Friday, 21 May 2010


This is me before my run today, I look a hell of a lot better than I did than when I finished and I think look a lot better in these running pants than the blue tights I ran the Richmond half in as I say still got weight to lose but in the meantime I have to look decent whist I run.

Ran 5 miles today, was quite humid out, and as usual I was over dressed, tracksuit top and long sleeved running shirt and new running trousers, within 5 minutes I knew I had way to many clothes on! There were people walking around who had less on that I did. Too late to turn round and go back home, jacket around the waist, sleeves rolled up, and I was on my way.

The weather was nice if not a little oppressive but also always I had water which I sipped all the way through. All in all a good run 11 minute mile, not very fast but I'm happy with that. Just before I went for a run, I found out that I have been given the opportunity to create a one woman, stand up show to preview on the 31st July.  I am so excited, terrified, ready, got so much work to do, but I feel very motivated and eager both to write and create but also to keep pushing the fitness, the show as all my shows have been will be very physical so the better shape I am in can only be a benefit.

It's also about feeling confident and comfortable on the stage, which is very important as a performer. I don't want to worry about does my bum look big when I turn around or is my belly trying to escape the confines of my clothes. I don't want to hold my stomach for the whole time I'm performing or perform side on, because it's a better angle. Only joking funnily enough once on the stage that crap does not even cross my mind, what I'm doing takes over, but once I see the pictures or video footage thats when I'm like oh shit, hell no!

I never thought I would end up doing comedy as a kid it was not even in my radar, but due to developing my comedic skills to catch the audiences attention whilst hosting my poetry shows here I am, so thanks to everyone who has encouraged me and told me I should do this, finally I am listening! I don't even think I'm funny, I think I'm just crazy, but maybe there is a thin line between both.

I got a Beyonce skit in mind, so you know I got to be in good shape to do that.  Felt very motivated whilst running, thinking about all the things I could write about and what my show will contain. This is a massive step for me, but just like marathon running I will take it in my stride and get there one step at a time. So to anyone who is reading this who thinks dreams can't come true they do, they can, maybe not in the way we expect but they do, sometimes it just takes tiny baby steps and a bit of time to reach them, ya,ya, Beyonce here I come, to the left, to the left, fling those hips Kat and shake that weave, shake girl, shake!

Don't get me wrong I'm as vain as the next girl but I will keep posting pictures and hopefully my physical transformation will be plain and clear to see over time, and either motivate others who are struggling to join me to get fit and lose weight or just to get fit, cause we all know that not all skinny girls are healthy, don't we cough, cough, Posh spice, cough cough, all those super skinny models who look like ten year old girls and eat lettuce for breakfast and don't have the strength to run for a bus or train.


  1. to quote Roots Manuva...witness the fitness

  2. Thank you and thanks for the support as always.