Friday, 19 February 2010


The treadmill is a revelation, I know at lot of runners hate it, but for me it's been great, so yesterday I jumped on again in my socks and knocked out another hours worth of running, why do I like it? because it can't rain on me, neither do I have to wrap up in a hundred layers just to keep warm, nor do I have to dodge dog mess, there is always a toilet within close reach and it's been great on the achilies.

I know I have to get back out into the elements again but I wanted to give my leg a break as it's been playing up and to be honest it was great idea. Once I was done I hit the upper body weights,I'm excited to see how I will look in a few months with a combination of running, weights and cross training, I'm thinking cut, fit, muscular, Serena Williams look alike, that would be nice. I've been reading a lot on tredmill running some people love it some people hate it, but I figure if I use it with road running it can't do any harm, in fact it seems to be helping with my motivation by spicing up my training.


Today I done my first spinning class in what must be well over a year and a half, and I loved every minute of it, the guy who taught us looked familiar and it turned out we had worked together as youth workers over ten years ago! He was great very motivating played good music and was a lot of fun, which is how I love my instructors to be. Lord the class was a challenge but in a great way and when it got really hard I reminded myself if was not harder than running 5,6,8,9,10 or more miles and that thought kept me really going. Forgot how much the seat can hurt, so I put my towel on it and was grateful when we got up and started pedalling from an upright position,no matter how much meat you got on your bottom those seats can be deadly.

I was surprised at my fitness levels and that I was able to push really hard, I was sweating like a beast by the time I finished and felt fantastic, I got into zone and it reminded me how much I used to enjoy going to the gym, makes a change from struggling by myself all the time, so far rejoining a gym has been a good idea.


Tomorrow is a big day for me, I will be attempting my longest run yet in this training programme which is a 12 miler, I'm a little nervous it's a long way and I am really testing my body at the moment to see what it can do. I'm hoping that the treadmill running has given me the break I needed mentally and physically and that tomorrow is completed and I can tick it off, my mileage really needs to go up if I'm going to be on track for the marathon. Trying to eat well today and drink lots of water in preparation, the plan is for me to run 7 miles on the road with the other half, then hit the gym and finish my last 5 miles on the tredmill, wish me luck.

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