Friday, 24 September 2010


I wish this was me! Maybe one day.

Last week was a good week, managed to keep a handle on my eating.

Monday 5 mile run, hour free weights, and 45 minute boxing class, including skipping, running and pad work. Intense but run.

Tuesday 8 mile run, slow and steady but I made it back to the house in one piece.

Thursday 4 mile run and an hour and a half boxing class, running, skipping and pad work, another intense day, the class was amazing, loved every minute of it. Men and women do this class and it's hot and sweaty and hard work, bring it on. Running has made me stronger than I have been in a long time and I felt fantastic, but my core is weak, got a lot of work to do, to strengthen it up!

Sunday half marathon.


Breasts: 37 inches

under breast 33

Waist: 30.5 inches

Hips:41 inches

Right thigh: 24.5 inches

Left thigh 24.5 inches

Left arm 12 inches

Right arm 12 inches

No change from last week, except half an inch on the waist.


Weight 12.stone, 7 pounds  175 pounds.

2 pounds loss.

So so far good, no dramatic  changes, but small steps are fine, had a cold this week, so have only managed one 4 mile run, my body was rebelling, my thighs were like "Oh hell no, you ain't." I had been planing an 8 mile run but after ten minutes in I knew that was never going to happen!

With a half marathon again this weekend, I made a decision to take time to recover and fingers crossed I will be in a fit state to do so, so exercise wise this week has been pants!

Half marathon report from last Sunday is coming, all went well, but the ride home took almost 8 hours due to traffic jams, and a couple of road accidents, when it should've taken 5 hours,  which I think may have had something to do with me getting sick and feeling exhausted this week!  The car made it back by the skin of it's teeth, but I had to take it to the garage the next day and found out it needed a new gear box, well all I can say is I'm now broke and dieting should not be a problem for the foreseeable future as I have no money what soever to eat out!

Thats me done for now.
Happy running.


  1. Good job on the boxing! I haven't been for ages, I miss it lots!

  2. Sounds like a good week to me! Except for the car - yikes! Looking forward to hearing about your half marathon.

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. You're such a solider sis! Well done on the runs and the boxing!! For core work I'd suggest yoga, if would also be really good for stretching and strengthening as well. Though I'm not down for running (never liked high impact activities) I'm always down for a walk, or a hike and lots of yoga! It's amazing to take it further like you have with the boxing! You're an inspiration sis! My next step... Bikram yoga! Fun times!!! Sending you much love and peace sis! xx

  4. great week. Good luck with the running

  5. Hope you're doing well Kat...and that you're pleased with your last half-marathon. Good job with the boxing and training :)

  6. great job with the boxing. Hope the HM went well for you

  7. Hope all is well! Where have you been?

  8. Hey Kat! Thanks for coming by, I've been wondering how you're doing. Hope you're well... Welcome back :)