Sunday, 30 May 2010


Dear Running God's

I know your busy,
taking care of the elites and the ultra marathoners
and speedy bastards at the front
but please take pity on my poor soul,
and keep me injury free,
my achilles has been plauging me for a while now,
and no matter how much icing and stretching I do,
it still has a nasty habit of flaring up,
I beseech you to show mercy
on my body,
as when I cannot run
I always seem to grow wider,
when in fact what I really want to do is grow slimmer.
I promise to take care of my body,
I know I have abused it at times
and turned to cakes, bread, muffins, croissants,
sweets and even fried chicken in the past
( I've even given up meat, and you know how much I loved chicken).
in moments of need, distress, tiredness or damn right laziness,
but those days are behind me,
I no longer live that life anymore,
I have turned over a new leaf of lettuce
and vow never to backslide again,
never again will I accidently fall into a whole tub
of strawberry cheesecake Häagen-Dazs 
never again will I fall into temptation,
by mindlessly but lovingly polishing off
my sisters beautiful home made carrot cake,
without thought or reason. (Bad sister).
For running, running is my saviour
and no slab of chocolate, no biscuit no Indian,
Chinese or even Carribean takeaway
can satisfy me the way in which running does.
My journey to fitness, and healthiness will only be harder,
impossible infact to obtain
if I cannot put one foot in front of the other
and hit the pavement,
so please show a little mercy
and help me to heal, help me to become and stay, not just slim,
no I 'm not that superficial, (O.K maybe I am just a little bit)
please help me to stay healthy as well.
Running God's if you could just take a tiny
bit of time to help me out I will be eternally greatful
and promise to keep running for as long
as my body and age will allow,
and no longer moan about the fact
that I am more of a tortoise than a hare,
I promise that even if I'm 80 years old
and my stride is more of a slipper shuffle than a graceful lollop
I will keep pounding the streets leaning on my trusty
zimmer frame for support,
even if it takes me all day
to finish a 5k race, and the race director and volunteers
has packed up and long gone
I promise to keep moving.
so please can you help me out,
just a tiny weeny, weeny bit?



  1. so hilarious! I hope they hear your prayer and that achilles stops acting up!

  2. Fantastic! I beseech those running gods often too :)
    Here's to a swift recovery and pain free running!

  3. Thanks for the comments TMB and Angie, I felt I needed to make some sort of plea to the running God's to help me in my time of need, fingers crossed it works. Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Your poem is so sweet and so true!!! I hope you get better soon...

  5. Hey Alinda, thanks for the good wishes, much appreciated.

  6. Hello, Kat! I just found your blog and am loving it! It is nice to see more black girls getting out and enjoying running. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hey Saundra,

    I hear you sis, thanks for the well wishes and I look forward to following you learning about you through your running story as well.

    Happy running.

  8. Insanely cute post! I hope they listened!

  9. Hi, thanks for passing by,so far so good, managed a slow and steady 3 miler yesterday, no pain today, so they may be listening after all, thanks you running God's.