Saturday, 6 March 2010


With all the running I'm doing it's nice to have good gear, and this week I have had some great deliveries.


All this stuff was free as part of my prize from the Lucozade company for winning a place on the London Marathon, so far I have had two deliveries of gels, recovery powders, isotonic drink powders, recovery bars, energy bars and the day of the marathon seminar I came away with even more stuff drinks bottle, towel, jelly beans, drinks, so as you can see I am well stocked up.

I love the jelly beans and the isotonic drinks, in fact I prefer the powder you make up yourself, rather than the bottled drink as it tends to be a bit sweet. I have not tried the gels yet as I am using the SIS gels, as a bought a load last year which I am determined to finish before they expire.

I have stayed clear of the recovery and energy bars they are okay if you look like a whippet but since I am more of the St Benard kind of runner, they are way to high in calories for me. I am very greatful for all these products and stil have one more delivery to come, thank you Lucozade.


I've been running in just these on the treadmill I have been wearing them for my long runs, but in fact am now just wearing them after, they are meant to help with tired muscles, do they work? They haven't been doing any harm and after my long run my tired legs are grateful for the extra support. The pink ones were a free gift with the delivery.,4122&CAT_ID=3759&P_ID=38935


I have had a black and gold adidas tracksuit for over two years and it's a great piece of kit, for turning up at races and keeping warm, wearing when I'm teaching, traveling or just slouching around, anyway the poor bottoms were started to fray, so my other half kindly bought me a new pair, thank you.


New pair of trainers at the bargain price of £29.99, they are not for running really just the gym, but thought I better stick with Asics, since they've worked for me up until now.


Let's start with the t-shirt was a part of my Lucozade prize and it is a great technical t-shirt in fact I wore it for my 16 miler and it held up well as I said in a previous post the way I sweat nothing can really help me there. I believe we are suppose to wear them on the day of the marathon, but as I already have my outfit planned and it does not fit into my color scheme I have decided not to wear it, but I am grateful, and a runner can never have too many t-shirts especially one who sweats like me.

This is the best one of the lot,now you may or may not of noticed in the picture above that I am holding a rather swanky looking black device in my hand, that I am happy to tell you is a brand new Ipod nano 5th generation, donated to the running cause by a very loving a generous boyfriend, now I ain't an easy person to suprise but surprise me he did when the post man came bearing gifts, it was in a lovely little white box with a red ribbon, and has an inscription on the back,to inspire me as I run.

Now anyone who knows me know I can be a bit of a techno phobe, I have a basic phone, no camera or optional extras, can I talk to who I need to talk to, yes well that's alI need a phone for! My tune has changed slightly having discovered that this tiny pice of equiptment has enough space to keep me occupied whist I run for many more hours than I could possibly run, it has a camera and takes video, stop watch, a voice can even tell you what song is about to play, I mean this is the shit.It made my 16 mile run well I can't say enoyable, but bearable.

The longest run we have done together is 12 miles but since he is training for a half rather than a full marathon, and the mileage has upped he has given me something that will hopefully help me to run on my own, and I can tell you it helps it helps a lot. I love the idea of being able to take some footage whilst I am running the marathon and pictures of me during runs, well runs where I'm not bothered about time that is. I have down loaded podcasts,and plan to download my poetry and scripts so I can practise for performances, no sense running all these miles and not doing something with the time I am spending pounding the streets.

I am feeling very spoilt and lucky thank you boyfriend I know that the nano was not cheap and I am appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity, it can never replace you, but it sure helps. Thats me done for now, happy running.

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