Monday, 12 April 2010


Well in fact it is less than that as it was two weeks as of yesterday. Here is how I feel.

Happy my training is coming to an end, I am bloody tired.

Grateful that my achilles is holding out, and not a major problem anymore, all the icing and exercises have worked wonders.

Give thanks to my physio Scott for keeping me on the road, half an hour with him is the equivalent of 40 minutes worth of teaching but he's worth it.

Last night I finally appreciated how much my body has responded to the training, put on a nice dress for the first time in a while, and I felt very sexy, my legs did not look too bad in a pair of heels, all this mad running is starting to pay off.

Stubbed my toe yesterday and started to panic, I'm trying to be extra careful over the next few weeks, look out extra hard for cars and bikes. Keep out of the way of anyone who has a cold so I do not catch their lurgies? Try really hard not to so the slightest thing that would Jeopardize me getting to the starting line.

I'm looking forward to concentrating on half marathons for a while and hitting the weights, need to start sculpting the body!

I’m nervous can’t lie I’m dealing with the usual worries, what if I get injured during the marathon, what if I hit the wall, what if I am slower than last time, what if, what if, what if, what if? All these mad thoughts are floating through my head, the time has gone too quick, what if I haven’t done enough training, what if my achilles plays up, why didn't I do any speed work, what the hell am I doing? you know the usual worries and terror!

So there you go that’s what’s on my mind, going to knock out an 8miler, 4miler, 3 miler and 6 miler this week, completed all my runs last week including a 12 miler on a rainy day along a mad busy A road. It was sweet when I finished, as I knew that would be my last time I would have to run that distance until the marathon!

Not long now peeps, pray for me, and if you don't believe in God, just send me some good vibes, right now I'll take whatever anyone is willing to give, so send love and support in abundance cause I neeeeeed it!

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