Thursday, 31 December 2009


Very, very frustrated, managed to do a seven mile run yesterday in the cold and rain but I done it, freezing by the time I returned home, the other half ran the first 5 with me, then left me to my devices, managed it in 1 hour 26 not fast I know but I didn't at this point I was just happy to be running.

I spoke to soon, stretched and massaged my achilies but woke up this morning with it hurting, rubbed it down,stretched it but no joy, so no more running for me this week, I am doing all the exercise the physio gave, stretching like a rubber band, and trying my best not to do anything to upset it, but low and behold, I am still having problems, it was all going so well.

No more running for me this week, I have no other choice but to rest it, I am terrified it will never heal but also determined to do what ever I can to ensure I heal.

I am so ready, my body bar my achillies feels great, I am ready to put down the food and get back on the healthy eating bandwagon, I have even signed up for a gym, there is a new leisure centre opening near to my boyfriends house in late Jan we managed to get an all inclusive membership for the two of us for only £54, I know what a bargain, I was/am looking forward to using the treadmill on days when the weather is just too unbearable. I will also be signing up for yoga and spinning, which I am told are great for complimenting running. Plus it means the boyfriend won't feel neglected as I train for the marathon this year, as he is training for the Wokingham half as well. With not Caribbean break this year there is no sunshine to look forward to, so a gym will have to do and at £27 it is almost half of what I was paying for the last one! With times being so hard every penny counts.

Cross your fingers for me, this is a very frustrating and precarious time, I can only hope and pray that my injury starts to ease up and I can make it to the start of the London marathon, the thought of not being able to do it, is just too disappointing to even consider,

Happy New Year


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