Thursday, 10 December 2009


After writing and posting a blog earlier today I found out I won a place in the London marathon 2010,I had all but given up hope, first I went into the ballot, just applied like all the other thousands of people wanted so desperately to run 26.2 miles but I didn't get a place and I'd left it too late for a charity place with Muscular Dystrophy, they all went like hot cakes, so I was out in the cold, I was deeply disappointed, but I had a hope that maybe, maybe there was a way. I entered whatever competitions came my way to win a place which was about 5 different ones altogether, and low and behold, just a couple of hours ago, I received an email to say I had won a place, through Lucozade Sport, I get race entry, a t-shit to run in, entry to a training day in Feb with Liz Yelling, Lucozade products to see me through the months of training, entry to a half marathon pacing race in Feb at Dorney Lake, and entry into any of their pre warm up races, and an after marathon reception, with shower, food and massage.

I couldn't believe it, had to get Rob my partner to read the email for me before I would accept that I had won a place, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me, you know when you want something so badly you don't think it's really going to happen! Can't remember the last time I won anything, I have yet to win a single pound on the lottery.

Well the hard work starts now, I had already dedicated myself for training for the READING HALF MARATHON, now I can add the London marathon to my list and use the Reading half as a training run, yaaaaah I am soooo happy I can't even expain, yes I am happy to face months of training, running in the rain, running in the cold, dodging copious amounts of dog doo, doo, streaching, early rises, pounding the streets again, bring it on I am sooo ready.

It is a wonderful feeling to get something you want, I am used to working hard for everything that comes my way so it's wonderful to receive such a great prize, below is the poem I wrote for the competition, I had to write why it would mean so much for me to run in the marathon.

Winning poem

The reason I’d love a place in the Virgin London Marathon
is because it’ll be an act of defiance
against Muscular Dystrophy
which has ravished two of my siblings,
I run because they cannot.
To line up at the start
is to complete month after month of a challenge
that would’ve seen me cry, laugh, berate,
drag and continually push myself.
Running a marathon reiterates how lucky I am
to be able to put one foot in front of the other,
I run because I can.
That is how much running the marathon means to me.

So after taking a number of months to get over my achilles injury, and dealing with the dissapointment of having to cancel a whole heap of races, I now have this to look forward to, by the way my achilles is doing well, I am doing my exercises and massaging it regualry and it really does not give me any problems. I need to keep a close eye on it and not shirk on taking care of it, now that I will be running at such an extreme level, fingers crossed it will be fine, but I am ready, so, so ready, happy running everyone.

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