Sunday, 31 January 2010



Yesterday saw me take my longest run to date, all the training over the week had gone well in terms of me completing what I set out to complete, I was not happy with my performance but training runs that needed to be crossed off were crossed off. I was feeling slightly apprehensive but prepared well, greased up my feel with loads of Vaseline,made sure my toenails were short, Kinseo tape was strapped around my achilles, calf guard on, tracksuit too cold for tights, I just can't do it until it gets warmer! Gels to keep me going figured we might be out for close to two hours, we I hear you say the other half was running with me. I can't lie the company is great last year he cycled this year he is running right by my side it makes a massive difference to my motivation levels.

Well only good things to report I felt great for the whole of the run, even a stitch did not slow me down, I just ignored it and carried on running, we took a tube down to North Acton Station from Northolt on the Central line, and ran along the canal back to Northolt, it was a great idea, the canal was very quiet only a few dog's and dog walkers, a few cyclist's, lots of wildlife swans, geese, herons, coots, well to be honest I probably would not of noticed much of it if it was not for the other half, he is very much into wildlife and takes pleasure it showing it all to me and naming the things he sees, I can think of worse qualities than being a wildlife geek! The weather was a challenge, yet again I was very well covered up, two tops, two jackets, it was fresh but with gloves and a wholly hat I felt pretty cosy.

Was feeling good with a few miles to go and finished strong, managed it in an hour and 46 mins, yes still very slow but I am moving and at the moment for me that is all that matters if I stay out of trouble and keep injury free in a another month or saw I will think about speed right now it's about getting in the miles.

This week has ended well, and I will try and keep positive from now on and remember this is a journey not a race, next week I will try and run four times, woke up feeling fine, everyday my achilies feels less tender,I religiously do my stretches and yesterday I stretched before and after the run, and iced it as well, and today had no problems.

Did not manage to get to the physio last week but I will next week just so that my injury is well managed,thats me for now,
so things are back on track my training is once again looking up rather than down.

Just one thing can someone turn the heat up please, it's soooo cold, I ain't evan looking for summer, spring will do.

Happy Running.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I chose this picture to remind myself that I can do this because tough is the best way I can describe the 3 mile run I have just completed,pretty pathetic, I know,I know, the cold is just another thing which makes it all that bit harder. Deep down, I guess I am disappointed in my progress, my lack of fitness and how much I seem to be struggling even on short runs. I had a few tears on the way out this morning, I was just finding it hard to find my flow. I look back to last year and wonder how I done it, how I managed to complete all that training and get to the start line of the marathon!

I kept going though, refused to give up, right now the only thing that is keeping me going is determination, I think going to the gym will help so that every time I exercise it is not a fight against the elements. I need to read some of my running diary entries from this time last year if I remember correctly I was struggling back then to.

I kept going today even though I wished I bought my oyster card with me and could jump on the bus to take me the rest of the way home, I know it will be worth it in the end, that I will regain my fitness and as long as I put all the work in and stay injury free I will have another amazing experience running the marathon, so today I had to dig deep to find some toughness and tenacity and I found it after I wiped the tears and told myself off for being a big fat baby, damn if I can't do 3miles without complaining and whimping out now will I manage 26!

I can do it, I know I can I just I need to get a few weeks of training behind me and I'm sure my confidence will start to rise.
Happy running.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Ran 4 miles yesterday, always good to knock a run out on a Monday, set the week off in the correct way, ran with the other half at about 9pm, it was dark and cold, but I wrapped up warm, two running tops, one short, one long, two running jackets, and two pairs of running bottoms, well I'd rather be warm than cold. I didn't really enjoy the run, couldn't seem to get my breathing under control, my left leg felt heavy, although my achiles was fine,and I had the wickedest stitch for the last mile and a half, have not had one of those for a while. I guess every run can't be great but that four miler was harder for me than the seven miler on Saturday, lord knows why!

What left for the rest of the week well at least 2 more runs 3 if the achilies holds up, the physio reckons I'm fine to run 4 times a week, so I'm going to try it. The gym opens at the end of the week, so the other half and I will go for an induction, very much looking forward taking some classes like spinning and yoga, it will compliment the running nicely, they've even got a swimming pool and although I do not have much love for swimming, you know what I always say if it helps with my running then I'm up for it, now where did I put that swimming hat.......?

Happy Running.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

7 miles I made it!

Yesterday I ran 7 miles, not very far in terms of where I need to get to, but far for me, considering how badly my training had been going.

Ran with Rob my other half who is training for the READING HALF MARATHON on the 21st March, and he done really well considering he does not consider himself a runner. It was cold as always and my poor hands were frozen by the end. Today was the test though would I wake up with a messed up achiles like I did the last time I ran seven miles, well it was a little sore but after I stretched, iced and massaged it was fine, nothing to worry about, thank goodness, so training is back on track, back to the physio this week for a sports massage and more reassurance and I will continue pounding the cold streets of London, In fact pounding is exactly what I am trying not to do, lazy knees I kept saying to myself as I was running yesterday, reminding myself to keep them soft and not to drive my legs into the ground.

Still wore the calf guard and had kinseo tape on underneath that, I tell you I am a sucker for everything going that I think will help to keep me running, but if it helps who cares, in fact these things could all be placebo's,weather they work on my mind or my body as long as they work.

Meant to be doing a 3,5,3 and a seven miler this week, I will play around a bit with the programme as long as I get out a the least three times and do another long run I will be happy, ganna try an 8 miler next week.
What I need to keep in mind is how slow I was this time last year, how much the cold was getting to me and also how much my knees were playing up to, it was not plain sailing so why should this time be!

Happy running.

Friday, 22 January 2010


So I could've been miserable this morning, as I headed out in Northolt from the boyfriends house about 8:45 am, it was dark, drab, dreary and I only had my IPOD for company, my new bright yellow jacket was on, yes I look like a bumble bee but at least car drivers and the like can see me.

The run was fine,stopped twice to streach out the achilles which held up fine, the rain kept going and became heavier and heavier, I didn't question my sanity although a few people passing looked at me as if I am crazy, but all that matters to me is I know what I'm doing and why, the time will fly by, and before I know it the marathon will be here, so it doesn't matter how cold, how much rain or even how much snow ( once the new gym I have joined opens at the end of the month I willhave use of a tredmile if the weather is bad ) will stop me from completing my training. The phsyio has given me the all clear so no more excuses.

It was great to get out and run this morning, I am definitely a morning runner,waiting until the end of the day can be a disaster for me! The only thing that really got my goat today was the amount of dog doo, doo there was, I run on grass to soften the pounding of running especially on my achilles, but for a while today I thought I was on a agility course it was dog doo,doo city out there and I was jumping sideways every few minutes. I don't get it, I just don't get, how people can allow their dog's to just foul anywhere and everywhere. I try not to let it bother my but I just can't help it, I need to toughen up deal with the dog, doo,doo, look out for it, but pretend it's not there!

So this week I have done a 3 miler and a 4 miler so far, tomorrow is the test I shall attempt a 7 miler, I have been doing all my streches and so far so good will let you know how I get on.

Happy dog, doo, doo dodging.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Got out this morning only a 3 miler but it felt good to be pounding the pavements again. My achiles held out fine, felt a bit tight but that was expected, the weather left a lot to be desired, but I didn't care that it was cold, grey and raining. Wore the compression sock thingy again, done my exercise set by the physio, rolled my calves around on the blue foam roller, and done a few stretches and sit ups.

Yesterday I managed to keep within my weight watchers points, and today I am planing to do the same, one day at a time is what I will take, time to break the bad eating habits I have picked up again.


I don't know if I have confessed that my feet have not been in a great state, after the marathon last year a few of my toes nail's started to turn black and then thicken, I can only describe them as witches toes, well anyway after some medication which lasted about 3 months my feet are looking a lot better, my big toe nail on my right foot is black, but a new one is starting to grow underneath, so hopefully that will fall off sometime in the future and leave a shiny new one in it's place, The two thickened toe nails have not got any worse. Maybe this summer I can show my feet in a nice sandals, without scaring children!
Note to other runners, make sure you take care of your feet,and if they don't look quite right make sure you see your DR.

So the rest of the week, I have another 3 miler planned and 7 miler, session on an exercise bike, weights and yogalates, determined to mix up my training this year, to gain all over body strength and conditioning, rather than concentrating only on running, fingers crossed it will pay of.

Just had a bath and my big toe nail came off and unfortunatley the new one was not shiny and new, it has only half grown back, oh well, I just have to wait patiently!

Happy Running

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Had an appointment with the physio today,thought I'd better go see him incase my aching achiiles was about to snap, but the physio assured me that was not going to happen, basically my left calf muscle is very short and tight which is pulling on my achilles and causing the problem, so he gave me some exercises to do, told me to start skipping and I will go in once a week for a massage, not cheap £40 a pop, but you know what if it is going to keep me running it is a must.

I can keep running which is just what I wanted to hear, I just need to do the streaches he has given me five times a day. I did ask if I should train on a tredmile, but he said no as long as I do the exercises and stretch that I should be fine training on the road.

That was some good news to hear cause in-between,the snow my foot, and a cold my training has not got off to the best start I did run on Sunday with no ill effects and I will go out tomorrow morning, and run again, so marathon training is back on, I have shaken off the cold that jumped on my back last week, and the snow for now has disappeared, yaaaaah. There is still time to redeem myself and get this training back on track. Bought some compression sock things and wore those when I ran on Sunday, I don't know if they helped but since my leg has given me no problems I will keep wearing them, listen if someone told me that running with tin foil on my head would help I would do that to.

Started back watching my food this week, time to finally admit to myself that the x-mas eating needs to come to a stop, jumped on the scales I won't revel what they said but they groaned and moaned and almost gave up on me, but alas finally they weighed me and let me know that I had been very, very, bad, but back on track no time to get depressed, I am on it, just goes to show nothing is a quick fix, more like a long slow journey just like the marathon.
Yogalates video for me tonight, once sis goes to bed I'll stretch myself silly in the living room, there is not much room but enough to do what I have to do and since I am not very flexible I really do not need much space at all!

That's me done for now, back on track, the marathon is still a feasible goal,
happy running.


Sunday, 10 January 2010


My Yogalates DVD finally arrived yesterday and I had a go, it was called YOGALATES, FIRM, FIT AND FLEXIBLE, by Louise Solomon, got up early went down into the living room so I had time and space to myself and got on with it.

What can I say quite an experience, probably have not stretched myself as much as I did during this workout for years, probably since my dancing days, many moons ago, but I really enjoyed it. It was well presented and well explained with easier and harder versions of exercises. I have a long, long, way to go until I look as effortless, calm and serene as the women in the video, neither am I slender or long limbed but today was a start and I didn't do too bad, all limbs are still intact, spine is still aligned, and neck is still where is is suppose to be.

I shall try and use the DVD 3 times a week, at least until the gym I signed up to opens at the end of Jan, then try and fit in some classes as well, but at least I walk into the class with a little bit of knowledge rather than a complete novice struggling to keep up whilst surrounded by people who could easily pass for rubber bands.

I ain't looking to be no yoga or Pilate's zen master, nor do I want to be able to do a full frontways or even sideways split or put my leg's over my head, nah just looking to strenghten my core and be a bit more flexible, if it will help me with my running I am willing to turn myself into a human pretzel.

Below is a link to the DVD I used.

Bye for now and happy stretching.


Saturday, 9 January 2010


Here I am with my VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON ACCEPTANCE MAGAZINE, came through the post this morning with a letter from Lucozade sport. welcoming me to the Lucozade sport team. It also reminded me of the dates I need to keep in my diary 27th Feb, Running seminar at St Mary's college in Twickenham, and a half marathon pace race on the 28th March and of course Marathon day 25th April, all very exciting, but I have yet to get into the swing of my training, I had a couple of yogo DVD's come through the post today, one of which I will try later on, but with the snow in full swing I do not know when I will be able to hit the pavements again!

The feeling I had today, when I opened the mail was completely different to how I felt back in November when I received the Commiserations magazine, telling me that I did not get a place. The nice thing about getting that envelope with the magazine and letter was it is the first piece of physical evidence I have recieved to prove I shall be running in the London Marathon. I have it in my hands now as you can see from the picture.

Come Monday I will have to find a local gym to get some sessions in, well the treadmill has to be better than nothing and with time beginning to fly I cannot afford to miss anymore training! I would've like to have spent the weekend holed up at my partners house as he has weights and an exercise bike, but with the bad weather, I thought it was best I stay at y house who I share with my sis, who has muscular dystrophy, with the cold weather affecting her mobility,it makes sense to stay, especially as I was not planning to drive the car, if anything went wrong, for example if she has a fall, or finds it difficult to get out of her stair lift or a chair, (which is becoming more of a regular occurrence ) I would not be able to get to her quickly and neither would any of my relatives.

I won't panic yet, but I am aware that last year I took my training very seriously and did not miss a session unless I was sick or injured, the one good thing is my left leg feels great no soreness anymore, so the rest obviously done it good. I am itching to test my leg out again and try the new three runs a week programme I have decided to do.

Oh well no sense complaining at least I am in this position a few months back there was no marathon for me, now look at me moaning cause I can't run, no pleasing some people is there.
Thats me for now, will let you know how the yogo goes,
take care.


Friday, 8 January 2010


Took the bus to work today after a couple of heart stopping skids in the car yesterday, I decided it was not worth the risk, it was really not too bad missed the morning and evening rush, road was clear and I got where I needed to go pretty quickly with no near death experiences to scare the living hell out of me.

Well I couldn't believe it there were people running even though the ground was still icy, that to me is nuts I refuse to risk life an limb just to run, and I am as addicted as the next person!
Doesn't make any sense running in such crazy conditions, I can't afford to break a leg or a arm and risk missing out on the marathon.

Happy running.



Hi all, as I am sure that like me you to are struggling to deal with the cold, not great conditions for training. Personally am not a lover of the cold, hell no, cold and Kat do not mix not on the best of day’s let along when it goes on for weeks, is there no light at the end of the tunnel?

Training what training, who can run in that, I like my back and my neck and legs just as they are and plan to keep them intact, so no outdoor running for me and if I could get away with it there would be no outside walking as well, but a girl has to work.

My left leg is doing well, I have been on Rob's (my partners) exercise bike a few times, massaged and iced and low and behold, the break from running has seemed to have done it a world a good, in fact after a day or so my achilies stopped hurting and it was my calf that was really stiff and sore if it was pushed on. Rob gave me a few man-sized hands massaged, which hurt like hell but really loosened up the muscle.

So where am I now, waiting, waiting, waiting for the snow and ice to ease up, trying not to panic but the marathon is only 16 weeks away and my training has not gone off to a flying start, if this continues into next week, I will have to find a gym and use there treadmill.

I have a new training schedule, I have decided to take my running down to 3 times a week instead of 4 complimented by one boxing or spinning class, weights and yoga, this year I am determined to build on all round strength and fingers crossed that will keep me injury free. The idea to run three times a week, and cross train at least twice a week, I nicked that idea from another runner called Charlie who is also training for the marathon and also blogs, "Thanks for that Charlie, it is a great idea."

I need to really get my act together, no more injuries or interrupted training, time flies and before I know it I will be at the starting line, really need to put the work in.

The new gym I signed up for opens at the end of Jan, so a couple more weeks and I can really get my teeth stuck in, they also have a swimming pool which although I am not the greatest swimmer, and chlorine is not wonderful for my hair, I am told is great for runners, so I will be taking a cautionary dip from time to time.
That's me for now,
Over and out
happy, running and happy skiing.


Friday, 1 January 2010


So after a major panic yesterday, I iced my achilles, massaged it stretched it and took some Nureofen, and praise the Lord my achliles has stopped hurting.I will not count my chickens too soon, but the pain has stopped and I am not limping, woke up this morning and it was fine, still do not plan to run until Monday, so paranoid, so scared just want my leg to get better. The plan is to take things very slowly, do all the physio has told me, ordered a couple of yoga DVD's to follow until the gym I joined opens up at the end of Jan and I can take some classes. I am determined to get flexible and do all I can to ward off further injury.

It's funny you don't realise how much something means to you until you can no longer do it. First day of the year so I am positive and in good spirits, hoping that by doing everything right my leg will be fine. Who would''ve thought that one day I would love running so much, oh well there are so many other things I could be addicted to.

Monday I start the healthy eating again, I have eaten enough over Christmas and the New Year to keep me going for months, time to stop munching, time to put down the chocolate and cake, time to fit back into those jeans which are becoming tight again, when will I ever learn!

Heres to positively healthier, slimmer and running New Year.