Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Looking nice and fresh before the start.

Boiled dumplings, green banana and fish the night before,
carbing up Caribbean style,
stomach still played up next morning,
2 mile walk from the car par to the start,
faithfull black bin bags kept myself and the boyfriend warm,
18,000 all lined up to run 13.1 miles,
the gun goes off, twenty minutes later I cross the start,
shoulder to shoulder, with the masses
Off we go, right at the back,
but we soon past the walkers, those who give up without a fight,
a nice steady pace of around 12.22,
lucozade and plenty of water in abundance,
mini mouse is fast on her feet, her red polka dot dress eye catching,
swinging in her hand a bucket clunking with coins,
the army boy's pushed a range rover, sweating, grunting and shouting,
two toilet stops, all that water,
lucozade gels and fruit pastels kept me going,
13.1 miles is a long way, but head down we keep going,
knees and back aching,
but keep going,
boyfriend still placing one foot in front of the other,
he's hurting but still going,
my breath is heavy,
but keep going,
4,5,6th mile done.
7,8,9,10th mile done,
11,12,13th mile done, yaah,
finish in the Majedski stadium,

lots of cheering,
ran ahead,
boyfriend not far behind,
2 hours 45 minutes of running
and we are finished
tired, take a picture
get a medal, grab a goodie bag,

Those crazy army boy's!, Not one pair of trainers between them.

Thank the Lord it is all over, time to drive home,

feeling good, ready to eat and sleep.

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