Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Canals, swans, salmon and veg.

Eight mile run along the canal on Sunday and it was actually a lot of fun, the sun was shining, although it was a brisk day but just having some sun really made a massive difference to moral, in fact my other half and I had a great time even took some pictures of the wildlife, I know we should have been concentrating on running, but the way I see it is what point is there in running if you don’t enjoy what your doing.

I think this swan thought we had food, was sorry to disappointment him as he came right up to us and was very friendly until two small dog's came along and he started to hiss like a snake!

4 miles in not looking too bad!

We kept up a decent pace especially the last few miles, but I felt quite nauseous right at the end when I upped the speed, too much sugary stuff and not enough water had, jelly beans, gels, and even a little chocolate from the other half. my stomach started to rebel at the end, more water and less sugar next time.

I am going to try the Lucozade gels on my next long run, the SIS gels have been tasting a little funny to me, either it is just taking me a while to get used to them again, or it’s because they run out of date this month and are at the end of their life, so since I got all these free Lucozade ones thought I better give them a try.

5 mile run today, got out and ran early before my physio appointment, good news my achilles is holding up to all the training and he thinks I should be able to make it to the start line, as long as I eat and hydrate and look after myself, which I am doing, the one thing I need to get more off is sleep, I really do piss about at bed time, mix that in with late night performances and early rises to teach and it takes a toll!

Today’s run was my first of the week, I had a day off yesterday but it was cold and I got caught up cleaning and taking care of my sister who has muscular dystrophy and was having a hard day, so I stayed indoors kept warm, cleaned done paper work which urgently needed doing, so I have to fit in 3 more runs, and this is a busy week, tomorrow I will knock out a 12 miler by myself then I have a book reading in the evening.

Friday I will knock out a 4 miler before work, go and teach then off to a Grenadian history course in the late afternoon, then hooking up with a friend in the evening, I tell you marathon training can take over your life, so I am determined to spend Friday night and Saturday day time with her. I feel like I’m leading a triple life at the moment?

Since running will be a continuous part of my life I need to slip it in when and wherever I can, so if I have to take my running stuff and get up early and run on Saturday whilst I am at my friends house, then so be it.

Then Sunday need to knock out an 8 miler and do my weekly radio-hosting slot. Lord where does the time go? Food wise I am doing okay cut out all the crap and it’s working the old body is responding, tonight there is Salmon and roasted veg on the menu with 12 miles to run I though I’d better eat well.

Don't know if my dinner will turn out as good as this, but I'm going to try.

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