Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Don't you just love it when the post man arrives bearing gifts, well o.k maybe not gifts but things I ordered, first up was a clear class cover for my IPOD so it' doesn't get scratched and stays looking nice and new. Second was a gift from Rob the boyfriend, called NUTRITION FOR MARATHON RUNNERS, which was very sweet of him, I am eager to try some new things for my runs not just sticking to the gels, and sweets but exploring what worse, not just for the day of a marathon but before during training and afterwards.

The link below is straight to amazon and the book I will let you know if it's any good.

The parcel I was most eager to receive, because it had a new water bottle with two bottles instead of one, It's called the NATHAN SPEED 2.

I read a load a reviews on it,and it sounded perfect just what I was after,, something that does not bounce, dig into your  sides, leak or is tricky to pull out of the holder and put back in again, it can be worn at the front or the back. Now this is part of my pledge to carry less as I run, no more holding bottles in my hands, especially during races, doesn't bother me so much for training, but races I don't won't to be carry loads of crap, so time to down-size. The pouch at the front is small but enough to carry a phone and a few gels.

A couple of the reviews said the bottles can leak if you do not tighten them enough, but 99 percent of the reviews were very positive. Just went for a quick leg streach to try them out, nothing exciting just a 3 minute jog and they felt fine the waist band was great, quite thick and very comfortable, a little sloshing of water, but that won't bother me especially as I usually run with music.

Here the link to the site I bought if from it was the cheapest I could find,although they did have a special offer on, altogether including posting and packaging it cost £17.73.

I'm going to try a run tomorrow and I will wear it to give it a try out before the half I am running on Sunday.

I am waiting for a sports arm band to arrive hopefully before Sunday, the pouch is not big enough to hold a Ipod as well, if that arrives I'd be very happy, bought a cheap one and it started to chaff on one of my longer runs, so decided to spend a bit more and get a better one! I guess sometimes you get what you pay for.

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