Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Since the marathon, actually since before the marathon I've been thinking about my running and health future and what I would like to achieve, well I would love to be as tall as Naomi Campbell, as fit as Serena Williams and a have a Kenyan go faster switch implanted into my hip that I can use as a speed booster whenever I needed.

Okay fantasy over, I am concentrating on first losing 11 pounds. I am back on weight watchers counting points, egg white omelets and butternut squash soup, and not eating mindlessly!

Ganna hit the gym, weights twice a week and spin class at least once; I will also do my speed session in the gym.

Run four times a week, no need to let up on that.

Run at least one long a week between 8-15 miles depending on how I'm feeling.

Do hill training and interval training; I want to start training effectively.

Try and work on my pace, I tell you today I ran 8 miles and I run like a kid, run hard up hills to get it over with then die at the top, speed up until I can't run any more whenever I feel good, then end up with a stitch, got a learn to pace myself.

There are two things I am trying to achieve here, one be a better runner, I would love to get closer to the two hour mark for half marathons and under 26 minutes for a 5k, under 56 minutes for a 10k, and well marathon distance we'll see but if I could get under 5 I would be ecstatic.

The second thing I am trying to achieve is a body that I am happy with not a skinny size 8 body but a fit size 12, 28 inch waist, I want to be fit a healthy I want to be the kind of body that could chase off a so called mugger or attacker, a body that can with the vigour of childbirth, a body that can knock out a half marathon at the drop of a hat. A body that looks sexy in cute lingerie, a body that can wear anything and look great. I  want that body back that I had a while back, a body that didn’t just look fit that is fit, actually forget that I want a better body than that, better than my dancing days, I'm hoping the weights will help me to achieve that I want to be cut, not butch woman cut, just muscular and tight.

I feel hopeful that I can achieve everything I set out to do, I am naturally strong respond well to weights and exercise, concentrating on half marathons will take the mileage and the hunger down so I am confident that I will get control of my eating again, so no more random munching like food is going out or fashion.

The thing I love about running is that I so feel free work with me, I feel childish just getting out and running, how often in our lives do we get a chance to just go for it, us against the elements, reminds me of the rough games I would play as a kid, British bull dog, or days at the adventure playground, when loads of kids would pile onto a single swing, it would be a complete free for all, madness, I miss the physicality of my dancing days, when those West African drums would let rip and I would just go for it, no inhibitions or worries.

I'm blessed I know what my body is capable, but there is also a lot for me to achieve that I do not know I am capable of yet. I have just been struggling with weight and not having a consistent exercise programme over the last few years, yes I could be ashamed and embarrassed that over the last 8 years, my weight has been up and down, sometimes I’ve been slim and sometimes I have been very far from it. I let go off that because I am on a mission a journey where mistakes are embraced and it’s time to move forward.


*Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon MAY 16th 2010



*Ufdance Runners’ Quest Half Marathon: 22ND AUGUST 2010

*Adidas women's 5K challenge: Sunday 5th September 2010


*THE GREAT NORTH RUN  (Half marathon) :Sunday 19 September 2010

*Run to the beat, half marathon: Sunday 26th September 2010

I would like to do a half marathon in June and July, there are a few I am looking at and in October there are two races I am interested in the Royal Parks, which is a half marathon,
which sold out in morning, or a 16 mile race both on the 26th October. The 16 miler is very tempting as by then I should be very fit and capable of tackling it. The main aim is not just to race, but races give me a focus something to work towards, but it is also important that I not only achieve the above goals but also stay injury free and healthy. This is not a short term aim, I am looking at changing my body over a good year or so and this commitment to health and exercise is life long.

Here is a pic of me today, before I headed out on my 8 miler today, the tracksuit was very bright (thanks for buying me this Rob, much appreciated) and I also had a bright orange top on underneath, which was a good idea since I was running on a busy dual carriageway so very easy to spot! It was quite windy today, not May weather at all, come on summer where are you?

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