Sunday, 30 May 2010


Dear Running God's

I know your busy,
taking care of the elites and the ultra marathoners
and speedy bastards at the front
but please take pity on my poor soul,
and keep me injury free,
my achilles has been plauging me for a while now,
and no matter how much icing and stretching I do,
it still has a nasty habit of flaring up,
I beseech you to show mercy
on my body,
as when I cannot run
I always seem to grow wider,
when in fact what I really want to do is grow slimmer.
I promise to take care of my body,
I know I have abused it at times
and turned to cakes, bread, muffins, croissants,
sweets and even fried chicken in the past
( I've even given up meat, and you know how much I loved chicken).
in moments of need, distress, tiredness or damn right laziness,
but those days are behind me,
I no longer live that life anymore,
I have turned over a new leaf of lettuce
and vow never to backslide again,
never again will I accidently fall into a whole tub
of strawberry cheesecake Häagen-Dazs 
never again will I fall into temptation,
by mindlessly but lovingly polishing off
my sisters beautiful home made carrot cake,
without thought or reason. (Bad sister).
For running, running is my saviour
and no slab of chocolate, no biscuit no Indian,
Chinese or even Carribean takeaway
can satisfy me the way in which running does.
My journey to fitness, and healthiness will only be harder,
impossible infact to obtain
if I cannot put one foot in front of the other
and hit the pavement,
so please show a little mercy
and help me to heal, help me to become and stay, not just slim,
no I 'm not that superficial, (O.K maybe I am just a little bit)
please help me to stay healthy as well.
Running God's if you could just take a tiny
bit of time to help me out I will be eternally greatful
and promise to keep running for as long
as my body and age will allow,
and no longer moan about the fact
that I am more of a tortoise than a hare,
I promise that even if I'm 80 years old
and my stride is more of a slipper shuffle than a graceful lollop
I will keep pounding the streets leaning on my trusty
zimmer frame for support,
even if it takes me all day
to finish a 5k race, and the race director and volunteers
has packed up and long gone
I promise to keep moving.
so please can you help me out,
just a tiny weeny, weeny bit?


Saturday, 29 May 2010


Before the race, it's amazing how happy I always look, but that smile hides, the fear, the tension the nerves and the dodgy stomach.

Today I got up early again to hit the 5K time trail at Black park, part of the Parkrun group who organise free 5k runs every Saturday 9am in the morning come rain or shine.

I managed a 3 mile run in the Vibrams this week which was great, ran back and forth to the gym with them yesterday, managed 30 mins on the treadmill with the Vibrams which felt lovely. I also knocked out a spin class, and if I feel good tomorrow I will get out again depending on the achilles, which sadly yes is playing up again, but that's another story.

Here I am ready to take off or fail miserably in my Vibrams.

Was contemplating wether to wear the Virbams or not, as the weather had not been great and I didn't fancy wearing them if the ground was wet or muddy, it was a very cloudy day, with the possibility of rain,  hard to believe last week was soo nice and hot, well that's England for you one minute it's the  Sahara, next Iceland, okay I'm exaggerating it wasn't really cold. I wore my Ascis and took the vibrams along, but when I got to Black park the ground looked great and there was no reason not to try them.

Three reasons I was a little nervous about running today, 1. Racing in Vibrams for the first time. 2. My achilles is not perfect. 3. I've been eating very little carbs this week, so had no idea how my body would cope, so there were plenty of reasons for me making a fool of myself, but as a performer I'm used to doing that on a regular basis, so to be honest it was not a great worry. I have eaten well though, vegetables, salmon, veggie mince, omelettes,pastry free quiche, and lots of water, I can assure you I have not been starving, Kat doesn't do starving, you wouldn't like me if I was starving.

Good turn out again, quite a few kid's who I was sure would smoke us adults,, the weather was holding up, long speech in the begnning by one of the organisers, about not forgetting your bar code, and making sure you register, blah, blah, blah, not insured if you don't blah,blah."Can we race now please?"

Has a little warm up running up and down, warmed up the ankles, and kept moving, clothes wise I had a 3/4 length running tights and a new Nike top, felt good in my clothes this week, dropped a few pounds this week and I tell you even a lost pound can do great for your self confindence and esteem. I still got a way to go, but the journey has started again.......................

There was a mixed couple at the back,white guy, black woman, he was pushing the baby in the buggy and they would run together, I thought that was really sweet, she looked very nervous, but I told, her she had nothing to worry about, I would catch up with her later, and although she looked exhausted she also looked very pleased with herself and so she should be.

Started off well, probably started off a little too far back, being a bit cautious so had to do a bit of weaving before I hit my stride, next time I'll move up a bit, not much though, I'm still a good ten minutes behind the gazelles at the front. At one point I passed a girl who could only of been about 8 years old at the most, and gave her some encouragement great to see so many kids out an running, rather than sitting in watching Saturday morning TV.

The Vibrams felt great no complaints, had a couple of little flinches when I stepped on stones, but I was just being a baby, it's a new sensation feeling the ground so much under my feet, so it will take a while to get used to, but the trail was great, and if there was a grass verge I just ran on that instead. There is not much dog mess on the trail but on the grass there was bit, so sometimes I was doing more of a hop, skip and a jump than a run. The terrain was in fact perfect for them.

I have nothing bad to say about them, I felt very light footed in them, passed quite a few people but that was more to do with the fact that I started further back in the field than I should've rather than being super speedie.  Kept the pace steady and felt good, the lack of carbs was not having a major effect on me, and in fact I felt pretty strong, stronger than last week, there were places I remember struggling last week, where I felt better this time. It was nice to be running that way.  Knowing the course made a big difference.

The last half a mile was probably my worse started to run out of energy, and got passed by two girls who I passed earlier, but no shame in that, I will be strong enough to finish on a strong point one day, just not yet. In the above pictures I was just around the corner from the finish.

I finished in 27 minutes 46 seconds which I was really not expecting, that is my second fastest 5k time ever, and that was with those three things already mentioned working against me! I was 94th out of 162 people, 18th women back, not very hard since there were way more men than women! I was pleasantly surprised, now if i could just keep injure free.........

Here I am just after the finish as you can see with an official photographer in tow there is nowhere to hide, sorry if this pictures offends anyone, but ever since I hit puberty I've sweated like a beast,without even having to exert myself very much,  not much I can do about it, but next time I have to remember to bring a small towel, so I can at least dry myself off!

If I remember correctly  I'm chatting to a couple of women here, their asking about my Vibrams, obviously I am happy to report that they are great.

Was limping about afterwards not good, physio on Thursday really need to get on top of my achilles  I don't want my running to be messed up again this year, so fingers crossed this physio will be good and sort me out once and for all.

Finished and snug in the boyfriends coat, thank you boyfriend.

All in all a good week, a few pounds lost, feeling better in my clothes and a little lighter when I ran,  a 5k time I'm happy with and Vibram five fingers that I am very happy with. Next Saturday I will volunteer at a 10k race, which will enable me to run 3 of there subsequent events for free, in July, August and September, which I think is a great deal.

Don't know if I would want to run a 10k on low carb, I don't have a 10k until end of June so I've got enough time to figure out what works in training, I find 10K's quite a brutal distance, and would not want to mess up on the nutrition.

Here are the couple I spoke about earlier at the finish line, they're the exact reason why I love Parkrun, family orientated and friendly and did I say they were free, you can't ask for more.

I am so ready to get in the car and head back home, feeling good but all my energy has gone, maybe it wasn't a great ideas to do a spin class yesterday, but you don't know what you can do until you try, and I think I did fine,so no regrets, about the Vibrams, low carb or spinning.

It will be a few weeks before I return but I look forward to trying to beat my latest time, and holding off those ladies who keep passing me at the end. I know I got more in me, I've done no speed training or any sort yet, and I still have weight to lose,with less to carry around I am sure I will be stronger and fitter and faster!

Thanks again to the boyfriend Rob, for yet again being my official photographer, as always your support is much, much, much, appreciated.

That's me done for now, so it's good bye from me and my Vibram Five Fingers.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010



Well what a surprise I was just about to step out of the house for a run and the postman came bearing gifts, a parcel containing my new pair of Vibram Five Fingers, now I do have another pair, a pair of Kso's but I'm sending those back due to the fact they got a small tear the first day I ran in them, not impressed since they cost over £80 quid.

When I was sold them, I was told they were guaranteed for two years, now if only I could find the reicept. It's a hell of a lot of money, but with all the long distances I run, I don't mess about with my feet as a runner trainers are really the only thing you cannot afford to scrimp on, dash on any old top or tracksuit bottoms, but you better get the right shoes even if that means spending money or your very likey to pick up an injury.

This is me at the London Marathon expo April 2010, where I bought the first pair, as you can see, they have coverage at the front unlike the black pair, which will be better for the winter. Lets hope I can get them changed.

What I like about the new pair is that they are open at the front which is great for the summer, and they are in black, and best of all I got them for £40 on Ebay half the price of the first pair. I know I can hear some of you saying why in the hell would you buy another pair when the first did not even last one run, well it was only a tiny tear, which I could put up with if I wanted to, but I don't want to.

When I frist put those funky, freaky, looking babies on, my feet felt as if they were being kissed and massaged at the same time,  and to run in them is pure and utter bliss, so I refuse to let one bad experience put me off.  Think of it as a first date that doesn't go well, but then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are magic. Plus with my achilles issues I am really eager to try something new that may help.

Today was my first run since the 5k time trail on Saturday when my achilles started playing up, I've rested and iced, and it's time to hit the road again, weather was warm I really need to learn to dress for the warmth, I was in my all black ninja mode again, and had a thin jacket which it was way to warm for, so that came off and was around my waist in minutes.

I ran up a hill okay it's not a hill a long slow incline to the canal, and knocked out three miles in 32 minutes, I didn't want to push my achilles and I have to build up to slowly in these vibram five finger things. It was a really nice run, I felt like such a big kid, and very light, now it could just all be in my over active imagination, or the fact that I have cut out a lot of my bad carbs this week so I am not as bloated as usual, yep you heard that right, no white pasta, no biscuits, no cakes, no bread na da.

How am I coping, fine for now but I'm only three days in so give me another week and the real truth will be told. I taught this morning, and the children still looked like children and not tiny tasty cinnamon buns, mmmmm, maybe by next week I might be trying to eat my fingers or begging passing strangers for a lick of their sandwiches or you might find me standing outside a bakery sniffing in the air and wiping saliva from my face.

I need to find other ways to fuel my running and stop relying on high sugar products! The vibrams held up well no mishaps, they feel lovely on grass and on trails, more so than the pavement, because you can feel so much of the ground so the pavement feels quite hard.

The important thing is to build up slowly to strengthen the leg muscles, so for now I will only be running 3 miles in them, then I will go up a mile at a time and if they work out they will be my main running shoe.

Thats me and my funky shoes for now.

Happy running everyone.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010



This is what I am hoping to look like in 30 days time, I'm putting it out there my commitment to health and fitness for the next 30 days and beyond. Ok I lied shes too much,way to much but I admire the dedication to working out or steroids, that it must've taken to get to where she is. Personally I want to be able to get into my clothes without shredding them to bits, or ripping off my car door,or knocking out my future kids by accidently bumping into them because I don't know my own strength!

Ok so I am not one to take the piss or laugh at others but lets just say, I don't want to end up looking like this either, lets see if I can find something in-between  to work towards.

She looks great, but not for me, I ain't got those kind of breasts and neither do I want them, what can't get fixed with diet and exercise is staying exactly as it is , anyway nothing wrong in having small titties, and in fact it is the only part of my body that doesn't gain weight even when the rest of me does, so for all the yo-yoing over the years they are still nice and pert, small but nice and pert.

This girl is beautiful, her name is Bria Myles I love the fact that she looks more like a real woman, with a bit of hips and thighs now I don't know who the girl is in the picture below but I think she too has a great body so somewhere between the two of them would be great. In fact I am happy to work with what I got, no sense trying to be someone else I need to work towards being the best that I can be, with what I got and to be honest I don't think what I got is to bad, it just needs some work that's all.


*To get back on track with the food, ie no more eating like I'm still marathon training. Time to put down the carbs the bread, the pasta, the biscuits the cakes and all the over stuff that is contributing to my lack of weight, Oh Lord why does everything so bad taste soooo goooood.Put down the carbs, Kat, please just put down the carbs.

*Lose a pound a week, that's a safe amount of weight and I think even I can manage that.

*Commit to at least one spin class a week.

*Run four times a week, at least three times on the road, and once in the gym, if I don't die of boredom.

*Weights twice a week a least.

*Keep drinking lots of water.

*I need to get intimate with hill work and speed work, if I ever want to get quicker.

*Stay injury free, have not run since Saturday when my achilles started to play up, but I will be back on the road or in the gym tomorrow, after icing, and resting it feels fine again, and I have booked in some more physio so fingers crossed I am back on track, I would just die if my achilles stopped me from running again like it did after the marathon last year.

I need to shake up my work-out routine, throw something other than just running in there, something that will shake the shit out of my fat, shock it into subservience. You know how the saying goes if you keep doing the same old shit your always going to get the same old results.

Below is a list of all my up coming races, yes there are quite a lot of them, but shit it keeps me motivated, I have something to work towards and racing is exciting, I push myself harder than I would do training on my own.


*Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon MAY 16th 2010-completed 2 hours 21 mins 35 secs

Ranlagh Harriers Richmond 10k 20th JUNE 2010




*Ufdance Runners’ Quest Half Marathon: 22ND AUGUST 2010-Hackney London

*Adidas women's 5K challenge: Sunday 5th September 2010-Hyde park, 


*THE GREAT NORTH RUN  (Half marathon) :Sunday 19 September 2010

*Run to the beat, half marathon: Sunday 26th September 2010-London

* Cabbage Patch 10 miles Sunday 17th October-Dartford

Thought I'd throw in another picture  she's an American body builder called Kim Perez, and again you have to admire the dedication it must've taken to get where she is and to maintain that as well. Having a naturally muscular frame I can't wait to start seeing the positive affect of pushing weights, no I ain't trying to look like SHE HULK, but if I could get even a tiny bit cut I would be ecstatic.

If anyone out there is struggling with weight or just health and fitness take heart that these things take time, bad habits that have taken a lifetime to form, can't be quick fixed, so I say lets enjoy the journey, every sweet step of it. I am not where I want to be but that has not stopped me knocking out a marathon, three half marathons and a 10k this year. The nice thing about that is I know over time I will become a better athlete, I may never be as quick as Usain Bolt or discover the Kenyan booster switch I keep hunting for buried somewhere deep within my left thigh, well this tortoise is really not bothered,every step is a step in the right direction.

Thats me done for now.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


This morning I went for a 5k time trial in Black park, said to be where scenes from Harry potter and some James Bond Movies have been filmed, it is a very picturesque park, plenty of huge trees and lots of green around.

(The guys near to the front, the man on the left with the white shirt finished in 20 mins!)

Parkrun is a weekly 5k run which takes place in parks nationally, and best of all it's free, I've done one in Richmond park, and the last time I came to Black park to take part I was late due to mad traffic (who knew a nearby car boot sale would be so popular so we did not get to experience it in all it's full glory).

This guy on the left ran the whole thing with his rack sack,braver than me it was hot out there today,the hottest day of the year in fact.There I am only a little way in the hard work has yet to begin.

Rob the other half came along to support, which I was very grateful for as he has not been too well all week,thank you Rob. 9am start meant a 7am rise, out the house by 8am,a little bit of time to spare for a couple of pictures and that was it I was off, there was a good amount of people maybe around 145, all shapes, sizes and ages. I've learnt never judge anyone by the way they look, there are people who look as if the couldn't walk faster than you, that will smoke you as soon as they start to move.

 (Loving how the new top looks, it's a great colour for me and best of all cheap and cheeful at £8:99 and much better than my usual all black ninja act. 

On the way around I kept expecting to see Harry, Harmonie or Ron, on some new adventure, or Hagrid lumbering past chasing some strange creature, or maybe the massive wingspan of the Griffin as it landed in front of me, but nothing remotely that exciting happened.

This women and her dog, were great, I didn't get to see them because, well because they were faster than me, but you know what it really looks as if the dog is pulling her along. "Anyone got a dog I can borrow that likes to run."

Had to really watch my feet, there were plenty of tree roots, and rocks to land you in trouble, managed to stay on my feet, my body was holding up, no major problems, just tiredness, legs were managing to keep me either just under or just over a 9 minute mile.

There was an older lady maybe 60 plus, who I tried to keep in my sights but she must of had booster juice for breakfast cause I lost her about two miles in. I passed a few people, then got passed a bit later on by a few when I started to run out of steam closer to the end.  I really, really, really need to learn to pace better, I always act like a mad man is chasing me at he start, then burn out, well okay I didn't burn out but I did slow down.

The course is very beautiful and undulating, so it's a challenge to keep your legs churning up inclines. There were lovely flowers and acorns and sights to behold, but I didn't notice any of it. I ran next to a guy for a while he didn't want to let me pass, after a while I let him go, it was all about me today and no body else, the only person I run against is Kat, ( I'll get him another time).

(Good job, I am do not mind  being seen in all my glory, front and back)

A girl I passed maybe mile 2 caught me at the end, but as said I have no pride about that sort of thing, lesson learnt today was about pacing, then hopefully I can start posting negative splits. (Non runners that means running the last half of the race faster than the first).

Dogs are allowed to run as well and there was one funky looking dog which I later found out was half Labrador and have poodle, called a labdradoodle, strange ah, it  was having a whale of a time, his owner was behind and he was running in front enjoying himself.

Rob as usual, kept popping up here and there, saw him twice on the course. 

All done in 28 minutes 35 seconds, my second fastest ever 5k time, up until I started  marathon training last year,I'd never run a 5k under 30 minutes, so very pleased, not as fast as the 26 minutes something I posted last year after the London marathon, but very, very happy, now I shall try and get under 28 minutes next time. That's whats fabulous about these runs you can go anytime you want, you don't have to pay a thing and you can test yourself week after week.

Here I am all done, you can see me in all my sweaty glory, now some women glow, some hardly sweat at all, but me I sweat, buckets, rivers and oceans, and have done ever since I hit puberty. I remember the day like yesterday when the puberty God's visited and I was blessed with a sweat glands that could compete with 20 stone mans! Must remember to bring a small towel next time, if it's really hot again.

Afterwards spoke to a father and his 10 year old daughter who both mashed up the course in 25 minutes, can you believe that, she runs for her county and he trains with her and has lost 2 stone over the last year in the process, now that is what I call inspiring. Thats who I'm talking to in the picture above.

On the way to the car go talking to an older couple and the guy ran the 5k in 20 minutes,20 Rass clart minutes (for those of you who do not recognise such language, it's a Jamaican swear word, not to be used, liberally especially if your white) His wife came in at 30 minutes, and their daughter has just run the London marathon. I love these kind of stories, stories of families that run. Yes he is the guy in the earlier picture, which I didn't know Rob had taken, thanks again Rob, your photographic efforts are greatly appreciated.

Gives me hope that when I have kids I can not only carry on running, but get them running too, of course they have to learn to walk first, that goes with out saying, but as soon as they can walk. "Come on children, we're all going for a 5 mile jog today, everyone make sure you got your water and your jelly babies, who can't run yet can go in a buggee, everyone else, put down the Play station, Ipod, Mobile phone, palm sized Tv,Ipod, blackberry,Nintendo, radio, supersonic 3D games consol that can make your bed, do your homework and even go toilet for you and lets get going."

All is all a great morning,my achilles was  aching today after t he run, had been playing up for a couple of day so unfortunately that's it for running this week, only manages to clock 8 miles, blaaah, but also been to the gym once and tomorrow I shall go again, just cause I ain't running don't mean I ain't exercising. I've popped an Ibupropen and I'm icing it now,will stretch it out later, and hopefully it will be cool again. Most important thing is to stay injury free. 

All done and dusted and still smiling, oh why oh why does it hurt so much when you run and feel so good when it's over, you'd never believe I thought my lungs were going to fly out of my chest only moments earlier.

So thats it, if you have a Park Run near to you get down, there cause there great little events, and most people are very friendly, everyone is after the same thing trying to keep fit and healthy, and we all know English weather is not good for long, so don't wait cause it be winter again before we know it and us runners will be bitching again about how cold it is!

                                                                 Well done Kat.

For those of you interested click on this link to find out more about PARK RUN

Happy Running.

Friday, 21 May 2010


This is me before my run today, I look a hell of a lot better than I did than when I finished and I think look a lot better in these running pants than the blue tights I ran the Richmond half in as I say still got weight to lose but in the meantime I have to look decent whist I run.

Ran 5 miles today, was quite humid out, and as usual I was over dressed, tracksuit top and long sleeved running shirt and new running trousers, within 5 minutes I knew I had way to many clothes on! There were people walking around who had less on that I did. Too late to turn round and go back home, jacket around the waist, sleeves rolled up, and I was on my way.

The weather was nice if not a little oppressive but also always I had water which I sipped all the way through. All in all a good run 11 minute mile, not very fast but I'm happy with that. Just before I went for a run, I found out that I have been given the opportunity to create a one woman, stand up show to preview on the 31st July.  I am so excited, terrified, ready, got so much work to do, but I feel very motivated and eager both to write and create but also to keep pushing the fitness, the show as all my shows have been will be very physical so the better shape I am in can only be a benefit.

It's also about feeling confident and comfortable on the stage, which is very important as a performer. I don't want to worry about does my bum look big when I turn around or is my belly trying to escape the confines of my clothes. I don't want to hold my stomach for the whole time I'm performing or perform side on, because it's a better angle. Only joking funnily enough once on the stage that crap does not even cross my mind, what I'm doing takes over, but once I see the pictures or video footage thats when I'm like oh shit, hell no!

I never thought I would end up doing comedy as a kid it was not even in my radar, but due to developing my comedic skills to catch the audiences attention whilst hosting my poetry shows here I am, so thanks to everyone who has encouraged me and told me I should do this, finally I am listening! I don't even think I'm funny, I think I'm just crazy, but maybe there is a thin line between both.

I got a Beyonce skit in mind, so you know I got to be in good shape to do that.  Felt very motivated whilst running, thinking about all the things I could write about and what my show will contain. This is a massive step for me, but just like marathon running I will take it in my stride and get there one step at a time. So to anyone who is reading this who thinks dreams can't come true they do, they can, maybe not in the way we expect but they do, sometimes it just takes tiny baby steps and a bit of time to reach them, ya,ya, Beyonce here I come, to the left, to the left, fling those hips Kat and shake that weave, shake girl, shake!

Don't get me wrong I'm as vain as the next girl but I will keep posting pictures and hopefully my physical transformation will be plain and clear to see over time, and either motivate others who are struggling to join me to get fit and lose weight or just to get fit, cause we all know that not all skinny girls are healthy, don't we cough, cough, Posh spice, cough cough, all those super skinny models who look like ten year old girls and eat lettuce for breakfast and don't have the strength to run for a bus or train.


Took place Sunday 16th May, It was a very early start, alarm went off at 6am as the race started at 8am, shit my body ain't even awake at that time how the hell was I going to run, well no sense complaining cause this is what I wanted
(Richmond is a beautiful and leafy place).

Half marathons in London are hard to come by so I'll take whatever I can get. This half was run by Ranelagh running club, but checked the results and I was sure I would not be the last in, not to be honest that that would bother me, my new mantra is only watch what I'm doing and no one else.

The weather looked to be nice, the starting point was in front of a hill, there were a few toilets but not many the the queue as usual was ridiculous, so I went into a near by field, found a secluded spot away from the cows, yes I did say cows and done what I had to do.

(Quite a lot of the run took place by the Thames, it was very scenic and pretty, but that didn't take away the pain that running brings).

The start was a bit mad, everyone came down into the road and then there was a noise and we were off. we had a police escort for a bit of the way then were left to our own devices.I saw another sister just before the start who I said hello to and there were a couple of brothers but that was it, the majority of the runners looked like serious club runners.
This is mile 3 I'm pulling off my jacket to hand it to Rob,boyfriend and my very own official photographer.

Don't ask what I'm doing cause I really don't know, obviously adjusting myself, did not expect Mr I love taking pictures of my girlfriend to be snapping away at this most intimate moment!            

Love the t-shirts these ladies are wearing.

The route was a mix of road running, trial running, where there were beautiful riverside houses and boats sailing around, some bits were a little dangerous, there was one point we were running on a busy road in the cycle lane, as there was no pavement, the cycles had to go further out to avoid us and big vans and fast cars were whizzing past, not a great part of the course.

This is how Rob kept himself busy while waiting for me, he has a new flashy camera and is putting it to good use.

Mile 8-9 was a bit of a struggle kept up the pace but mentally it started to get a bit tough, maybe because there was still a long way to go!

It was pretty flat, and very pretty even the built up areas were not like my built up areas they were leafy and very suburban. My Garmin decided to pack up well it didn't pack up, but it told me it could not take in anymore data, so that was it mile 10 I was on my own, about mile 10 and a half I jumped into a bush to go to the toilet, I really needed it so just took a chance, there were a few nettles around, but I was just careful where I put my butt and it all ended well.

The picture on the left is one of the leaders, a place I will never ever be and the one on the right is  an over 60's gentlemen who finished in 1 hour 22 minutes 50 seconds. Can you believe that, I worked it out to be a 6 minute 19 second mile, I couldn't even fly that quickly this guy is probably almost twice my age and he smashed that half marathon like it was a 5k!

Nutrition and water was going well, still had no idea what I was doing time wise I just kept trying to push, the next time  I thought the next time I would see Rob was at the end, but low and behold at around 11:30, there he was again, shooting away.

Then a fisherman decided he wanted to catch me rather than a fish and I was all tangled up in a line, I couldn't see it but I knew it was tangled up in my legs. He and Rob came to the rescue and I was free again yaaah, which I was very happy about as I had just passed a  bunch of ladies who had been walking and I didn't want them to pass me again!

My body was holding up well, yes I was tired but not marathon tired so I kept that in mind and kept pushing, still no idea what my timing was like, I was thinking that I must've been way off my target!

Just before mile 12 a skinny white girl was starting to slow down in front of me and as I passed she asked me for some water,I knew my Nathan speed 2, superheroine thingy would come in useful, I told her is was an energy drink mix, but she was fine with that, I gave her the bottle that I had yet to drink from and my eyes almost bulged out of my head as she proceeded to drink 75 percent of it, good job I was near the finish. She was saying how hard it was and how tired she was, but I told her we really didn't have long to go and to keep going, I ran off, then turned back a minute later remembering I had some sports beans left, which I shared with her as well.

Kept going and before I knew it mile 13 was upon me, Rob and his camera were there to catch me again, you can see how happy I am, and I was happy, in fact I was estatic that the end was near, just look at that big smile on my face in the middle picture, I've just spotted the finish, praise the Lord.

The end was in a small park, got my medal, bananas and water aplenty, was just glad it was all over, my time was 2 hours 21 minutes and 57 seconds. 

I was quite surprised, the toilet stop, the girl who stopped me for water, the fisherman who almost hooked me added time, but I still managed to match my second best time for a half marathon, with no drama, no crash and burning, no tears, no regrets, just pure joy.

Yaaaaaaaaaaah, all done!


The weather was fine, a tiny bit of rain but it was cool and refreshing, but for the majority of the time the sun shone down on us. There was a  good amount of water stations, runners were friendly as were the marshalls, lovely medal, great organisation. Great value for money only £18, good parking at the finish, but a bit of a walk from there to the start. I didn't feel out of place not being a club runner and the faster runners applauded us slower ones as they passed us by on their way home, medals already fastened around their necks. Not much spectators accepet those who came to cheer their people on, but that was fine and did not take away from the event.

Not many, just that bit of the course where the runners had to take their lives into their own hands,vying for road space with cars. Toilets were sparse in the beginning, but whats new, I guess runners can never have enough toilets, and I am becoming very apt at finding accomodating bushes. I want to say a personal thank you to the two bushes which helped me out, without you I would not of been able to finish.

The first picture is of me congratulating the girl who asked me  water,  She had been really struggling so I was glad to see she made it to the finish in one piece.

I would definitely do it again next year, London half's a far and few between so this is one that will firmly be on my calender. I'm pleased with my performance, all went to plan overall an enjoyable and fun experience.

We stopped for 5 mins on  the way home to take a picture,Richmond is very beautiful, and there I am all nice and snug in the car, have not found a half marathon for June yet, there are a few but they clash, fingers crossed I find one and get to keep my challenge of a running a  half marathon every month until at least September going.

I won't be wearing those running tights again, they are so unflattering, yes I know I got weight to lose, but shit everything is bursting out, so they can retire for a bit, actually I won't be wearing running tights for a while not until I think I look decent in them, but I'm not vain and I'm on a journey so even though I am not happy with the way I look in my pictures I don't mind putting them, up I am what I am at the moment but I'm working towards something better.

Happy Running.