Sunday, 28 March 2010


Trying to keep the nerves and butterflies at bay, feeling quite nervous about running the PACE YOUR RACE half marathon today, up early and the clock has gone forward an hour, but can't sleep anymore for love nor money, I'm hoping to do as well as I can so that I can get a good gauge of what I can do come marathon day. I'm ready, all my gear and kit is ready, I've had a bowl of shreddies, ate well yesterday been drinking water like a fish still drinking water, weather looks O.K a little dark but fingers crossed the rain will hold of does not look too cold, although the place I'm running Dorney Lake is very exposed, so will be taking a jacket to keep warm, and layers I can tie around my waist. They have pace makers there, so going to to to the 12 minute pace and work my way up if I'm feeling good.

Been plagued with stitches this week so I want to warm myself up slowly rather than just throw myself in, fingers crossed I won't need the toilet and can just concentrate on running and the job in hand. The thing is I'm feeling strong, as said I've had no major problems with injuries, I've done all my training, been meticulous about getting all my runs in, have not missed any training since the beginning of Jan,( which was due to achilies) been running consistently since and all is on track.

The time has just seemed to flown this year and it is hard to believe that the marathon itself is only 4 weeks away, I need to get together a four week plan ie food, rest, exercise, luckily next week I'm only working one day, then have a two week break for Easter, then back to work the week of the marathon. To be honest I could do with the money but I'm glad to have a bit of time, things have been hectic and this break will really work in my favour, (plus there is a possibility of a house move) means I will be a bit more rested by the time the marathon comes around and I can complete some tasks that really need doing like my paperwork and admin, and housework, not as much fun as runnning, but needs to be done!

Wish me luck for today.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Above is what I looked like before my 9 mile run today fresh and good to go after two days rest, can't lie, was feeling quite tired, and two days rest was just what I needed, but no rest for the wicked and today it was time to get running again. Below is a picture of myself and my furry visitor who has been coming to my house for the last two years, he is a bit of a local tart and will visit anyone who lets him in,I feel sorry for whoever moves in this house after my sister and I move out, they will get quite a shock when he waltzes in like he owns the place! I am so not an animal person but as you can see he has won me over hook, like and sinker, the lovely thing about a visiting cat, is there is no litter tray, and I can kick him out whenever I want.

So as you can see I was ready and very able before the run, stepped out the house and it was pissing down with rain, no time to worry about it, just got my head down and got on with it, started off well, but by two miles in I had a wicked stitch that moved around for most of the run, which was very annoying, I have not been as plagued by stitches as I was last year, tried had to work through it, breathing it out, ignoring it, cussing and berating it, but it kept me company practically all the way. With 9 miles to run it was bearable, that's the nice thing about running so much and for so many miles there is a confidence even if things are not going 100 percent that I will and can finish.

Whilst running I was listening to Marathon Talk which is a marathon and running podcast and today was all about visualisation and techniques to help you as you run and they were like imagine your an animal like a gazelle or a cheetah, well in my mind all I could truly see was a sloth, oh well, never mind. Today the show was almost 2 hours long and was meant to keep us runners company on our long run, now my long runs are 4 hours plus, so the show only just kept me company for my 9 miler which was just over 2 hours, goes to show how slow I am. O.K positive thinking goes to show how fast some other people are, like the gazelles and cheetahs I was talking about.

Here is the link if your interested, it has been packed full of great tips and interviews, advice and motivation

Here I am after the run, can't lie I was so glad to see the sofa, once I kicked the cat off, I was completely socked a mix of sweat and rain, not very attractive but that's running, you don't always look your best when your doing it but the benefits will show themselves in good time.

Slow and easy 6 miler on Saturday, and a another half marathon on Sunday, the Dorney lake pace your race, run, and that is it for the this week, then next week is the challenge the monster week, of 40 miles in total, two 5 milers a 10 miler and what will be my longest run to date this year a 20 miler. The other half will be accompanying me on the bike and is working out a route for us to take. In a perverse way I am looking forward to it, as once that is over I have done all my big training and will start to taper (for you non-runners, training mileage goes down to give the body a chance to rest before the race, so you arrive at the start line in peak condition).

I have been blessed because for all the drama, achilles problems, e.t.c, teaching, performing, holding down a relationship,spending time with friends and caring for my sister, her level of care has gone up recently, due to a number of different reasons, one of which is the house we live in becoming more and more unsuitable, the other day she fell as I was trying to get her from a chair into her wheelchair, the irony of the situation was we were getting ready to leave the house to view a property with disabled access meaning she'd be able to stay in her wheelchair all the time, eliminating the possibility of falling. I really think it's only the extra strength and muscle gained from the running that enabled me to get her up off the floor, I still don't know how I done it, to be honest. I have managed to keep to my training shedule, yes I have been obsessive, but it's worked for me and wherever and whenever I can fit a run in I do, and everyone knows thats my sacred time. I really don't know how people with kids and even busier lives cope, maybe that just shows how nutty we runners are!

Thats me for now, need to go to bed now, got a full days teaching tomorrow, 14/15 year old boy's, relationships, contraception e.t.c, so you know I need my beauty sleep.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Day after the Reading half marathon, don't look too bad if I might say so myself!

Two days in and I feel fine, knocked out a 5 miler yesterday in 54 minutes, felt good to stretch out my legs, nice weather always helps, did not have my IPOD left it at the other half's house, it always amazes me the amount of people who talk to you, or beep their horns, which I never usually hear as I have my head phones on, it's a whole new world, I don't mind running without music, I just count, or think or chat to myself but music sure helps a lot.

Body is feeling good, no major problems after the half, went to the physio yesterday and he says everything seems alright,I can keep running, he massages my calves and I have to admit I find that quite a strange feeling not only does it hurt like mad it makes me feel nauseous but it works so I let him do his thing, and he's helping me to get the start line and hopefully also the finish line of the marathon.

Achilles was hurting a bit later in the day, so iced it up and done my exercises but today it's been fine, no running today, decided to take a break, no sense killing myself, got to knock out a 6 miler, a 9 miler this week and I will be doing another Half marathon on Sunday to work on my pace it's my chance to see where I'm at in terms of fitness and based on how I do I will decide what my marathon pace shall be! If I have a disaster race that will throw that theory out of the window! So fingers crossed it all goes well.

In my aim to help my sister Emma raise enough money to buy an electric wheel chair I have committed myself to running not only the London Marathon but I am also planning to run a half in August, two in September one in October and maybe even one in July as long as I do not pick up any injuries, I know I can do it, I feel that this year I have to do something different, money is hard to get out of people, I done a marathon last year so why would anyone think that's impressive, but a marathon and 5 halves, now yes that's impressive. I also want to keep running, keep getting fit, keep pushing myself, keep getting faster and slimmer, bottom line running makes me happy so as long as my two legs can move that is what I'll do. I have a brother and sister who can hardly walk and one day will not be able to walk at all, so I run and I run and I run and I run and I will continue running until one day hopefully a long, long time from now,when I have to hang up my running shoes.


Looking nice and fresh before the start.

Boiled dumplings, green banana and fish the night before,
carbing up Caribbean style,
stomach still played up next morning,
2 mile walk from the car par to the start,
faithfull black bin bags kept myself and the boyfriend warm,
18,000 all lined up to run 13.1 miles,
the gun goes off, twenty minutes later I cross the start,
shoulder to shoulder, with the masses
Off we go, right at the back,
but we soon past the walkers, those who give up without a fight,
a nice steady pace of around 12.22,
lucozade and plenty of water in abundance,
mini mouse is fast on her feet, her red polka dot dress eye catching,
swinging in her hand a bucket clunking with coins,
the army boy's pushed a range rover, sweating, grunting and shouting,
two toilet stops, all that water,
lucozade gels and fruit pastels kept me going,
13.1 miles is a long way, but head down we keep going,
knees and back aching,
but keep going,
boyfriend still placing one foot in front of the other,
he's hurting but still going,
my breath is heavy,
but keep going,
4,5,6th mile done.
7,8,9,10th mile done,
11,12,13th mile done, yaah,
finish in the Majedski stadium,

lots of cheering,
ran ahead,
boyfriend not far behind,
2 hours 45 minutes of running
and we are finished
tired, take a picture
get a medal, grab a goodie bag,

Those crazy army boy's!, Not one pair of trainers between them.

Thank the Lord it is all over, time to drive home,

feeling good, ready to eat and sleep.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Training has been going well, I've hit all my targets so far in terms of all my training runs, last long run was on Tuesday, 18 miles altogether, I once again ran after teaching, tried not to leave it too long in the day as I knew I would be out for 4 hours plus, crazy ah!I Ran from West London to central London, Westminster in fact, past the houses of parliment, dodging all the tourists and trying to keep focused, mile 5-6 spoke to the other half on the phone, yes it was a bit of an nutty thing to do, but whatever it takes I say to keep me running. The first 5 miles were the hardest then things eased up for a while, hardest thing was to keep focused and motivated and keep moving, I knew my leg's would keep moving if they needed too one step at a time, thats my mantra, one step at a time sweet Jesus.

I can't lie I was nervous before I started, the thought of running 18 miles gave me butterfiles, last year whilst training for the marathon I didn't do an 18 miler, got the flu and had to take that week off training, I jumped straight from an 16 miler to an 18 miler.

The last 3 miles were very hard, my groin was starting to feel strained, knees beginning to ache a bit, left ankle hurting, good news was my achliles was fine though. Strangly the bottom of my feet were also hurting which is not something that happens very often, to be honest I can't remember the last time my feet actually hurt, just less than a mile from home I took my trainers off and ran in my socks for a bit,then I took my socks off and ran home in nothing but bare feet, looking out for glass, dirt and most of all dog mess. People did look at me like I was a complete nutter, but my feet instantly started to ease up and figured it was time for a new pair of trainers!

Been on a 5 mile run today knocked it out in 54 minutes, legs were a bit dead at first but then I got a second wind and was putting on a bit of speed, reminding myself that I have a half marathon on Sunday,which is why I only doing 3 runs this week, in fact that run today was a lot of fun and at times I was grining like a fool, my achiles is not 100 per cent but it's responding well to the streaching and the icing.

6 more Sundays until the marathon, not long at all, training is on track, I need to sort out my food, been okay could be a lot, lot better, the time is going so very quickly, need to keep focused,motivated and injury free.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Canals, swans, salmon and veg.

Eight mile run along the canal on Sunday and it was actually a lot of fun, the sun was shining, although it was a brisk day but just having some sun really made a massive difference to moral, in fact my other half and I had a great time even took some pictures of the wildlife, I know we should have been concentrating on running, but the way I see it is what point is there in running if you don’t enjoy what your doing.

I think this swan thought we had food, was sorry to disappointment him as he came right up to us and was very friendly until two small dog's came along and he started to hiss like a snake!

4 miles in not looking too bad!

We kept up a decent pace especially the last few miles, but I felt quite nauseous right at the end when I upped the speed, too much sugary stuff and not enough water had, jelly beans, gels, and even a little chocolate from the other half. my stomach started to rebel at the end, more water and less sugar next time.

I am going to try the Lucozade gels on my next long run, the SIS gels have been tasting a little funny to me, either it is just taking me a while to get used to them again, or it’s because they run out of date this month and are at the end of their life, so since I got all these free Lucozade ones thought I better give them a try.

5 mile run today, got out and ran early before my physio appointment, good news my achilles is holding up to all the training and he thinks I should be able to make it to the start line, as long as I eat and hydrate and look after myself, which I am doing, the one thing I need to get more off is sleep, I really do piss about at bed time, mix that in with late night performances and early rises to teach and it takes a toll!

Today’s run was my first of the week, I had a day off yesterday but it was cold and I got caught up cleaning and taking care of my sister who has muscular dystrophy and was having a hard day, so I stayed indoors kept warm, cleaned done paper work which urgently needed doing, so I have to fit in 3 more runs, and this is a busy week, tomorrow I will knock out a 12 miler by myself then I have a book reading in the evening.

Friday I will knock out a 4 miler before work, go and teach then off to a Grenadian history course in the late afternoon, then hooking up with a friend in the evening, I tell you marathon training can take over your life, so I am determined to spend Friday night and Saturday day time with her. I feel like I’m leading a triple life at the moment?

Since running will be a continuous part of my life I need to slip it in when and wherever I can, so if I have to take my running stuff and get up early and run on Saturday whilst I am at my friends house, then so be it.

Then Sunday need to knock out an 8 miler and do my weekly radio-hosting slot. Lord where does the time go? Food wise I am doing okay cut out all the crap and it’s working the old body is responding, tonight there is Salmon and roasted veg on the menu with 12 miles to run I though I’d better eat well.

Don't know if my dinner will turn out as good as this, but I'm going to try.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


With all the running I'm doing it's nice to have good gear, and this week I have had some great deliveries.


All this stuff was free as part of my prize from the Lucozade company for winning a place on the London Marathon, so far I have had two deliveries of gels, recovery powders, isotonic drink powders, recovery bars, energy bars and the day of the marathon seminar I came away with even more stuff drinks bottle, towel, jelly beans, drinks, so as you can see I am well stocked up.

I love the jelly beans and the isotonic drinks, in fact I prefer the powder you make up yourself, rather than the bottled drink as it tends to be a bit sweet. I have not tried the gels yet as I am using the SIS gels, as a bought a load last year which I am determined to finish before they expire.

I have stayed clear of the recovery and energy bars they are okay if you look like a whippet but since I am more of the St Benard kind of runner, they are way to high in calories for me. I am very greatful for all these products and stil have one more delivery to come, thank you Lucozade.


I've been running in just these on the treadmill I have been wearing them for my long runs, but in fact am now just wearing them after, they are meant to help with tired muscles, do they work? They haven't been doing any harm and after my long run my tired legs are grateful for the extra support. The pink ones were a free gift with the delivery.,4122&CAT_ID=3759&P_ID=38935


I have had a black and gold adidas tracksuit for over two years and it's a great piece of kit, for turning up at races and keeping warm, wearing when I'm teaching, traveling or just slouching around, anyway the poor bottoms were started to fray, so my other half kindly bought me a new pair, thank you.


New pair of trainers at the bargain price of £29.99, they are not for running really just the gym, but thought I better stick with Asics, since they've worked for me up until now.


Let's start with the t-shirt was a part of my Lucozade prize and it is a great technical t-shirt in fact I wore it for my 16 miler and it held up well as I said in a previous post the way I sweat nothing can really help me there. I believe we are suppose to wear them on the day of the marathon, but as I already have my outfit planned and it does not fit into my color scheme I have decided not to wear it, but I am grateful, and a runner can never have too many t-shirts especially one who sweats like me.

This is the best one of the lot,now you may or may not of noticed in the picture above that I am holding a rather swanky looking black device in my hand, that I am happy to tell you is a brand new Ipod nano 5th generation, donated to the running cause by a very loving a generous boyfriend, now I ain't an easy person to suprise but surprise me he did when the post man came bearing gifts, it was in a lovely little white box with a red ribbon, and has an inscription on the back,to inspire me as I run.

Now anyone who knows me know I can be a bit of a techno phobe, I have a basic phone, no camera or optional extras, can I talk to who I need to talk to, yes well that's alI need a phone for! My tune has changed slightly having discovered that this tiny pice of equiptment has enough space to keep me occupied whist I run for many more hours than I could possibly run, it has a camera and takes video, stop watch, a voice can even tell you what song is about to play, I mean this is the shit.It made my 16 mile run well I can't say enoyable, but bearable.

The longest run we have done together is 12 miles but since he is training for a half rather than a full marathon, and the mileage has upped he has given me something that will hopefully help me to run on my own, and I can tell you it helps it helps a lot. I love the idea of being able to take some footage whilst I am running the marathon and pictures of me during runs, well runs where I'm not bothered about time that is. I have down loaded podcasts,and plan to download my poetry and scripts so I can practise for performances, no sense running all these miles and not doing something with the time I am spending pounding the streets.

I am feeling very spoilt and lucky thank you boyfriend I know that the nano was not cheap and I am appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity, it can never replace you, but it sure helps. Thats me done for now, happy running.

16 MILES AND COUNTING.............

This week has been a good week.

Knocked out 3.5 miles on Monday, then on Tuesday tackled my longest run yet this training programme the 16 miler, went to work in the morning, got a lift from a colleague then ran afterwards, 16 miles really is a long way, last time I done 16 miles was last year in the heat of Grenada, running through the capital St Georges with the locals looking at me like I was crazy, no sunshine this time, but unlike my 14 miler last week also no rain which was a God send.

I managed it, in 3 hours 50 which I know, I know is really slow but I can only do what my body can do, Long Slow Run, mine should be called Excruciatingly Slow Run, anyway I clocked up the miles, nothing went wrong, Achilles gave me no problems.

Felt a bit wet and cold at one point, I tell you those technical clothing can only work up to a certain point, when you sweat like a beast on heat, which I do after a while they give up an stop working altogether, it's like their saying "Sorry I can't help you anymore." anyway stopped off at a toilet that had a very powerful hand dryer that you could flip upwards your face, I used to it to dry my top, front and back which made me feel a lot more comfortable,nothing worse than that cold clammy feeling next to your skin and you still got miles, and miles to go.

Two miles to go and I was starting to get very tired called the other half for a quick pep talk as my body was starting to rebel and was refusing point blank no matter how hard I tired to cajole it to carry me the rest of the way home, he kindly gave me a gentle kick up the arse and I found my flow again and kept moving.

Stuck to the SIS gels, jelly beans, Lucozade sport and water and they got me through.

Physio session on Wednesday went very well, he says my achilles is getting better, but basically I have to learn to manage it, he massaged both my legs and done a few exercises, he reckons I will be able to keep running marathons and beyond if I look after myself, next week I have to bring in my trainers so he can look at the way I run and give me a few pointers.

4 miler yesterday, really stretched my legs picked up the pace and finished in 45 minutes which for me right now is fast, so feeling confident training is going well, just need to keep focused and believe I can do this, only 7 weeks of training left.

Good news altogether I have dropped 9 pounds over the last two months, which I am very happy about, but more than that my body is really starting to change shape for the better, my waist has dropped an inch and a half, and overall am looking stronger and fitter.

Today I will knock out an 8 miler with the other half, funny how 8 miles seems like a luxury in the context of my long runs, I can't say I am running out the door like a dog about to get a walk, but I ain't dreading it either.

Overall a good week less than 2 months to go and fingers and leg's crossed once again I will be on the starting line of the London Marathon, I think that will be my last marathon for a while at least, but that's what I said last year, we'll see!