Thursday, 4 February 2010


Went to the gym yesterday, had an induction, all seems well it is a council run leisure centre so no plushness or lushness, lockers are in the hall way rather than in the changing room! Weird but the tredmile and bikes all have individual t.v's, which is pretty cool. Done a body conditioning class, the guy who was running it was a nutter, but he is exactly the kind of instructor I like, the crazy kind who loves what he is doing and is great at motivating. It was nice to be in a class situation instead of pounding the streets in the cold. I'd forgotten how much I love group exercise looking forward to trying out as many classes as possible, got my eye on the spinning and yoga. The strengthening exercise was haaaaaard, sit up's, push up's, star jumps, squats, I think some of my muscles had a terrible, terrible shock, but if it helps with the running, yep you know the mantra, if it helps with the running then yes I'll do it.

5 mile run today, taught at an all boys school this morning, just for an hour so I decided I would run home, instead of going home and going back out again, which with the rain would've been hard to do, so I ran 5 miles back instead, which was not too bad, raining a bit but I survived, and it was a great way to get a run in. My co-workers all think I'm crazy, but thats cool as long as I know what I'm doing that's all that matters, do I know what I'm doing? I think so!!!!!

Why the picture of the tortoise because I am running but I am slow, so slow in fact I think a tortoise could easily pass me, but I keep reminding myself of the tortoise and the Hare story, and hope that slow and steady will get me where I need to go, which is the finish line of the London Marathon.

Recieved some products from Lucozade as part of the prize I won, but Lord have mercy some of the products are quite high in calories, think I will stick to my gels and jellly babies on my runs, they done me just fine last year,and they'll work for me again this year, I can't afford to run and stuff myself with high calories, not matter how far I'm running, I ain't one of those skinny, wiry runners who needs to put on weight, in fact I am exactly the opposite. My eating has been going well this week, slowly but surely I am getting there, need to cook more, more fresh food, so starting next week I am planning to get my cook on.

Thats me done for now
Bye from the running tortoise.

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