Sunday, 4 April 2010


Time: 2hrs 20 mins 06 seconds.

Drove up to Dorney Lake which is where they will hold the Olympic rowing in 2012. It's a bit bleak especially when it's dreary and dreary it was, four times around the outside. The gazelles sorry the faster runners had set off earlier in the day so were done and dusted as I was getting myself out of the car, bastards, sorry I mean lucky devils.

Really needed to go to the toilet, so left all my bits and pieces in the car and practically ran to the toilet, picked up race number and went back to the car for my marathon belt, gels, fruit pastels and water, everything I think I needed to complete a half marathon.

Had to hurry back to the start of the race as the car was so far away, first mistake should've of grabbed my stuff instead of leaving it behind, oh well, when you got to go, you got to go. Second mistake: last toilet stop did not shut door properly and there I was pants down and it was flung open by some woman we were both as shocked as each other, I said “Oh shit.” She said "Oh sorry." And I pulled the door shut, it all happed so quickly, I don't think anyone saw anything, bar the women, note to future self, ensure toilet door is closed to avoid extreme embarrassment.

Managed to keep an average pace of 10:39, had 3 gels, and fruit pastels whenever I felt like it, and they seemed to keep me going, tried to pick the pace for the last 3.5 miles but a stitch kicked in so no luck there, had to slow down, in fact had to curse myself out to maintain the same pace as the stitch was really biting into me, but I managed and finished in 2 hour 20 minutes 06 seconds, pleased with the time, would’ve been nice to go faster, but you can only do what your body can do on a given day, and since this is part of my marathon training I'm happy.

The event was well organized bumped into a sweet black couple, who run together, I think the man must've had some Kenyan in him even though he denied it as he came in well under 2 hours and his girlfriend in 2 hours, they'd only been together 6 months and he had already got her running 3 marathons, now that 's love for you!

No medal, but I got a nice cup and a Lucozade water bottle, great race, well organised, wonderful for a PB if that what your after, was good to do as part of my marathon training, but if your looking for excitement your not going to get it, just a flat, fast course which does what it say's on the tin.

Thats me done for now,
Happy running.

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