Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Day after the Reading half marathon, don't look too bad if I might say so myself!

Two days in and I feel fine, knocked out a 5 miler yesterday in 54 minutes, felt good to stretch out my legs, nice weather always helps, did not have my IPOD left it at the other half's house, it always amazes me the amount of people who talk to you, or beep their horns, which I never usually hear as I have my head phones on, it's a whole new world, I don't mind running without music, I just count, or think or chat to myself but music sure helps a lot.

Body is feeling good, no major problems after the half, went to the physio yesterday and he says everything seems alright,I can keep running, he massages my calves and I have to admit I find that quite a strange feeling not only does it hurt like mad it makes me feel nauseous but it works so I let him do his thing, and he's helping me to get the start line and hopefully also the finish line of the marathon.

Achilles was hurting a bit later in the day, so iced it up and done my exercises but today it's been fine, no running today, decided to take a break, no sense killing myself, got to knock out a 6 miler, a 9 miler this week and I will be doing another Half marathon on Sunday to work on my pace it's my chance to see where I'm at in terms of fitness and based on how I do I will decide what my marathon pace shall be! If I have a disaster race that will throw that theory out of the window! So fingers crossed it all goes well.

In my aim to help my sister Emma raise enough money to buy an electric wheel chair I have committed myself to running not only the London Marathon but I am also planning to run a half in August, two in September one in October and maybe even one in July as long as I do not pick up any injuries, I know I can do it, I feel that this year I have to do something different, money is hard to get out of people, I done a marathon last year so why would anyone think that's impressive, but a marathon and 5 halves, now yes that's impressive. I also want to keep running, keep getting fit, keep pushing myself, keep getting faster and slimmer, bottom line running makes me happy so as long as my two legs can move that is what I'll do. I have a brother and sister who can hardly walk and one day will not be able to walk at all, so I run and I run and I run and I run and I will continue running until one day hopefully a long, long time from now,when I have to hang up my running shoes.

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