Tuesday, 11 May 2010


It's now just over two weeks since the marathon and it it a good enough amount of time to  try and put into all into perspective and evaluate some of the harsh lessons learned from the experience.

The only way to gain experience is to do whatever it is you need the experience in.

It is always important to have a plan B, my plan A failed, in terms of my nutrition failing on the day, all I had was lucozade gels and lucozade beans, I am going to experiment a bit more and from now on have more than one option. When I trained in Grenada and Trinidad I ran crazy miles up to 16 in the blazing heat with only bread and apple juice, nothing else. There must be more options, gels are not the only thing that can work. Need to do more research.

I need to run lighter, meaning carry less shit  so I have ordered a double water belt,which holds to water bottles, and it sits on the waist,better than always carrying water bottles in my hands, which should be great for half marathons, not enough for a full, but I'll work that out in good time.

I've also ordered a Ipod holder to carry my ipod on my arm, less baggage, less faffing around.

I need to pat myself on the back for completing all the training and dedicating myself to month after month of training, through the cold, through the rain, through the snow!

Remember that I have been carrying an achilles injury that had almost side lined me, but due to physio and dilligently following the exercises I was given it was managable and gave me no problems on marathon day.

I'm injury free, picked up no new injuries, my knees which were a major issue last year, gave me no problems at all.

On the day of the marathon my body held together, even though I hit the wall and my body was exhausted,I had no other problems, by groin which usually plays up in the last few miles of a half or a long run gave me no problems at all.

I need to re-haul my training programme, if you always do the same thing you always get the same results, so time to go back to the drawing board and amp things up.

Second marathon in the bag, yeah, yeah, things may not of gone to plan but I done it, I now have two shiny medals and there are more to come. I got schooled during the marathon, learnt some harsh lessons in fact my butt was kicked big time, but I survived and having such a hard head only big lessons compute, so to the marathon God's I hear you loud and clear I am humbled and promise never to make those same mistakes again.

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