Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Did I go to boxing tonight no! Once I was in the house snug and cosy from the cold the thought of going back out there just didn't cut it for me. This Monday I almost near froze to death riding my scooter to work, checked the weather and no one said it was going to snow but it did half way into my journey and it was freezing, my hands were so cold I could just about use the controls and the breaks, not great if you love your life, which I do. It was a nightmare, when I arrived at the school to teach which took just over an hour I felt and looked like an icicle, and when my hands warmed up they hurt so much I was in tears, how I did not catch a cold I do not know. Today it's cold again, did I use the scooter, hell no, I walked past it and I took the car cause this time they did say it was going to snow, and yes it did. I turned up that heating in the car, turned up my music and drove, warm, dry and without risk to life. Once I got back home from work, the snugness of a warm house got the better of me and even though boxing class is only a 15 minute drive away I did not even get out of the front door, shame on me.

Positives, I have exercised 3 days in a row so a day off is not a bad thing, and tomorrow I am running 6 miles which is a feat in itself, not teaching until the afternoon, so decided I would run in the morning, rather than run back from school, just to get it out of the way, although running back from schools I teach in is a great idea and I will be doing more of that.

Managed to drop 5 and a half pounds in the last two weeks which I am very pleased about, I have been counting my Weight Watchers points, drinking lots of water, but not being ultra strict, which you don;t need to be on WW, as long as you stick to your points, been cutting out all the crap really, no sweets, chocolates or cakes, actually I lie I had a little chocolate on my long runs this week and last week, I don't tend to eat chocolate when I run but the other half does, so naughtily I've also been indulging, but last Sunday I only had one square, and then stuck to my gels. The other half is 6ft 2 and naturally slender no sense trying to copy him or I'll be running the marathon heavier than when I started training, and that would not be a good look.

I cooked a Quorn bolongese this week which was very tasty and I had some butternut squash soup, need to make another batch for tomorrow, someones having a birthday dinner at a pizza place, no need to panic, cause I have a plan, nice bowl of porridge after my run, and some freshly made butternut squash soup to keep me going. The only thing with the increased exercise is there are times I get ravouness but I learnt from last year what to eat and what not to eat. I love all the 0 point foods you can have on WEIGHT WATCHERS, egg whites, veg, salad, it all helps and tomorrow night, I will not go mad, but I can relax a little, after a decent length run and careful planning.

My body is reacting well to the exercise, so I am going to keep going and try and exericise at least 5 times a week, run 6 miles tomorrow, I finish work early on Friday so maybe I should hit the gym during the day, funny I can run without music if need be and at the moment I have no choice as the charger for my IPOD shuffle has broken, so alas no music, that seems to be cool when I am pounding the streets but not when I am in the gym, I go brain dead on the equipment, music really helps, so I will just have to grin my teeth and bare it. Luckily the other half has an exercise bike at his place so I can use that as well. I about to do my yoga DVD, just cause I skipped boxing doesn't mean I shouldn't do anything.

5 pounds can make a big difference to clothes, some of my jeans have been getting stupidly tight again, and the problem is I can't afford a new wardrobe and I gave away all my big stuff, so I better lose weight again, plus I can't take the jeans cutting into my stomach anymore. Lord will this fight with my weight ever be over, who knows but I refuse to give up, and to be honest I need to give myself a pat on the back, yes I fell off the bad wagon with the training, but that was due to an injury, yes I could of done other stuff other than running but I didn't and as I said I learnt my lesson. I am back on track again no since crying over spilt milk or gained pounds. I wanna look like a run though, I wanna be toned and fit, and athletic and sexy and........ am I asking for too much? Na I don't think so.

Anyway better go that Yogo video is calling me, no it's not as exciting as Boxing neither will I burn as many calories but it's a worthy form of exercise in it's won right.

Happy running


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