Saturday, 6 February 2010


Yes, yes I can hear you asking why Duracell well I have come to the conclusion after my ten mile run today that I may not have speed but I seem to have plenty,plenty stamina, Knocked out a ten miler with the other half, and bar an nearly unfortunate incident in the last mile it went well. What was the incident? Well my stomach started to mess about but luckily the new gym I joined was near by and I was able to nip in a relieve myself other wise I do not know how I would of got back to the other half's house, he would've had to either carry me up that hill, which is so out of the question (I am way to heavy for anyone to carry) or leave me at the bottom go and get the car and drive me back up, but luckily it did not come to that, my blushes were spared. Don't know what upset my stomach but whatever it was it's all gone now!

Ten miles the longest I have managed in a long while, how do I feel, great to be honest, the stamina is coming back, not the speed, the stamina, had barbie legs by the end, you know legs that feel like you could just pop them out of the sockets,oh yes and I kicked a piece of tree root in the ground with my left leg which is my bad achilies and it started to ache after that, but I've been stretching and icing it and all seems well enough.

So a step back week next week, as I have spent the last three building up my mileage I will give my body a break and take the long run down to 8 miles, and bring it back up to 12 the week after that, to be honest I think my body will be grateful for the break and fingers crossed come back stronger.

That is me done I'll stop there you know I can go on and on and on and on and on and one and on for 26.2 miles, but I won't

Happy Running.



  1. I'm sure he could have picked you up!!
    Nice blogs by the way... always enjoy reading them.

  2. Thank you, yes I am sure he could too but after running over 9 miles would he want to hell no! Luckily it did not come to that, thanks for reading.