Tuesday, 25 May 2010



This is what I am hoping to look like in 30 days time, I'm putting it out there my commitment to health and fitness for the next 30 days and beyond. Ok I lied shes too much,way to much but I admire the dedication to working out or steroids, that it must've taken to get to where she is. Personally I want to be able to get into my clothes without shredding them to bits, or ripping off my car door,or knocking out my future kids by accidently bumping into them because I don't know my own strength!

Ok so I am not one to take the piss or laugh at others but lets just say, I don't want to end up looking like this either, lets see if I can find something in-between  to work towards.

She looks great, but not for me, I ain't got those kind of breasts and neither do I want them, what can't get fixed with diet and exercise is staying exactly as it is , anyway nothing wrong in having small titties, and in fact it is the only part of my body that doesn't gain weight even when the rest of me does, so for all the yo-yoing over the years they are still nice and pert, small but nice and pert.

This girl is beautiful, her name is Bria Myles I love the fact that she looks more like a real woman, with a bit of hips and thighs now I don't know who the girl is in the picture below but I think she too has a great body so somewhere between the two of them would be great. In fact I am happy to work with what I got, no sense trying to be someone else I need to work towards being the best that I can be, with what I got and to be honest I don't think what I got is to bad, it just needs some work that's all.


*To get back on track with the food, ie no more eating like I'm still marathon training. Time to put down the carbs the bread, the pasta, the biscuits the cakes and all the over stuff that is contributing to my lack of weight, Oh Lord why does everything so bad taste soooo goooood.Put down the carbs, Kat, please just put down the carbs.

*Lose a pound a week, that's a safe amount of weight and I think even I can manage that.

*Commit to at least one spin class a week.

*Run four times a week, at least three times on the road, and once in the gym, if I don't die of boredom.

*Weights twice a week a least.

*Keep drinking lots of water.

*I need to get intimate with hill work and speed work, if I ever want to get quicker.

*Stay injury free, have not run since Saturday when my achilles started to play up, but I will be back on the road or in the gym tomorrow, after icing, and resting it feels fine again, and I have booked in some more physio so fingers crossed I am back on track, I would just die if my achilles stopped me from running again like it did after the marathon last year.

I need to shake up my work-out routine, throw something other than just running in there, something that will shake the shit out of my fat, shock it into subservience. You know how the saying goes if you keep doing the same old shit your always going to get the same old results.

Below is a list of all my up coming races, yes there are quite a lot of them, but shit it keeps me motivated, I have something to work towards and racing is exciting, I push myself harder than I would do training on my own.


*Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon MAY 16th 2010-completed 2 hours 21 mins 35 secs

Ranlagh Harriers Richmond 10k 20th JUNE 2010




*Ufdance Runners’ Quest Half Marathon: 22ND AUGUST 2010-Hackney London

*Adidas women's 5K challenge: Sunday 5th September 2010-Hyde park, 


*THE GREAT NORTH RUN  (Half marathon) :Sunday 19 September 2010

*Run to the beat, half marathon: Sunday 26th September 2010-London

* Cabbage Patch 10 miles Sunday 17th October-Dartford

Thought I'd throw in another picture  she's an American body builder called Kim Perez, and again you have to admire the dedication it must've taken to get where she is and to maintain that as well. Having a naturally muscular frame I can't wait to start seeing the positive affect of pushing weights, no I ain't trying to look like SHE HULK, but if I could get even a tiny bit cut I would be ecstatic.

If anyone out there is struggling with weight or just health and fitness take heart that these things take time, bad habits that have taken a lifetime to form, can't be quick fixed, so I say lets enjoy the journey, every sweet step of it. I am not where I want to be but that has not stopped me knocking out a marathon, three half marathons and a 10k this year. The nice thing about that is I know over time I will become a better athlete, I may never be as quick as Usain Bolt or discover the Kenyan booster switch I keep hunting for buried somewhere deep within my left thigh, well this tortoise is really not bothered,every step is a step in the right direction.

Thats me done for now.


  1. Thanks Kat!!! I've been struggling with the same thing for the past couple of months... All I eat is carbs carbs and carbs and I need to start changing that.
    Where did you find that crazy first picture?!??! That's scary!!!

  2. Hi Alinda, yep that picture is crazy isn't it I just googled female body builders and she popped up!

    Yes carbs can be a big prob for me as well, I just want to find other ways to fuel the running, than always relying on bread and pasta, ganna be a bit of trial and error until I find what works for me, I tried running a half marathon without carb loading once, the race was horrific, I had nooooo energy!

  3. The young lady in the bikini pic whose name you didn't know is Cantria Williams! You can find her on a few places including facebook. Continue your quest for fitness excellence my sistah! The fitness gods do hear you....

    One love,