Wednesday, 26 May 2010



Well what a surprise I was just about to step out of the house for a run and the postman came bearing gifts, a parcel containing my new pair of Vibram Five Fingers, now I do have another pair, a pair of Kso's but I'm sending those back due to the fact they got a small tear the first day I ran in them, not impressed since they cost over £80 quid.

When I was sold them, I was told they were guaranteed for two years, now if only I could find the reicept. It's a hell of a lot of money, but with all the long distances I run, I don't mess about with my feet as a runner trainers are really the only thing you cannot afford to scrimp on, dash on any old top or tracksuit bottoms, but you better get the right shoes even if that means spending money or your very likey to pick up an injury.

This is me at the London Marathon expo April 2010, where I bought the first pair, as you can see, they have coverage at the front unlike the black pair, which will be better for the winter. Lets hope I can get them changed.

What I like about the new pair is that they are open at the front which is great for the summer, and they are in black, and best of all I got them for £40 on Ebay half the price of the first pair. I know I can hear some of you saying why in the hell would you buy another pair when the first did not even last one run, well it was only a tiny tear, which I could put up with if I wanted to, but I don't want to.

When I frist put those funky, freaky, looking babies on, my feet felt as if they were being kissed and massaged at the same time,  and to run in them is pure and utter bliss, so I refuse to let one bad experience put me off.  Think of it as a first date that doesn't go well, but then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are magic. Plus with my achilles issues I am really eager to try something new that may help.

Today was my first run since the 5k time trail on Saturday when my achilles started playing up, I've rested and iced, and it's time to hit the road again, weather was warm I really need to learn to dress for the warmth, I was in my all black ninja mode again, and had a thin jacket which it was way to warm for, so that came off and was around my waist in minutes.

I ran up a hill okay it's not a hill a long slow incline to the canal, and knocked out three miles in 32 minutes, I didn't want to push my achilles and I have to build up to slowly in these vibram five finger things. It was a really nice run, I felt like such a big kid, and very light, now it could just all be in my over active imagination, or the fact that I have cut out a lot of my bad carbs this week so I am not as bloated as usual, yep you heard that right, no white pasta, no biscuits, no cakes, no bread na da.

How am I coping, fine for now but I'm only three days in so give me another week and the real truth will be told. I taught this morning, and the children still looked like children and not tiny tasty cinnamon buns, mmmmm, maybe by next week I might be trying to eat my fingers or begging passing strangers for a lick of their sandwiches or you might find me standing outside a bakery sniffing in the air and wiping saliva from my face.

I need to find other ways to fuel my running and stop relying on high sugar products! The vibrams held up well no mishaps, they feel lovely on grass and on trails, more so than the pavement, because you can feel so much of the ground so the pavement feels quite hard.

The important thing is to build up slowly to strengthen the leg muscles, so for now I will only be running 3 miles in them, then I will go up a mile at a time and if they work out they will be my main running shoe.

Thats me and my funky shoes for now.

Happy running everyone.


  1. I don't ever see myself ever running in Vibrams on a regular basis. but I would love to test them out for like a week. Strange looking but oddly intreguing ...

  2. Yes they are very strange looking and get many a funny look. I bet if you tried them out you would love them, there a real experience, I am too afraid to run barefoot, which I would love to do, tooooooo much dog poo, glass and other nasties on the streets, so Vibrams it is and so far so good. I hope you get to try a pair.