Friday, 14 May 2010


I  was excited to take it out for a spin, (sad ah) went on a 5 mile run today which I thought should give it a good test.The first thing I noticed was how comfortable and thick the belt was and rather than having buckles to tighten it has a velcro on the strap which makes it easy to tighten, I put it lower on my hips as I do not like things pressing on my belly or splitting my belly in two.

I made the mistake and did not screw the lid on one of them tightly enough and ended up with a bit of a soggy back, lovely! But once that was tightened properly no more problems. 

I felt a bit like a wanna be cowgirl, with two guns on my back, or even a superheroine, with two packs of death enducing liquid, strapped to my back.

To be honest they were comfortable and snug, didn't move and didn't hear any sloshing, now that could be due to the fact I was listening to music,which drowned it out. 

Unlike most belts once I found a position I was happy with there was no faffing around during the run, trying to reshuffle it. 
The bottles were very easy to lift out of the holders and slip back in nicely as the holders were made out of plastic they maintained their shape and I didn't have to fight to get them back in and I could do it all with one hand, what a pro!

I prefer them on my back; again don't like anything pressing on my stomach when I run. The bottles have a curve to on one side so when I did carry one in my hand for a while it was no problem at all.

So I had no major problems, bar the initial leak, which was quickly sorted, I think I could become very good friends with the Nathan speed two. It will get its first real test on Sunday when I run the Ranelagh half marathon. 

There are three water stops, but I want to carry some Lucozade drink, which I will put in the water bottles, I am going for the powdered stuff you mix your self, rather than that sickly sweet liquid, so hopefully that will ward off any sicky feelings.

Back on the SIS gels which I used before I recieved all those free Lucozade products when I won the place in the London marathon,  will take one at 4 miles and one at 8 miles, I will carry an extra one incase I feel I need it, and I will also yam sports beans whenever I feel like it from 15 minutes in.  (For those of you who don't know when you start running over a certain amount of mileage or for a certain amount of time say over an hour plus it's a good idea to have something to give you energy and thats what these gels do, think of like spinach was for popeye, these little gels are like that for runners, although gels are not the only thing you can eat, in the forth coming months I will be experimenting  with other things).

I will also start off the race carrying a small bottle of water in my hand then fill up at the water stations. It's not a massive race and the water stations are at 2 miles 7 an 10 so thought it was best that I'm as self sufficient as possible. Thats the plan anyway, which I have vowed to follow come hell or high water. Hopefully Sunday I will redeem myself after messing up so badly at the marathon.

  Does my bum look big in this, hell yes it does,but due to the running it is nice an firm.

That’s it for now, managed 14 miles so far this week, was going to run 3 today, with the half marathon Sunday that would've taken my weekly total up to 30 miles, but my legs were protesting during the 5 mile run yesterday so I've decided to give them a rest and try and hit 30 miles next.

Next week it's also time to hit the gym so one of my runs at least will be indoors and then I will tag a weight session onto that, so all in all I would like to run 4 times a week amounting the 30 miles, spin class once, weights twice.

Pray for me, nah I can cope with that to be honest it will be trying to fit it all in, in-between working, performing, organizing my twice monthly live poetry events, writing new material, learning new material and caring for my sister, where will I find the time? To be honest I will find it, same way I found time to train for the marathons two years running, my health is my priority, if I'm not taking care of myself none of the above can happen, and the stronger I am the better able I will be to lift, carry, pull, push my sister when she needs it, especially as she is getting weaker and needs more care. It also will mean I am less likely to injure myself.

(This was me at the end of my 5 miler, Rob the boyfriend was there to catch me in all my full sweaty glory on my way back into to his place. His area has mad inclines, so it's a pretty decent work out, but seince I still don't know how to pace myself I am always zonked when I do shorter runs by myself!)

I also really like the idea of being cut, always wanted to be muscular and toned, got a hell of a lot of work to do to get there, and from past experience having an athlectic build it will happen if I put the work in, but as said before I am giving myself a year, and it will all benefit my running in the long run and fingers crossed I can get some speed and look great, Serena Williams body here I come.


  1. You are hilarious! Thanks for commenting yesterday. I'm happy you enjoyed the post.

    Oh and I have that same belt and I love it.

  2. Thanks for dropping by love your blog.