Friday, 1 January 2010


So after a major panic yesterday, I iced my achilles, massaged it stretched it and took some Nureofen, and praise the Lord my achliles has stopped hurting.I will not count my chickens too soon, but the pain has stopped and I am not limping, woke up this morning and it was fine, still do not plan to run until Monday, so paranoid, so scared just want my leg to get better. The plan is to take things very slowly, do all the physio has told me, ordered a couple of yoga DVD's to follow until the gym I joined opens up at the end of Jan and I can take some classes. I am determined to get flexible and do all I can to ward off further injury.

It's funny you don't realise how much something means to you until you can no longer do it. First day of the year so I am positive and in good spirits, hoping that by doing everything right my leg will be fine. Who would''ve thought that one day I would love running so much, oh well there are so many other things I could be addicted to.

Monday I start the healthy eating again, I have eaten enough over Christmas and the New Year to keep me going for months, time to stop munching, time to put down the chocolate and cake, time to fit back into those jeans which are becoming tight again, when will I ever learn!

Heres to positively healthier, slimmer and running New Year.


  1. Hi Kat!

    OMG OMG! You won a place on the marathon???? Well done babe! FEB NEWS! So we are training together again, hows the snow with you and thank god your injury isn't flaring up - phew!

    Take care if you venture out in the ice/snow, i'm sticking to the treadmill for now :o)

    Happy New Year! xxx

  2. Hey Charlie,
    I know I was so excited when I found out, I really thought I was dreaming, yes I am running again, and very, very, very happy about it.
    The snow has scuppered my efforts to train outside, I can't even walk around my area let alone run.

    I have nicked your idea to run 3 times a week, I think that will help to keep my injury at bay, have not managed to run, weights and an exercise bike for me, if snow is still going next week,I have to hunt down a treadmill!

    Thanks for passing by, hope all your training is going well, and good luck, it's lovely to be back on this journey with you.
    Happy New Year.