Thursday, 8 April 2010


Saturday 3rd April twenty mile training run, well this is the run that almost broke me, made me question my sanity, stupidity and everything else in between, above is how I looked at the start,before I started my epic journey, I had not idea what was to come, as you can see the day is pretty overcast and dreary, but lukily I only saw a tiny bit of rain and that was at the end.

The other half was accompanying me on his bike, he carried the food and water, I had my marathon belt on with my gels and fruit pastels, I was glad for the company even though it was only 2 miles longer than the 18 miler I done by myself a few weeks back mentally it just seemed so much longer and today was all about the mental. Above is a moment of light reflief this pony thought I has some food and when he realised I didn't he tried to eat my jacket Lucikly it did not rip! That will teach me to mess with wild beasts.

Spent some time on the River Thames, but it was very very slippery due to the rain which created lots of mud and I kept losing my footing, which did not make great running conditons, but I did see lots of great wild life including two swans on a nest and then later spotted them making love, the other half assured me that was quite a pirlvedged thing to see.

No pictures of when the male swan jumped on the female swans back,but since we were privy to a very private moment that is not necesarily a bad thing!

Left the canal, the mud just got too much in the end, stopped of at Dorney Lake, where I completed last weeks half marathon, it  very quiet, and half of the lake was cut off, so managed about two and a half miles there then headed out back on the road, it was a bit mind numbing running around, luckily the other half was sure he could find another 15 miles for me to run, so I put my faith in him and let him lead the way.

These cows were very inquisitive, started to  move towards us and I was not impressed, luckliy a woman with a horse was going through them at the same time and they dispearesed, I don't think they've seen many black people!

Standing amoung some lovely daffadils, spring is here yaah,but I say roll on summer.

Yes stopping for pictures gives me a break from the grind and takes my mind of the fact I need to run 20 miles! This is a fake smile, this smile is hiding, my pain and despair, not really I'm okay, just questioning my sanity and willing it all to be over.

This pony was much nicer than the first one he didn't try to eat me. All these animals are helping to distract me from the task at hand.
Jubilee reservior a man made flood relief, with a nature reserve very pretty and not as muddy as the canal,a few puddles but nothing to write home about,t hey've even got spots for bird watchers and there were a few out, with binocluars and all,but who am I to criticise.

Just crossed a bridge that the other half used to cross with his mum as a kid with their dog's it's been a real trip down memory lane for him, we passed the house he lived in until he was about 13 as well. All the chat kept me on course and helped to deflect my mind, from the aching feet, and aching groin.

Looks like I'm not doing any runnning, but I promise I am, we've travelled so far feel as if I am on a day trip somewhere. Do I look tired, well I am my body is beginning to rebel and ask me to stop abusing and torturing it, but what it does not know is this fitness regime has just begun, after the marathon time to drop some more pounds, pick up the weights and concentrate onto half marathons for a while.

Here I am at the end calling the ambulance service for help, only joking had to take a picture, we don't have many telephone boxes left, so took a pic for old times sake, they were everywhere when I was a kid, showing my age ah!

So I did finish, even with the detour the other half managed to get me back to the car and I only had to run a little way arund the car park to make it the full mileage, he must have a GPS system implanted in his head. The last part took us through Eton, passed a lovely lake with tons of swans, and ran through cobbled streets, very old English with Windor castle in the back ground.

My groin was playing up, the bottom of my feet hurt, but I made it we were out for over 5 hours, some people could finish a marathon twice over in that time but you know what I don't care, this is about me and no one else, and I am patting myself on the back for my tenacity and determination, if not my speed, still hoping that I may have some Kenyan hidden deep in my DNA, that needs to be activated some how, just need to find out how to activate it.

Once back in the sanctity of the car I boxed down the sandwich and sucked on the tea like it was a life saving serum. Three weeks to the VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON so now it's time to taper yaaaaah.

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