Thursday, 15 April 2010


Spent most of Tuesday afternoon making a tutu as part of my costume for the marathon, I wasn't going to bother, but could not find a red, gold, and green one anywhere on the net, so popped down to the local market, bought about 8 yards of tulle some elastic and set about making my tutu. Now I ain't the greatest when it comes at arts and crafts, but I will give things a go. Mum is great at making clothes, curtains and so forth but the talent did not pass on to me.

Tutu making was in fact quite fun, if a little laborious, and in the end I ended up with a big fluffy monster, I think I had too much tulle, but I took some off, cut it down and wallah, I was left with a very fetching number. My tutu does not look like the one above of the lillie white ballerina in the lillie white tutu, niether will I look so elegant. It is as bright if not brighter than the pink one as it is four different colours!

My iron on letters spelling my name came in the post today, just waiting for my leg warmers and cap and sweat bands to arrive and I am all good to go.

Now some people may be wondering why the hell would I want to even attempt to run a marathon in a tutu, well it just makes the whole process more fun, you get lots of attention and it's not often as an adult you get a chance to be silly without being arrested or sectioned!

The tutu I made is very eye catching and a lot puffier (is that even a word?) than the orange one I wore last year at the London marathon or the pink and black one I wore for RACE FOR LIFE, now I know how to make them there will be no stopping me!

No this is not my tutu, weren't you listening my one is red, gold and green!

Done a 4 mile run yesterday, going to head out for a 5 miler in a bit all is on track, saw the physio this week, no major problems, achilles is fine, the body is holding up, just need to keep being careful, and fingers crossed I will get to the start line, tutu and all.

It is amazing to think that the marathon is just around the corner, all hard work done, miles logged, all I hope is that I enjoy myself as much as I did last year, yes I would love to post a faster time, but to be honest that is not the most important thing to me, I want to have a great experience, by pass the dreaded wall, reach the end injury free and mentally unscarred.

 I think that next time I will make a red one, red would be quite a stunning colour to wear. Just need to find a race to wear one in, maybe the GREAT NORTH RUN in September!

Happy running and happy tutu making.

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