Friday, 24 September 2010


I wish this was me! Maybe one day.

Last week was a good week, managed to keep a handle on my eating.

Monday 5 mile run, hour free weights, and 45 minute boxing class, including skipping, running and pad work. Intense but run.

Tuesday 8 mile run, slow and steady but I made it back to the house in one piece.

Thursday 4 mile run and an hour and a half boxing class, running, skipping and pad work, another intense day, the class was amazing, loved every minute of it. Men and women do this class and it's hot and sweaty and hard work, bring it on. Running has made me stronger than I have been in a long time and I felt fantastic, but my core is weak, got a lot of work to do, to strengthen it up!

Sunday half marathon.


Breasts: 37 inches

under breast 33

Waist: 30.5 inches

Hips:41 inches

Right thigh: 24.5 inches

Left thigh 24.5 inches

Left arm 12 inches

Right arm 12 inches

No change from last week, except half an inch on the waist.


Weight 12.stone, 7 pounds  175 pounds.

2 pounds loss.

So so far good, no dramatic  changes, but small steps are fine, had a cold this week, so have only managed one 4 mile run, my body was rebelling, my thighs were like "Oh hell no, you ain't." I had been planing an 8 mile run but after ten minutes in I knew that was never going to happen!

With a half marathon again this weekend, I made a decision to take time to recover and fingers crossed I will be in a fit state to do so, so exercise wise this week has been pants!

Half marathon report from last Sunday is coming, all went well, but the ride home took almost 8 hours due to traffic jams, and a couple of road accidents, when it should've taken 5 hours,  which I think may have had something to do with me getting sick and feeling exhausted this week!  The car made it back by the skin of it's teeth, but I had to take it to the garage the next day and found out it needed a new gear box, well all I can say is I'm now broke and dieting should not be a problem for the foreseeable future as I have no money what soever to eat out!

Thats me done for now.
Happy running.

Friday, 17 September 2010


A friend went running earlier in the week at a park just around the corner from my house, anyway a man jumped out and showed her what the Lord gave him and said." Suck on this B***ch"! She's not been running for long and it was a real shock, luckily due to her new found strength and fitness she was able to run away. She reported the incident to the police. She was extremely shaken and upset, understandably, but luckily she was unharmed.

Now if it was me I probably would've had my headphones in so would not of spotted or heard him before it was too late! I tend to run around the outskirts of that park because although it is beautiful it has a few secluded parts. We've decided to hook up and run together, better to be safe than sorry.

This is just a little reminder to all us ladies out there running to remember to be safe, keep your eyes and your ears peeled, change up your route, be careful who you tell where an when your running, if you use headphones try not to blast the music, and if anything does happen, put your speed on as my friend did and get the hell out of there.

I personally have taken up boxing training as part of my new fitness regime, whats the point in being fit if you can't fight off a mugger or potential rapist, run for a bus, carry shopping under one arm and a child under the other. I ain't into being dainty and feeble, being fit is about being strong, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled a bit better for any potential nutters, but at the same time I recognise my limitations and even though in my dreams I am a super strong, super heroine who can disable anyone with a mere swipe of a finger, in reality I know this is far from the truth, so as winter approaches and dark mornings and evenings become an everyday occurrence,  I'm going to start running with friends, especially at night time.

So ladies be careful out there, don't wait for something to happen, think in your head what would you do if someone did flash you or approach you, have a plan, do you carry a rape alarm, a whistle, a phone, ever done a self defence class, if you got a partner convince him to join you for your runs, get him to jump on his bike if he's not a runner, now us girls in England ain't allowed to carry mace, but if we could I assure you I would, and if something does happen, try to remember what the person looked like, and any other details that would help the police to find him, lets not let men get away with this sick type of behaviour.

Sunday I run a half marathon The Great North Run, it's a massive race and over 300 miles from London, tomorrow I start traveling with my other half, the plan is to leave around mid day, travel to Leeds which is 175 miles from London, stay overnight in a hotel, then travel the last 100 miles in the morning, run the half marathon then travel back to London. It will be the furthest I have ever travelled to run a race, I truly must be crazy.

Happy running

Monday, 13 September 2010


The time has come to take control and makes some positive changes, if I keep doing the same thing I am going to end up with the same results so here goes I'm going to put it all on the line. Once a week I'm going to post my weight, measurements and my workouts.

Why because I really, really want to step things up, not just weight wise, yes I want to lose some more weight, but also I want to get fitter and healthier and really take things to the next level so here goes.


Monday 6th September -Sunday 13th September 2010

Monday: 2 mile run with the other half.

Tuesday: 10 and a half mile run

Wednesday: 1 hour weights

Thursday:  Rest day.

Friday  1 hour of free weights  and 30 minutes on the treadmill

Saturday: 3 miles (one an a half miles barefooted)

Sunday: 3 miles

Only managed 18 miles last week, less than usual, I try to run 25-30 miles a week,  the weight training is a new addition and so far so good, can't wait until I start to look cut, bring it on.


Breast: 37 inches

Under breasts: 33 inches

Waist: 31 inches

Hips: 41 inches

Right thigh: 24.5 inches

Left thigh: 24.5 inches

Right arm: 12 inches

Left arm: 12 inches

Weight 12 stone 9 pounds  (177 pounds)

So there you go all my stats and my weight, Lord I must be crazy, putting it all out there! 

If I could lose a few inches off my chest that would be great, note I say chest, not breast, I don't have much breast, I would like to keep what I have. If I could get my waist down to 28 inches that would be delicious and my hips under 40 I would be ecstatic. I just want to be a smaller all over but most of all toned.

I sound very heavy but even when I've been very slim I still weigh a lot, so I'm not going to panic,  I will be concentrating more on what the tape measure than the scales say, yes my scales do talk to me, especially my scales, sometimes the don't even tell me my weight they just scream "Too heavy, too heavy get the f***k off of me, your hurting me!"

If I could lose at least a pound a week and drop between 14-21 pounds I would be very happy.

I need to sort out my food, I have moment’s, weeks, and even months when I am wonderful and won't let anything I think is not good for me cross my lips. Then the next moment I eating like a monster and can eat anything in sight. 


Goals to get fitter, try and exercise at least 5 times a week if not 7, a mix of running, weights and gym classes, eat better, drop a dress size, I ain't trying to be a broomstick I just want to look good, fit into my clothes well but most of all be fit and athletic and get a handle on this yo-yo dieting I have got into.

Sick of squeezing myself into clothes, stretching out knickers, and fitting into only a small amount of items in my wardrobe and trying to hide my belly. I want to look spandocious in a bikini and hot in a pair of running tights, 

Now I ain't going to be too hard on myself, as I have dropped quite a bit of weight and I've now been running consistently for two years in which I've run two marathons, have run 4 half marathons this year alone and will run two half marathons in the next two weeks, which will take my overall half marathon total to 11 altogether. I have started training friends. I've kept focused and motivated and continued to train even during an achilles injury. 

Any tips, motivation, advice, good recipes, (the only meat I eat is fish) greatly appreciated, how did you fight your food demons and finally take control, what is it that keeps you on the straight and narrow, share, share ladies. Exercise is not a problem for me, it's the food I now need to get a grip on, I no longer want to be fat and fit, I just want to be fit!

Today I am running 5 miles and knocking out an hour worth of weights, half marathon coming up on Sunday, so I need to find a balance of pushing myself this week, but leaving enough energy to get through those 13.1 miles.

Happy running.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I had a fantastic day on Sunday, the annual 5k run held in Hyde park central London took place.

I'd managed to convince a few friends to take part, above are Anna on the left, she's a runner but this would be her first race, next to her is Mia she's an old school friend who has been running and cycling,this to would be her first 5k and Cheryl who was running her second 5k, after running her first in July with me. There I am in the yellow and Comfort at the end, who also would be taking part in her first race and would be running and walking and raising money for Arthritis care.

This is the tutu, I made especially for the race, it only cost £3:45 to make, and only took an evening to do, so if anyone wants to know how to make a running tutu, let me know and I will do a blog on it, now I ain't domesticated in any kind of way, so if I can do this anyone can.

This is my good friend Simone who I met at a job 11 years ago, we no longer work together but are very close friends. I love running with her but her right knee unfortunately was permanently damaged in a car accident a few years back,(the other driver was at fault) so she can no longer run long distances.

Now anyone who takes me up on a challenge knows that I'm very intense when it comes to running, but i am glad to inform you everyone survived.The race does have elite competitors, they start way out in the front with the mere mortals, being held back until they were well on their way.

Now above are all the fast ladies, the very fast ladies the one in the middle in the first set of pictures Linet Masai the one who looks like a piece of paper was the winner, she finished in 15 minutes 07, and is also the current 10k world champion, so you see I was racing in good company.

Kibet in the blue was second some 20 metres behind in 15:10 while Stephanie Twell in the purple top  came in at 15:32 she's British so at least the press had something to celebrate!

We had one elite runner in our group Anna in the picture above she rocked the course in just over 24 minutes, she so shocked herself, and the joy in her eyes and excitement in her voice was infectious.

There were over 15,000 women out there, it's a massive event, with a mix of runners and walkers, and fancy dressers, and I have run it at least 8 times. My mum was walking to raise money for an electric wheelchair for my sis, who has Muscular Dystrophy. I'm so proud of my mum.

This girl must have a stitch, poor thing hope she was okay, breathe child,breathe.
 love random pictures of runners, I imagine what their thinking,

                        "Ohhh I wonder when this is going to be over, cause I really gotta pee?"

The lady with her elbows out."Get the hell out of my way pinkie.

       "This is so damn easy, it's like running for the school bus I could do this everyday."

Here I am, what am I thinking, why the hell did I dress up like a Big Bird from Sesame Street (yes we get that show in England), only joking in fact I was feeling very cute and getting a lot of shout outs. I did not run with my friends, the race was so crowded, and being only a 5k I thought it was important for everyone to run their own race.

As said the race was very crowded so I did not get a great start, but to be honest that made no real difference on my time, as when I did get a clear run my achilles was having none of it so my right leg was heavy and non compliant, all I could do was run as fast as my body would let me.  I kept thinking about the girls out there and hoping everyone was okay.

"Where are you mummy, are you going to finish soon, daddies neck is starting to get tired."

"Look my mummy's faster than your mummy?"
"No my mummy is faster than your mummy."

"Why are all these crazy women running around, and why can't I run too?"

" I can do this, I'm a bear, I'm a bear, I'm a bear,GRRRRRRH."

Blond girl "I'm strong, I'm beautiful, I'm fierce if my boss says one wrong thing to me tomorrow I'm going to tell him where to stick his job."

Not far from the finish now, I was resigned to the fact that I was not going to get a fast time, but I was happy to be running and was having a great time.

All done and dusted, thank goodness, 29 minutes 17 seconds. 

This was me just after the race, I was approached by a man who complimented me on my fetching outfit, then he asked if i wanted to be interviewed on the BBC. I was taken to the side and a few minutes later there i was being interviewed by the former British Triple Jumper, Johnathan Edwards, he won a gold medal at Sydney in 2000! Well what can i say was very happy, but I didn't want to come across all gushing and crazy on the t,v so I behaved and only when the interview was over did I gush and tell him how much I admired him.

I knew it was good idea to wear that tutu, okay so I might've looked like a slow, giant chicken but it got me on the television, you can see it via the link above, it may not work for those of you outside the U.K but if you do get to see it, I'm on at about 24 minutes 50 seconds in, you can see me crossing the finish line and having a little chat with Mr Edwards.

I love the above pictures, everyone came back eyes shining, laughing and just simply buzzing, this running thing is infectious, Mia and Cheryl done really well coming in at approx 31 and 33 minutes respectively, Comfort walk/ran all the way, and mum walked all the way, well done ladies.


Above on the left, I've just spotted my mum Mum as always was a tropper, well you'd have to be to raise seven kids almost single handedly, I am so proud of her, been encouraging her to get fit and she stepping up to the plate. She wore a sign for my sis pinned to her t-shirt,mwwwwah,love you lots mum.

What I love most about this race, is that it is so many women coming together for a good cause, there are loads of mums pushing buggies, and running with their daughters, so many signs on peoples backs dedicated to people lost or fighting illness, so many t-shirts with the names of different charities on them, then there are women who are running to keep fit, to ward off illness and achieve something for themselves.

That is what I kept in mind when I was running and my achilles started playing up, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days, that day was a bad day, but I was still able to run, unlike my sis, or brother who both have Muscular Dystrophy.

 It may take another 6 months or so more of rehab to get recover fully,I struggle to run at times, and struggle to deal, but at least I can run and it is not a permanent injury!

I had the most amazing day, it was inspiring, heartfelt, humbling and life affirming.
 To Comfort, Mia, Cheryl, and Anna, Simone nothing but the up most respect for stepping up to the plate and joining in some Kat madness, I am inspired by you all.

I have set the next challenge for a 10k on Sunday November 7th and I look forward to coming on that journey with you as well. Thanks again to my other half, my official photographer who always does a wonderful job of taking such great pictures, and always supporting.

That's me done for now, so goodbye from the big yellow chicken,


Monday, 6 September 2010



Thanks to  Worthatri for nominating me a CHERRY ON THE TOP AWARD, much appreciated and touched, I am not great at this tagging thing but I will give it a try.

Now I ain't going to lie there are plenty of things I would love to change,but I am who I am due to my experiences so I accept them all good and bad.

Health wise I would go back and slap that 14 year old kid who thought it was smart to pick up a cigarette and smoke on and off for the next ten or so years. I regret that, I thought it was cool, thought I looked great and did not think about the health implications. It has been a good number of years since I stopped smoking, although I have back slided on a number of occasions,  I would never, ever, ever smoke again, it's no longer part of my character, anyway anything that would hinder my running is a no go these days

Now I was supose to choose 6 people to give this award to, I choose

Clare michelle, a great photographer and poet, a new but dear friend

Rob aka Sloetry who is also a great poet and photographer

GREEDS, a great poet who writes great blogs.

Comfort a great poet and now also a runner after completing her first ever 5k yesterday,

ASK WIFEY, who writes a wonderful blog on running, being a wife and a mother, I can assure you I am taking notes!

I would've tagged some more runners but those who I would've chosen have been blogged already. I have not been great at this tagging thing in the past, but I promise I will try better in the future.

Happy running and writing peeps.

Thanks again Worth a tri for giving me that award, much appreciated.

I love running Kat