Friday, 17 September 2010


A friend went running earlier in the week at a park just around the corner from my house, anyway a man jumped out and showed her what the Lord gave him and said." Suck on this B***ch"! She's not been running for long and it was a real shock, luckily due to her new found strength and fitness she was able to run away. She reported the incident to the police. She was extremely shaken and upset, understandably, but luckily she was unharmed.

Now if it was me I probably would've had my headphones in so would not of spotted or heard him before it was too late! I tend to run around the outskirts of that park because although it is beautiful it has a few secluded parts. We've decided to hook up and run together, better to be safe than sorry.

This is just a little reminder to all us ladies out there running to remember to be safe, keep your eyes and your ears peeled, change up your route, be careful who you tell where an when your running, if you use headphones try not to blast the music, and if anything does happen, put your speed on as my friend did and get the hell out of there.

I personally have taken up boxing training as part of my new fitness regime, whats the point in being fit if you can't fight off a mugger or potential rapist, run for a bus, carry shopping under one arm and a child under the other. I ain't into being dainty and feeble, being fit is about being strong, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled a bit better for any potential nutters, but at the same time I recognise my limitations and even though in my dreams I am a super strong, super heroine who can disable anyone with a mere swipe of a finger, in reality I know this is far from the truth, so as winter approaches and dark mornings and evenings become an everyday occurrence,  I'm going to start running with friends, especially at night time.

So ladies be careful out there, don't wait for something to happen, think in your head what would you do if someone did flash you or approach you, have a plan, do you carry a rape alarm, a whistle, a phone, ever done a self defence class, if you got a partner convince him to join you for your runs, get him to jump on his bike if he's not a runner, now us girls in England ain't allowed to carry mace, but if we could I assure you I would, and if something does happen, try to remember what the person looked like, and any other details that would help the police to find him, lets not let men get away with this sick type of behaviour.

Sunday I run a half marathon The Great North Run, it's a massive race and over 300 miles from London, tomorrow I start traveling with my other half, the plan is to leave around mid day, travel to Leeds which is 175 miles from London, stay overnight in a hotel, then travel the last 100 miles in the morning, run the half marathon then travel back to London. It will be the furthest I have ever travelled to run a race, I truly must be crazy.

Happy running


  1. Glad your friend got away safe. It's great you doing some boxing, I love the confidence I have from doing it!

    I'm looking forward to watching the GNR but I wish I was running it, maybe next year! Good luck!

  2. That's pretty scary...I try to be careful, but I guess we never know where the nutters are!

    Good luck on your race...have a blast :)

  3. Hey Laura, yes you have to do the GNR next year, it's a half marathon I've always wanted to do, thanks for the good luck wishes.

    The boxing class was amazing, I don a few earlier in the year but got ovewhelmed with marathon training so went back to just running, i've done two classes again and l love the pad work, the skipping the core work, yesterday I was in so much pain, yaaah it's working, fingers crossed it gives me some of that confidence your talking about!

    Anne yes that is pretty scary! Thanks for the good luck wishes.


  4. Good reminder! Glad your friend is OK. And, good luck this weekend. Can't wait to read about it!

    Winks & Smiles,