Saturday, 22 May 2010


This morning I went for a 5k time trial in Black park, said to be where scenes from Harry potter and some James Bond Movies have been filmed, it is a very picturesque park, plenty of huge trees and lots of green around.

(The guys near to the front, the man on the left with the white shirt finished in 20 mins!)

Parkrun is a weekly 5k run which takes place in parks nationally, and best of all it's free, I've done one in Richmond park, and the last time I came to Black park to take part I was late due to mad traffic (who knew a nearby car boot sale would be so popular so we did not get to experience it in all it's full glory).

This guy on the left ran the whole thing with his rack sack,braver than me it was hot out there today,the hottest day of the year in fact.There I am only a little way in the hard work has yet to begin.

Rob the other half came along to support, which I was very grateful for as he has not been too well all week,thank you Rob. 9am start meant a 7am rise, out the house by 8am,a little bit of time to spare for a couple of pictures and that was it I was off, there was a good amount of people maybe around 145, all shapes, sizes and ages. I've learnt never judge anyone by the way they look, there are people who look as if the couldn't walk faster than you, that will smoke you as soon as they start to move.

 (Loving how the new top looks, it's a great colour for me and best of all cheap and cheeful at £8:99 and much better than my usual all black ninja act. 

On the way around I kept expecting to see Harry, Harmonie or Ron, on some new adventure, or Hagrid lumbering past chasing some strange creature, or maybe the massive wingspan of the Griffin as it landed in front of me, but nothing remotely that exciting happened.

This women and her dog, were great, I didn't get to see them because, well because they were faster than me, but you know what it really looks as if the dog is pulling her along. "Anyone got a dog I can borrow that likes to run."

Had to really watch my feet, there were plenty of tree roots, and rocks to land you in trouble, managed to stay on my feet, my body was holding up, no major problems, just tiredness, legs were managing to keep me either just under or just over a 9 minute mile.

There was an older lady maybe 60 plus, who I tried to keep in my sights but she must of had booster juice for breakfast cause I lost her about two miles in. I passed a few people, then got passed a bit later on by a few when I started to run out of steam closer to the end.  I really, really, really need to learn to pace better, I always act like a mad man is chasing me at he start, then burn out, well okay I didn't burn out but I did slow down.

The course is very beautiful and undulating, so it's a challenge to keep your legs churning up inclines. There were lovely flowers and acorns and sights to behold, but I didn't notice any of it. I ran next to a guy for a while he didn't want to let me pass, after a while I let him go, it was all about me today and no body else, the only person I run against is Kat, ( I'll get him another time).

(Good job, I am do not mind  being seen in all my glory, front and back)

A girl I passed maybe mile 2 caught me at the end, but as said I have no pride about that sort of thing, lesson learnt today was about pacing, then hopefully I can start posting negative splits. (Non runners that means running the last half of the race faster than the first).

Dogs are allowed to run as well and there was one funky looking dog which I later found out was half Labrador and have poodle, called a labdradoodle, strange ah, it  was having a whale of a time, his owner was behind and he was running in front enjoying himself.

Rob as usual, kept popping up here and there, saw him twice on the course. 

All done in 28 minutes 35 seconds, my second fastest ever 5k time, up until I started  marathon training last year,I'd never run a 5k under 30 minutes, so very pleased, not as fast as the 26 minutes something I posted last year after the London marathon, but very, very happy, now I shall try and get under 28 minutes next time. That's whats fabulous about these runs you can go anytime you want, you don't have to pay a thing and you can test yourself week after week.

Here I am all done, you can see me in all my sweaty glory, now some women glow, some hardly sweat at all, but me I sweat, buckets, rivers and oceans, and have done ever since I hit puberty. I remember the day like yesterday when the puberty God's visited and I was blessed with a sweat glands that could compete with 20 stone mans! Must remember to bring a small towel next time, if it's really hot again.

Afterwards spoke to a father and his 10 year old daughter who both mashed up the course in 25 minutes, can you believe that, she runs for her county and he trains with her and has lost 2 stone over the last year in the process, now that is what I call inspiring. Thats who I'm talking to in the picture above.

On the way to the car go talking to an older couple and the guy ran the 5k in 20 minutes,20 Rass clart minutes (for those of you who do not recognise such language, it's a Jamaican swear word, not to be used, liberally especially if your white) His wife came in at 30 minutes, and their daughter has just run the London marathon. I love these kind of stories, stories of families that run. Yes he is the guy in the earlier picture, which I didn't know Rob had taken, thanks again Rob, your photographic efforts are greatly appreciated.

Gives me hope that when I have kids I can not only carry on running, but get them running too, of course they have to learn to walk first, that goes with out saying, but as soon as they can walk. "Come on children, we're all going for a 5 mile jog today, everyone make sure you got your water and your jelly babies, who can't run yet can go in a buggee, everyone else, put down the Play station, Ipod, Mobile phone, palm sized Tv,Ipod, blackberry,Nintendo, radio, supersonic 3D games consol that can make your bed, do your homework and even go toilet for you and lets get going."

All is all a great morning,my achilles was  aching today after t he run, had been playing up for a couple of day so unfortunately that's it for running this week, only manages to clock 8 miles, blaaah, but also been to the gym once and tomorrow I shall go again, just cause I ain't running don't mean I ain't exercising. I've popped an Ibupropen and I'm icing it now,will stretch it out later, and hopefully it will be cool again. Most important thing is to stay injury free. 

All done and dusted and still smiling, oh why oh why does it hurt so much when you run and feel so good when it's over, you'd never believe I thought my lungs were going to fly out of my chest only moments earlier.

So thats it, if you have a Park Run near to you get down, there cause there great little events, and most people are very friendly, everyone is after the same thing trying to keep fit and healthy, and we all know English weather is not good for long, so don't wait cause it be winter again before we know it and us runners will be bitching again about how cold it is!

                                                                 Well done Kat.

For those of you interested click on this link to find out more about PARK RUN

Happy Running.

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