Monday, 19 April 2010


Had an 8 mile run on Saturday, that will be my longest until next Sunday the day of the marathon. I done a 5 mile loop then a 3 mile loop to make up the 8 miles, the other half came out in the car, I was happy for the company, but he had me in fits of laughter, he took his camera out with him and kept popping up behind trees and from behind bridges to snap away, told him to be careful or he might get arrested! Here are some of his efforts.

It was a really nice day, I'd put an extra top and jacket in the car but didn't need them, felt good tried to run to my marathon pace, it felt a nice pace around the 11-11:30 minute a mile pace, how that will feel over 26.2 miles who knows but over 8 it was cool. The sun always helps to make the old bones feel better.

It is really hard to believe that the marathon is only in a few days time, the time has gone too, too quickly, I want to turn back the clock and do it all the training again, and do it better this time.I keep thinking have I done everything I shoud've done, did I leave anything out?

The shot above was taken after I saw the other half running across a section of grass to catch me as I went past, nutter!

The weather held up really well and I feel cautiously confident about next week, the thing is the marathon is such a beast you really don't know what the hell can happen, so the most important this is to get to the end in one piece and enjoy myself.

Almost at the end of the run, these pictures are a clear indication that I still have weight to lose, but I ain't going to beat myself up about it, one step at a time, my food really needs sorting out, but I won't worry about that until the marathon is over, go back on points, up the ante with the exercise, looking forward to hitting the gym, pushing the weights and working hard towards the body I deserve. My exercise mojo is back and that is half of the battle, I have a load of races planned for the future, this is truly just the beginning.

I have a few kerching moments recently, like how important it is to make exercise a big part of my life,that I can lose weight stay slim and be heathy, as long as I keep active and eat well. This is a life long journey, but running and races are making it so much fun. Once this monster of a marathon is over I will be able to continue, just crossing my fingers and hoping all goes well. Will try hard to do all the right things this week, food, hydration, mental preparation and anything else that I can think of that will give me an edge.

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