Monday, 22 February 2010


Confession time, I did not lose weight this week,I did not gain but neither did I lose,I look better, clothes fit a little better, but no movement on the scales. With over 22 miles of running, weights spinning class you would think I would've lost, but I have not been great with the food,I haven't been extremely bad but I have not been great either.

This week I will go back to strictly counting Weight Watcher points as it always, always works, sometimes I can't lie I do get fed up with this weight battle, but I know the alternative is a lot worse, fatness and unhealthiness, which is not an option in my book.

I am finding that the running is making me pretty hungry now that the mileage has gone up, so I need to be careful that I am not undoing all my good work by over eating, so no more chocolate while running,I shall leave that to the other half at 6ft 2 inches and 13 stone he is a good height and weight and can afford to eat like a horse I on the other hand need to eat like a pigeon.

I lost weight last year whilst I trained for the marathon so I know I can again this year just need to get my head around it again, but more than that I am once again enjoying my new healthy regime and the exercise, where I went wrong was to stop training altogether for a few months when I injured my achiilies, next time I will keep training no matter what cause weight is so easy to put on but a bitch to lose.

Like I always say I ain't trying to be a broomstick just fit and healthy and running helps me to do that, fingers crossed I can stay injury free and keep pushing, keep running.

Plus I really need to get a bit of weight off my clothes espeicially my jeans are not exremely comfortable at the moment, and even a little bit of loss will help with that. I cannot give up the fight,I will continue to work towards perfection,okay maybe not perfection but I will continue to work towards the best I can be.

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