Saturday, 20 February 2010


The plan was to run 7 miles on the road along the canal and then the last 5 miles on the treadmill, but I felt so good I carried on and finished the whole 12 out on the road. The other half was with me and it was the furthest he had ever run, ten miles being the longest before today and he done great no moaning or complaining, head down and he got on with it. He was up for running the full 12, the sun was out, although it was still not warm, (scarf and gloves were needed an appreciated) and bar the ground being a bit muddy underfoot the terrain was great as well.

The one thing that does annoy me about the canal is the cyclist who come speeding along like they competing in the Tour De France, expecting you to get out of their way, but don't want to slow down for you. I always run past on the side opposite to the water cause I'm not falling in for anyone! Cyclist always complain about drivers being road hogs but I regularly see their own hoggish behaviour on the canal.

I'm feeling very happy and proud of myself, 12 miles is the longest I have managed to run in a long long time, considering I had to cancel all my summer races due to my achilles, talking about my achilles it held up well, no problems at all, yes it took a bit of time to warm up, and it never feels as loose as the right one, but it was fine, tapped up nicely and wrapped in a compression sock.

I don't know how smart it was to do a spinning class yesterday as the last few miles my thighs were cursing me out, and my groin started to feel like they belonged to Barbie, I wore a pair of cotton knickers rather than my usual Lycra ones and after about 10 miles they began to bite into the side of my legs not a nice feeling, won't be making that mistake again I can assure you.

Had a few jelly babies, a couple of squares of chocolate, which is the other half's choice of food whilst running, and two gels, it's taking me a while to get used to them again! That all worked fine and even though parts of my body were protesting, overall I felt good and had good steam and puff even at the end, in fact this weeks 12 miler was better than last weeks 8, makes no sense,

This week has been great, managed two one hour sessions on the treadmill of 5 miles each, one spinning session and a 12 mile road run, not bad ,especially considering my injury was giving me gip at the beginning of the week. I have managed to finish the week on a high and hit a massive milestone in my training.

Next week, I need to fit a 7 miler in and a 14 miler as well as two more shorter runs, I feel more confident after today's run that I can do this, I can get to the starting line of the marathon as long as I continue to train smart.

Happy Running.

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