Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I had a fantastic day on Sunday, the annual 5k run held in Hyde park central London took place.

I'd managed to convince a few friends to take part, above are Anna on the left, she's a runner but this would be her first race, next to her is Mia she's an old school friend who has been running and cycling,this to would be her first 5k and Cheryl who was running her second 5k, after running her first in July with me. There I am in the yellow and Comfort at the end, who also would be taking part in her first race and would be running and walking and raising money for Arthritis care.

This is the tutu, I made especially for the race, it only cost £3:45 to make, and only took an evening to do, so if anyone wants to know how to make a running tutu, let me know and I will do a blog on it, now I ain't domesticated in any kind of way, so if I can do this anyone can.

This is my good friend Simone who I met at a job 11 years ago, we no longer work together but are very close friends. I love running with her but her right knee unfortunately was permanently damaged in a car accident a few years back,(the other driver was at fault) so she can no longer run long distances.

Now anyone who takes me up on a challenge knows that I'm very intense when it comes to running, but i am glad to inform you everyone survived.The race does have elite competitors, they start way out in the front with the mere mortals, being held back until they were well on their way.

Now above are all the fast ladies, the very fast ladies the one in the middle in the first set of pictures Linet Masai the one who looks like a piece of paper was the winner, she finished in 15 minutes 07, and is also the current 10k world champion, so you see I was racing in good company.

Kibet in the blue was second some 20 metres behind in 15:10 while Stephanie Twell in the purple top  came in at 15:32 she's British so at least the press had something to celebrate!

We had one elite runner in our group Anna in the picture above she rocked the course in just over 24 minutes, she so shocked herself, and the joy in her eyes and excitement in her voice was infectious.

There were over 15,000 women out there, it's a massive event, with a mix of runners and walkers, and fancy dressers, and I have run it at least 8 times. My mum was walking to raise money for an electric wheelchair for my sis, who has Muscular Dystrophy. I'm so proud of my mum.

This girl must have a stitch, poor thing hope she was okay, breathe child,breathe.
 love random pictures of runners, I imagine what their thinking,

                        "Ohhh I wonder when this is going to be over, cause I really gotta pee?"

The lady with her elbows out."Get the hell out of my way pinkie.

       "This is so damn easy, it's like running for the school bus I could do this everyday."

Here I am, what am I thinking, why the hell did I dress up like a Big Bird from Sesame Street (yes we get that show in England), only joking in fact I was feeling very cute and getting a lot of shout outs. I did not run with my friends, the race was so crowded, and being only a 5k I thought it was important for everyone to run their own race.

As said the race was very crowded so I did not get a great start, but to be honest that made no real difference on my time, as when I did get a clear run my achilles was having none of it so my right leg was heavy and non compliant, all I could do was run as fast as my body would let me.  I kept thinking about the girls out there and hoping everyone was okay.

"Where are you mummy, are you going to finish soon, daddies neck is starting to get tired."

"Look my mummy's faster than your mummy?"
"No my mummy is faster than your mummy."

"Why are all these crazy women running around, and why can't I run too?"

" I can do this, I'm a bear, I'm a bear, I'm a bear,GRRRRRRH."

Blond girl "I'm strong, I'm beautiful, I'm fierce if my boss says one wrong thing to me tomorrow I'm going to tell him where to stick his job."

Not far from the finish now, I was resigned to the fact that I was not going to get a fast time, but I was happy to be running and was having a great time.

All done and dusted, thank goodness, 29 minutes 17 seconds. 

This was me just after the race, I was approached by a man who complimented me on my fetching outfit, then he asked if i wanted to be interviewed on the BBC. I was taken to the side and a few minutes later there i was being interviewed by the former British Triple Jumper, Johnathan Edwards, he won a gold medal at Sydney in 2000! Well what can i say was very happy, but I didn't want to come across all gushing and crazy on the t,v so I behaved and only when the interview was over did I gush and tell him how much I admired him.

I knew it was good idea to wear that tutu, okay so I might've looked like a slow, giant chicken but it got me on the television, you can see it via the link above, it may not work for those of you outside the U.K but if you do get to see it, I'm on at about 24 minutes 50 seconds in, you can see me crossing the finish line and having a little chat with Mr Edwards.

I love the above pictures, everyone came back eyes shining, laughing and just simply buzzing, this running thing is infectious, Mia and Cheryl done really well coming in at approx 31 and 33 minutes respectively, Comfort walk/ran all the way, and mum walked all the way, well done ladies.


Above on the left, I've just spotted my mum Mum as always was a tropper, well you'd have to be to raise seven kids almost single handedly, I am so proud of her, been encouraging her to get fit and she stepping up to the plate. She wore a sign for my sis pinned to her t-shirt,mwwwwah,love you lots mum.

What I love most about this race, is that it is so many women coming together for a good cause, there are loads of mums pushing buggies, and running with their daughters, so many signs on peoples backs dedicated to people lost or fighting illness, so many t-shirts with the names of different charities on them, then there are women who are running to keep fit, to ward off illness and achieve something for themselves.

That is what I kept in mind when I was running and my achilles started playing up, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days, that day was a bad day, but I was still able to run, unlike my sis, or brother who both have Muscular Dystrophy.

 It may take another 6 months or so more of rehab to get recover fully,I struggle to run at times, and struggle to deal, but at least I can run and it is not a permanent injury!

I had the most amazing day, it was inspiring, heartfelt, humbling and life affirming.
 To Comfort, Mia, Cheryl, and Anna, Simone nothing but the up most respect for stepping up to the plate and joining in some Kat madness, I am inspired by you all.

I have set the next challenge for a 10k on Sunday November 7th and I look forward to coming on that journey with you as well. Thanks again to my other half, my official photographer who always does a wonderful job of taking such great pictures, and always supporting.

That's me done for now, so goodbye from the big yellow chicken,



  1. Great blog. Loved your interpretation of the other runners thoughts. Proud of you, your mum and your friends....all did fantastically well and just ooze positivity and enthusiasm. Love it.

  2. You look super fab! Love it. But isn't the tutu itchy?

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  4. Hi Slo, they all done so well didn't they, hopefully it's the start of many more races, and training runs, and so forth, thanks for the support as always.

    Hey TMB thanks for the comments, nope the tutu's not itchy, plus with a pair of shorts underneath it doesn't really come in contact with the skin. There great to wear and fun too.

  5. Great race Kat! Love the pics and captions :)
    Lookin' good in the yellow tutu...way to get on the BBC :)

  6. You always have such fun outfits!! I loved looking at all your pictures and captions!

  7. Hey Anne, read your post on Barefoot running, gone on you for taking the plunge, hope you find it as liberating as I have. Thanks for you comments, Happy bare foot running,

    Laura, running has to be fun for me or I just couldn't do it! THE GREAT NORTH RUN is on next week Sunday, think I'll make a red tutu for that. Pictures are by the other half and I'm always great full when he comes along.

    Take care ladies.

  8. What a great post and race! Looks like a fab day. And how, fun! You got on TV! Love it and your tutu. You definitely have to share how to make one.

    Winks & Smiles,