Sunday, 27 December 2009


So training has started and last week was my first official week of an 18 week programme, it was all a bit challenging with the snow, ice and freezing temperatures so I only managed to get out 3 times to run rather than the 4 times I was suppose to. I am again following the Hal Higdon novice proagramme it worked for me last time so I am sure that it will work for me again. I managed two three milers and a six miler. Christmas Eve went for a three miler that was fine, it was still icy so had to be careful, had a break X-MAS day then went out again boxing day, who told me to have left over macaroni cheese for breakfast, well when I ran I felt as if my belly was a balloon with two heavy bricks sitting at the bottom, it got so bad I had to hold onto my belly, I assure you I won't be doing that again anytime soon, think I'll stick to porridge!

Yesterday I knocked out a six miler, it was my first one since I hurt my achilles way back in July, the furthest I had run since then is five miles. I can't say I was looking forward to the prospect, but no time to mess around, April and the marathon will be here soon, so I just had to get on with it and to be honest it was a great run, no problems, little bit of a stitch on the way back but what's new? The weather was good a bit windy but not too cold, I set a nice slow pace, picked it up on the way back when I realized I was feeling good.

Pleased with that start, still got a hell of a way to go, six miles is really not that far in the scale of things but at least I did it, this week I have a 3, 3, 3, and a 7 to complete, main thing is to keep injury free if I can do that I should be fine so unlike last time this time a bit of yoga or Pilates is called for, try and keep my self strong and supple, and some weights as well, fingers crossed all those activities combined will keep me healthy and fit.

These few months will fly and before I know it marathon day will be here. My feet are looking a hell of a lot better, been suffering from athletes foot, which turned into a foot fungus, yes nasty I know picked it up during the last marathon training, first a few of my toe nails went black, nothing to write home about quite normal for runners feet after all the pounding they take. Thought the nails would just fall off like they did in the past, but nope that didn't happen, in fact two of them started to thicken up like witches feet (well how I would imagine witches feet to be) and my feet were so dry and crusty looking I was embarrassed to even show them. Finally went to the GP, and was told I had foot fungus, got some tablets which I have been taking for almost two months and they are looking better and better each day, no nasty dry skin and although my toe nails still look messed up, they have not grown any worse. I do have a foot spa, which this time I will be making great use of, no since having a good pair of legs and disgusting toes!

Achilles and knees are fine, very paranoid about getting injured which is why I am taking it slow to begin with if nothing hurts, falls off or falls apart I will look at introducing some speed work and really pushing myself this time.

That’s it for now; hope you all had a great X-MAS.
London Marathon here I come.


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