had a tiny bit of chaffing on my left thigh, I think tracksuits are great up to a certain amount of miles after that chafing can be a problem, not confident enough to wear running tights at the moment so next week I will put a pair of shorts on underneath. I was not in the greatest of states, the other half and I went shopping and I dropped a pound coin on the floor I had to get him to pick it up as my body was refusing to bend.

The way I was walking was not a good look, I really truly looked like a cross between John Wayne and a duck. I stretched and blue foamed rolled like a mad woman, after a good nights sleep I felt a lot better on Sunday I even jumped on the exercise bike for an hour just to loosen up my muscles,I know the other half thought I was crazy but it worked and I felt a lot better which was good cause I had two different places to get to later in the day.

The ironic thing is you train to keep fit and it ends up messing you up! Last week was a good week of training so no complaints as I accomplished all my goals, trained 5 times, 3 runs a spin class and the exericse bike session, and discovered the joys of the treadmill, today is a rest day, thought it was best I took a day off before my poor body rebels and disowns me.

This week the plan is

Tuesday: Treadmille run 5 miles and pilates class.
Wednesday: Treadmill run 5 miles ( with some interval training) and upper body weights.
Thursday:14 mile run ( on my own on the road, ganna be tough the first long run I will be doing on my own).
Friday: In the evening if I can still walk I will do a spinning class.
Saturday: Rest yaaah.
Sunday; 7 mile road run.

I am taking everything slowly a week at a time,but so far so good. If you don't push yourself you won't know what your capable of.

Happy running.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


The plan was to run 7 miles on the road along the canal and then the last 5 miles on the treadmill, but I felt so good I carried on and finished the whole 12 out on the road. The other half was with me and it was the furthest he had ever run, ten miles being the longest before today and he done great no moaning or complaining, head down and he got on with it. He was up for running the full 12, the sun was out, although it was still not warm, (scarf and gloves were needed an appreciated) and bar the ground being a bit muddy underfoot the terrain was great as well.

The one thing that does annoy me about the canal is the cyclist who come speeding along like they competing in the Tour De France, expecting you to get out of their way, but don't want to slow down for you. I always run past on the side opposite to the water cause I'm not falling in for anyone! Cyclist always complain about drivers being road hogs but I regularly see their own hoggish behaviour on the canal.

I'm feeling very happy and proud of myself, 12 miles is the longest I have managed to run in a long long time, considering I had to cancel all my summer races due to my achilles, talking about my achilles it held up well, no problems at all, yes it took a bit of time to warm up, and it never feels as loose as the right one, but it was fine, tapped up nicely and wrapped in a compression sock.

I don't know how smart it was to do a spinning class yesterday as the last few miles my thighs were cursing me out, and my groin started to feel like they belonged to Barbie, I wore a pair of cotton knickers rather than my usual Lycra ones and after about 10 miles they began to bite into the side of my legs not a nice feeling, won't be making that mistake again I can assure you.

Had a few jelly babies, a couple of squares of chocolate, which is the other half's choice of food whilst running, and two gels, it's taking me a while to get used to them again! That all worked fine and even though parts of my body were protesting, overall I felt good and had good steam and puff even at the end, in fact this weeks 12 miler was better than last weeks 8, makes no sense,

This week has been great, managed two one hour sessions on the treadmill of 5 miles each, one spinning session and a 12 mile road run, not bad ,especially considering my injury was giving me gip at the beginning of the week. I have managed to finish the week on a high and hit a massive milestone in my training.

Next week, I need to fit a 7 miler in and a 14 miler as well as two more shorter runs, I feel more confident after today's run that I can do this, I can get to the starting line of the marathon as long as I continue to train smart.

Happy Running.

Friday, 19 February 2010


The treadmill is a revelation, I know at lot of runners hate it, but for me it's been great, so yesterday I jumped on again in my socks and knocked out another hours worth of running, why do I like it? because it can't rain on me, neither do I have to wrap up in a hundred layers just to keep warm, nor do I have to dodge dog mess, there is always a toilet within close reach and it's been great on the achilies.

I know I have to get back out into the elements again but I wanted to give my leg a break as it's been playing up and to be honest it was great idea. Once I was done I hit the upper body weights,I'm excited to see how I will look in a few months with a combination of running, weights and cross training, I'm thinking cut, fit, muscular, Serena Williams look alike, that would be nice. I've been reading a lot on tredmill running some people love it some people hate it, but I figure if I use it with road running it can't do any harm, in fact it seems to be helping with my motivation by spicing up my training.


Today I done my first spinning class in what must be well over a year and a half, and I loved every minute of it, the guy who taught us looked familiar and it turned out we had worked together as youth workers over ten years ago! He was great very motivating played good music and was a lot of fun, which is how I love my instructors to be. Lord the class was a challenge but in a great way and when it got really hard I reminded myself if was not harder than running 5,6,8,9,10 or more miles and that thought kept me really going. Forgot how much the seat can hurt, so I put my towel on it and was grateful when we got up and started pedalling from an upright position,no matter how much meat you got on your bottom those seats can be deadly.

I was surprised at my fitness levels and that I was able to push really hard, I was sweating like a beast by the time I finished and felt fantastic, I got into zone and it reminded me how much I used to enjoy going to the gym, makes a change from struggling by myself all the time, so far rejoining a gym has been a good idea.


Tomorrow is a big day for me, I will be attempting my longest run yet in this training programme which is a 12 miler, I'm a little nervous it's a long way and I am really testing my body at the moment to see what it can do. I'm hoping that the treadmill running has given me the break I needed mentally and physically and that tomorrow is completed and I can tick it off, my mileage really needs to go up if I'm going to be on track for the marathon. Trying to eat well today and drink lots of water in preparation, the plan is for me to run 7 miles on the road with the other half, then hit the gym and finish my last 5 miles on the tredmill, wish me luck.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Yes I tried it, bare foot running that is, well actually I was not completely bare foot I had my socks on and I ran on the treadmill rather than on the road. Let me rewind, after my 8 mile run on Saturday my achilles and calf started to play up after a clear four week run of no problems, so I iced, stretched and massaged and today was my first foray back to running. Instead of running outside I decided to be kind to my body and hit the gym, I also decided to try running in my socks rather than my Asics super-dooper trainers, with dry top weave, rocket boosters and extra cushioning, which cost me an arm a leg and a kidney, to see if this made any difference. I took it easy building up the speed as I went, waiting for any pains, or twinges to tell me I was crazy but they never came and an hour later, I jumped off feeling invigorated and with no ill effects attributed to my new venture.

I thought I would be bored on the treadmill, but with a good selection of music on the ipod and the softness on my legs got me into a zone and it felt brilliant. Would I run barefoot outside, are you crazy? Remember I have an issue with dog mess so that is complete no no, because if I stepped in it, that would be a major problem for me, I have been known to throw shoes away after such an accident but it's not like I can throw a foot away, plus I do not live in a nice leafy suburb, I live in an inner city, grimy, dirty, litter strewn area, which is not conducive to running around like a hippy.

For the foreseeable future I will only run barefoot in the gym on the safety of the tredmille, but I am pleased to report it was a great experience which I will try again tomorrow with some upper body weights my weekly long run will take place outside over the weekend, but for now my calf and achilles are both thanking me for the tarmac break.

Jokes aside there must be something in this barefoot running, as so many people swear by it, and to be honest in all my years of exercise, gym going, dancing professionally years ago, I had never, ever suffered an injury, even when I was dance training 5 hours plus day in day out, we danced all day in bare feet, When I toured day after day performing African dance it was tough very tough on the body but not once did I suffer an injury, honestly not once, there has to be something in it, or something about my running style or my shoes that is causing me to get injured. If I lived somewhere where I could safely run barefoot outside and that would stop me from getting injuries I really would not hesitate to give it honest consideration, I wish such a choice was a viable option but it unfortunately is not.

Happy Running.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Very, very pleased with myself, managed to complete four runs this week, which is a great achievement, I completed a 3 miler on Monday and Tuesday, 6 miles on Thursday and a 8 miler today. I took my mileage down on the long run for a step back week as my long runs have been building up for three weeks, next week I shall do a 12 miler!

The run today was good don't take good as meaning easy no,no,no, it was just good meaning no major problems, achiles was stiff before I started, even though I stretched it extensively before I went out. I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would warm up, as everything I am suppose to be doing I am doing. Luckily it was fine, don't get me wrong I am aware of it, it does not feel as loose and flexible as my right one, but it did not give me any problems, I will book in for a sports massage the day after my 12 miler as I am sure I will need it.

The other half was on form today he lead on the way back, we ran four miles out along the canal and then four miles back, it was windy and I was happy to be shielded, he picked up the pace I was very proud of him and impressed, and it was nice to let someone else lead for a change. I'm very competititive so I do like to take charge but this was nice for a change and warmer without the wind beating the hell out of me.

Bike ride tomorrow and that is me done for the week and then it starts all over again!

Happy Running

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Well I ran, had a bit of a mad morning, but managed to get a lift to work from a colleague so I could run back, ran by the river which was nice, if a bit fresh actually fresh is too nice a word to use it was bloody cold, and my chest was playing up a bit, can ony think it was because of the weather, bumped into my cousins husbands, who couldn't believe I was running in this kind of weather, well I couldn't believe it either but I was.

Managed to get home in one piece six miles later took a couple of two minute walking breaks and to be honest they really helped me to finish,I am on the sofa now, icing my achilies and drinking hot juice to warm myself up, this is why running enthralls me one minute I can run like the wind and the next I can hardly run at all. Fingers crosses my eight miler on Saturday will be better.

Happy running.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010


*When my big clothes are now my too tight clothes.

*When I look at my face in the mirror and all I can see are cheeks.

*When I no longer weigh myself and the word SCALES sounds 

*When I have to stretch my knickers so they'll fit even though they 
   are made out of lycra.

*When all I wear is black.

*When all I wear is Lycra, the stretch is just so amazing.

*When I can only fit into two pairs of jeans, even though I have ten 
   pairs in my wardrobe.

*When the majority of the clothes in my wardrobe no longer fit.

*When trying to find something to wear for night out always ends 
   in tears.

*  When clothes shopping has become a nightmare!

* When I start to have evil thoughts towards my slim friends!

*When I snap and curse people out for talking about my weight. 
   Especially family who have no filter or mercy!

*When I don't want to meet people who have not seen me since I 
   gained weight.

* When I realise I've have become allergic to exercise and even the 
    mention of it causes me to start hyperventilating and break out 
    into a rash.

* When the thought of summer fills me with dread.

*When I list eating as a hobby.

*When I can polish off a whole tube of Strawberry Cheesecake 
   Haagan Daz and still feel like I have not eaten!

*When I constantly think about what I am going to eat for my next 

*When I constantly cover up my stomach, especially when sitting 

*When "Just one chocolate digestive biscuit." Turns into the whole 

*When my partner tells me he loves me no matter what size I am. 
  (That's a killer!) What I hear is "I love you even though you're 

Jokes aside, it really is time to do something about my weight and my health. 


Did I go to boxing tonight no! Once I was in the house snug and cosy from the cold the thought of going back out there just didn't cut it for me. This Monday I almost near froze to death riding my scooter to work, checked the weather and no one said it was going to snow but it did half way into my journey and it was freezing, my hands were so cold I could just about use the controls and the breaks, not great if you love your life, which I do. It was a nightmare, when I arrived at the school to teach which took just over an hour I felt and looked like an icicle, and when my hands warmed up they hurt so much I was in tears, how I did not catch a cold I do not know. Today it's cold again, did I use the scooter, hell no, I walked past it and I took the car cause this time they did say it was going to snow, and yes it did. I turned up that heating in the car, turned up my music and drove, warm, dry and without risk to life. Once I got back home from work, the snugness of a warm house got the better of me and even though boxing class is only a 15 minute drive away I did not even get out of the front door, shame on me.

Positives, I have exercised 3 days in a row so a day off is not a bad thing, and tomorrow I am running 6 miles which is a feat in itself, not teaching until the afternoon, so decided I would run in the morning, rather than run back from school, just to get it out of the way, although running back from schools I teach in is a great idea and I will be doing more of that.

Managed to drop 5 and a half pounds in the last two weeks which I am very pleased about, I have been counting my Weight Watchers points, drinking lots of water, but not being ultra strict, which you don;t need to be on WW, as long as you stick to your points, been cutting out all the crap really, no sweets, chocolates or cakes, actually I lie I had a little chocolate on my long runs this week and last week, I don't tend to eat chocolate when I run but the other half does, so naughtily I've also been indulging, but last Sunday I only had one square, and then stuck to my gels. The other half is 6ft 2 and naturally slender no sense trying to copy him or I'll be running the marathon heavier than when I started training, and that would not be a good look.

I cooked a Quorn bolongese this week which was very tasty and I had some butternut squash soup, need to make another batch for tomorrow, someones having a birthday dinner at a pizza place, no need to panic, cause I have a plan, nice bowl of porridge after my run, and some freshly made butternut squash soup to keep me going. The only thing with the increased exercise is there are times I get ravouness but I learnt from last year what to eat and what not to eat. I love all the 0 point foods you can have on WEIGHT WATCHERS, egg whites, veg, salad, it all helps and tomorrow night, I will not go mad, but I can relax a little, after a decent length run and careful planning.

My body is reacting well to the exercise, so I am going to keep going and try and exericise at least 5 times a week, run 6 miles tomorrow, I finish work early on Friday so maybe I should hit the gym during the day, funny I can run without music if need be and at the moment I have no choice as the charger for my IPOD shuffle has broken, so alas no music, that seems to be cool when I am pounding the streets but not when I am in the gym, I go brain dead on the equipment, music really helps, so I will just have to grin my teeth and bare it. Luckily the other half has an exercise bike at his place so I can use that as well. I about to do my yoga DVD, just cause I skipped boxing doesn't mean I shouldn't do anything.

5 pounds can make a big difference to clothes, some of my jeans have been getting stupidly tight again, and the problem is I can't afford a new wardrobe and I gave away all my big stuff, so I better lose weight again, plus I can't take the jeans cutting into my stomach anymore. Lord will this fight with my weight ever be over, who knows but I refuse to give up, and to be honest I need to give myself a pat on the back, yes I fell off the bad wagon with the training, but that was due to an injury, yes I could of done other stuff other than running but I didn't and as I said I learnt my lesson. I am back on track again no since crying over spilt milk or gained pounds. I wanna look like a run though, I wanna be toned and fit, and athletic and sexy and........ am I asking for too much? Na I don't think so.

Anyway better go that Yogo video is calling me, no it's not as exciting as Boxing neither will I burn as many calories but it's a worthy form of exercise in it's won right.

Happy running


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Yes finally I had a good short run, 3 miler today and I was able to pick up the speed and push, first time I've completed a short run, been able to run faster and not burn out, get a stitch or have to slow down so very pleased. I have now exercied four days in a row and I am still feeling good, ten miler last Saturday, 70 minutes on the exercise bike last Sunday, now let me make this clear I never set out to cycle for 70 minutes, but my sister who lives in Aus, skyped and whilst we were chatting away I just kept cycling, so that was a bonus.

Yesterday I went out for a 3 miler, again struggled as usual but was glad I went, Today ran again and as I said it was much better than usual. I am feeling pretty good considering, taking my stretching seriously, doing my achilies exercise and use my blue foam roller religiously.

I am finally starting to feel a little positive but I won't get ahead of myself one thing I know about running is you can go out one day and feel like a cheetah running in the planes of Africa and the next feel like a tortoise struggling to take one step, so at the moment it is a day by day process for me.

I really would like to break down my training into one fast session, running as fast as I can on one of my shorter runs, one fartleck session, (a few minutes slow and then a few minutes fast) one steady paced medium run, not necessriy the whole thing but try to hit half marathon or marathon pace, depending on how I feel to get my body used to running at that pace, and then the long run a couple of minutes slower than I plan to run the marathon. This is all dependent on staying injury free that is the most important thing to me.

It would be great to get some structure in my training, as long as my body can cope, need to make sure I am resting enough and eating properly, thats me done for now,
happy running.


Sunday, 7 February 2010


Don't know about you but I hate the cold, really hate the cold, but when your training for a race, you can't be a wimp you just got to get out and do it here are a few personal tips to get you on your way. The tips are not factual or based on any kind of science, they are just pointers I have found work for me.

1. Be brave you'll feel better once your out and about.

2.Wear layers, it's the best way to keep warm and as you become hot you can strip the layers off.

3.Gloves and scarves can really help, and again stuffed in pockets or wrapped around your waist if you get hot.

4. Run early if you can, once the sun goes down Lord it can get really cold.

5. Get changed out of your clothes and jump in a hot shower soon after going home. well it works for me, especially as I sweat
quite a bit, I find it's a good idea to get out of them as soon as possible.

6.Technical running clothing can help, but there not cheap,my tip make sure the layer closest to your skin is a technical top,
then wear whatever you can get your hands on, wolly gloves, leather gloves, warm old tracksuit bottoms, whatever works,
this time of year ooking good is not a priority for me whilst running keeping warm is.

7. I've been doubling up on my clothes on really cold day's, ie a pair of running tight under tracksuit bottoms, a long sleeved
top underneath a short sleeved top, and two running jackets,(my ones are quite thin and individually really not much
use,might as well not be wearing anything, but the two together are great).

8. Buy winter running gear in the summer when it will be cheaper.

9. Leg warmers under my tracksuit bottoms, keep my leg's warm.

10.Long socks are great, keep the muscles snug and cosy until you warm up.

11. Just do it. don't think about it, best to take a deep breathe and get on with it.

12. Think about how fit and how good your going to look in the summer.

13. Keep safe especially if your running at night, maybe not the best time to be pumping music into your ears,

14. Wear visible clothing, your not a ninja or a burglar, bright ,clothing is a must, if your a driver you'll know how hard it is to
spot pedestrians at night time,take heed.

15 Last point enjoy, it'll be worth it in the end, oh and pray for a good summer.

Keep running through the winter and you'll be proud of your achievements and the benefits will weigh any of the negatives that winter running brings. The most important thing is to continue enjoy running, cause if you don't it's going to be hard to find the motivation to get out the house on cold and dreary day', so keep warm and safe and you'll keep running, come rain, shine or cold wintery weather.

Happy running.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Yes, yes I can hear you asking why Duracell well I have come to the conclusion after my ten mile run today that I may not have speed but I seem to have plenty,plenty stamina, Knocked out a ten miler with the other half, and bar an nearly unfortunate incident in the last mile it went well. What was the incident? Well my stomach started to mess about but luckily the new gym I joined was near by and I was able to nip in a relieve myself other wise I do not know how I would of got back to the other half's house, he would've had to either carry me up that hill, which is so out of the question (I am way to heavy for anyone to carry) or leave me at the bottom go and get the car and drive me back up, but luckily it did not come to that, my blushes were spared. Don't know what upset my stomach but whatever it was it's all gone now!

Ten miles the longest I have managed in a long while, how do I feel, great to be honest, the stamina is coming back, not the speed, the stamina, had barbie legs by the end, you know legs that feel like you could just pop them out of the sockets,oh yes and I kicked a piece of tree root in the ground with my left leg which is my bad achilies and it started to ache after that, but I've been stretching and icing it and all seems well enough.

So a step back week next week, as I have spent the last three building up my mileage I will give my body a break and take the long run down to 8 miles, and bring it back up to 12 the week after that, to be honest I think my body will be grateful for the break and fingers crossed come back stronger.

That is me done I'll stop there you know I can go on and on and on and on and on and one and on for 26.2 miles, but I won't

Happy Running.


Thursday, 4 February 2010


Went to the gym yesterday, had an induction, all seems well it is a council run leisure centre so no plushness or lushness, lockers are in the hall way rather than in the changing room! Weird but the tredmile and bikes all have individual t.v's, which is pretty cool. Done a body conditioning class, the guy who was running it was a nutter, but he is exactly the kind of instructor I like, the crazy kind who loves what he is doing and is great at motivating. It was nice to be in a class situation instead of pounding the streets in the cold. I'd forgotten how much I love group exercise looking forward to trying out as many classes as possible, got my eye on the spinning and yoga. The strengthening exercise was haaaaaard, sit up's, push up's, star jumps, squats, I think some of my muscles had a terrible, terrible shock, but if it helps with the running, yep you know the mantra, if it helps with the running then yes I'll do it.

5 mile run today, taught at an all boys school this morning, just for an hour so I decided I would run home, instead of going home and going back out again, which with the rain would've been hard to do, so I ran 5 miles back instead, which was not too bad, raining a bit but I survived, and it was a great way to get a run in. My co-workers all think I'm crazy, but thats cool as long as I know what I'm doing that's all that matters, do I know what I'm doing? I think so!!!!!

Why the picture of the tortoise because I am running but I am slow, so slow in fact I think a tortoise could easily pass me, but I keep reminding myself of the tortoise and the Hare story, and hope that slow and steady will get me where I need to go, which is the finish line of the London Marathon.

Recieved some products from Lucozade as part of the prize I won, but Lord have mercy some of the products are quite high in calories, think I will stick to my gels and jellly babies on my runs, they done me just fine last year,and they'll work for me again this year, I can't afford to run and stuff myself with high calories, not matter how far I'm running, I ain't one of those skinny, wiry runners who needs to put on weight, in fact I am exactly the opposite. My eating has been going well this week, slowly but surely I am getting there, need to cook more, more fresh food, so starting next week I am planning to get my cook on.

Thats me done for now
Bye from the running tortoise.

Monday, 1 February 2010

3 miles

Three miles yesterday and praise be it went okay, went out at about 7:30pm and it was cold, cold, cold, so cold, but doubled up on everything and had a scarf and gloves and I felt quite toasty, achiles was fine in fact it was my left leg that felt heavy but after a while I realised it was because I had tied my shoelaces too tight and that was probably cutting off my blood supply, leg's still felt a bit stiff from the 8 miler on Saturday, but overall felt good, no stitch, no major problems like last week, looks like it's going to be a better week.

Signing up at the gym tomorrow, finally I shall enjoy exercising inside rather than out in the cold, although I'm still planing to run 4 times a week outside, I was going to take it down to three, but I'm feeling strong and with the added cross training should become stronger. I just want to ensure I do everything I can to prepare myself for the marathon.

Finally feel as if I am back on track with the training, not quite up to speed with my training plan but no rush over the next few weeks I should catch up, not sure how many miles my long run will be this weekend, 9 or 10, I'll make a decision closer to the day.

that's me done for today,

Happy Running