Saturday, 6 March 2010

16 MILES AND COUNTING.............

This week has been a good week.

Knocked out 3.5 miles on Monday, then on Tuesday tackled my longest run yet this training programme the 16 miler, went to work in the morning, got a lift from a colleague then ran afterwards, 16 miles really is a long way, last time I done 16 miles was last year in the heat of Grenada, running through the capital St Georges with the locals looking at me like I was crazy, no sunshine this time, but unlike my 14 miler last week also no rain which was a God send.

I managed it, in 3 hours 50 which I know, I know is really slow but I can only do what my body can do, Long Slow Run, mine should be called Excruciatingly Slow Run, anyway I clocked up the miles, nothing went wrong, Achilles gave me no problems.

Felt a bit wet and cold at one point, I tell you those technical clothing can only work up to a certain point, when you sweat like a beast on heat, which I do after a while they give up an stop working altogether, it's like their saying "Sorry I can't help you anymore." anyway stopped off at a toilet that had a very powerful hand dryer that you could flip upwards your face, I used to it to dry my top, front and back which made me feel a lot more comfortable,nothing worse than that cold clammy feeling next to your skin and you still got miles, and miles to go.

Two miles to go and I was starting to get very tired called the other half for a quick pep talk as my body was starting to rebel and was refusing point blank no matter how hard I tired to cajole it to carry me the rest of the way home, he kindly gave me a gentle kick up the arse and I found my flow again and kept moving.

Stuck to the SIS gels, jelly beans, Lucozade sport and water and they got me through.

Physio session on Wednesday went very well, he says my achilles is getting better, but basically I have to learn to manage it, he massaged both my legs and done a few exercises, he reckons I will be able to keep running marathons and beyond if I look after myself, next week I have to bring in my trainers so he can look at the way I run and give me a few pointers.

4 miler yesterday, really stretched my legs picked up the pace and finished in 45 minutes which for me right now is fast, so feeling confident training is going well, just need to keep focused and believe I can do this, only 7 weeks of training left.

Good news altogether I have dropped 9 pounds over the last two months, which I am very happy about, but more than that my body is really starting to change shape for the better, my waist has dropped an inch and a half, and overall am looking stronger and fitter.

Today I will knock out an 8 miler with the other half, funny how 8 miles seems like a luxury in the context of my long runs, I can't say I am running out the door like a dog about to get a walk, but I ain't dreading it either.

Overall a good week less than 2 months to go and fingers and leg's crossed once again I will be on the starting line of the London Marathon, I think that will be my last marathon for a while at least, but that's what I said last year, we'll see!

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