Sunday, 28 March 2010


Trying to keep the nerves and butterflies at bay, feeling quite nervous about running the PACE YOUR RACE half marathon today, up early and the clock has gone forward an hour, but can't sleep anymore for love nor money, I'm hoping to do as well as I can so that I can get a good gauge of what I can do come marathon day. I'm ready, all my gear and kit is ready, I've had a bowl of shreddies, ate well yesterday been drinking water like a fish still drinking water, weather looks O.K a little dark but fingers crossed the rain will hold of does not look too cold, although the place I'm running Dorney Lake is very exposed, so will be taking a jacket to keep warm, and layers I can tie around my waist. They have pace makers there, so going to to to the 12 minute pace and work my way up if I'm feeling good.

Been plagued with stitches this week so I want to warm myself up slowly rather than just throw myself in, fingers crossed I won't need the toilet and can just concentrate on running and the job in hand. The thing is I'm feeling strong, as said I've had no major problems with injuries, I've done all my training, been meticulous about getting all my runs in, have not missed any training since the beginning of Jan,( which was due to achilies) been running consistently since and all is on track.

The time has just seemed to flown this year and it is hard to believe that the marathon itself is only 4 weeks away, I need to get together a four week plan ie food, rest, exercise, luckily next week I'm only working one day, then have a two week break for Easter, then back to work the week of the marathon. To be honest I could do with the money but I'm glad to have a bit of time, things have been hectic and this break will really work in my favour, (plus there is a possibility of a house move) means I will be a bit more rested by the time the marathon comes around and I can complete some tasks that really need doing like my paperwork and admin, and housework, not as much fun as runnning, but needs to be done!

Wish me luck for today.

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