Saturday, 13 February 2010


Very, very pleased with myself, managed to complete four runs this week, which is a great achievement, I completed a 3 miler on Monday and Tuesday, 6 miles on Thursday and a 8 miler today. I took my mileage down on the long run for a step back week as my long runs have been building up for three weeks, next week I shall do a 12 miler!

The run today was good don't take good as meaning easy no,no,no, it was just good meaning no major problems, achiles was stiff before I started, even though I stretched it extensively before I went out. I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would warm up, as everything I am suppose to be doing I am doing. Luckily it was fine, don't get me wrong I am aware of it, it does not feel as loose and flexible as my right one, but it did not give me any problems, I will book in for a sports massage the day after my 12 miler as I am sure I will need it.

The other half was on form today he lead on the way back, we ran four miles out along the canal and then four miles back, it was windy and I was happy to be shielded, he picked up the pace I was very proud of him and impressed, and it was nice to let someone else lead for a change. I'm very competititive so I do like to take charge but this was nice for a change and warmer without the wind beating the hell out of me.

Bike ride tomorrow and that is me done for the week and then it starts all over again!

Happy Running

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