Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hi all,

so the running is back on track, managing 4 times a week and taking up boxing, there is a great class near to me, run by a girl called Hannah Beharry Englands, number one female fighter, it's a fierce class, running, skipping, pad work, sit ups (300 a time in fact) I am scared everytime I walk in but it's worth it. I am in the intermediate class, even though I have just started got a lot to learn, but Hannah reckons I am fit enough. First week I got one slap across the face, it was a accident another girl in the class got carried away, won't lie it hurt, instant metallic taste in the mouth and I saw stars, but I held it down, no I did not jump on her back, that is no way to behave.

I am loving it though and as she does a beginners on a Thursday I can do go to if I miss the Wednesday, it is nice to be doing something other than running and also learning a skill which can help me to beat off a would be mugger or rapist, my thinking is I can stun them with a one, two, three combination, kick them where the sun don't shine then run away very fast, what more could a girl want, no since being slim and weak, I say athletic and strong is the way to go, a size six can't help you if someone is trying to beat you down or steal your bag can it?

The running has been picking up, it has been bloody great to get out there, I've evan braved the rain, well it's England what do I expect I sucked up all kind of weather for the marathon training so no since shirking now.


Well I signed up for the Regents park summer 10k series, which is a 10k run in regents park, every first Saturday of the month, I done it a few times already and it was always a lot of fun, hard work but fun and well organised, there are six races in all and hopefully I will see some progression over the course of the time, they start in April and go on until September, by which time I hope I look like Angela Basset when she played Tina Turner in "WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT" buff yet oh so feminine. Go to link below if your interested in taking part, you don't have to do all six, warning though these races fill up very quickly so don't take too long deciding, easy to get to Regents Park is on the Bakerloo line, question is can you get up early enough on a Saturday to reach?
Link below to enter if your interested.

I will also be doing the ACTION DUCHENNE LOVE RUN which takes place on Saturday 13th Feb 2010, I have run it three years in a row as it's for a great charity, I can't say the weather is good around this time of year, but as I keep saying it is England so we need to suck it up and get running regardless. Link to enter is below if your interested.

Sunday 21st March 2010

Done it last year, hell of a lot of fun, lots of people out on the route, well organised,they even had bands along the route playing, and the locals were very enthusiastic especially the black ones who all seemed pleased to see me. It was a real challenge if I remember correctly but It was great. Don't ask me how but I have managed to convince the boyfriend to run with me this year, rather than waving from the side lines, and put I it out on FACEBOOK and so for there have been a few interested parties, If I manage to get a group together it will be fantastic, I love running by myself but I also love running with others as well,plus being so passionate about running it is something I want to share with others, well don't get me started on the benefits, fitness, weight loss, emotional strength, raised levels of self esteem and self respect, ya look better too, and have a healthier appetite for certain extra curricular activities, if you know what I mean, cough, cough.
Link below, places go quick so don't leave your decision too long.


Weekly 5K runs every Saturday, across London and the country, well organised, lots of fun, great way to test your fitness and push yourself, a good distance not to long and a great way to start the weekend, and best of all wait for this they are free, if you've had a look at any of the links I've posted you would've seen that some are not cheap, so you can't beat freeness.

The way I look at it though is that I have spent enough money on foolishness over the years, I am willing to invest in my health, not in a silly faddy way but a sensible way, booking in races keep me highly motivated and gives me a reason to step out that front door, even when it is pissing down with rain and Antarctic cold. I have given up the gym membership which was over £50 a month, the boxing classes a free, I just spend money on good trainers and go to cheap websites for my running gear, running is not an expensive sport, plus I can't afford to buy a new large wardrobe so I need to keep the weight down! To be honest I am sick of this battle with weight from now on it is all about heath and fitness eat less exercise more, that's my new motto.

That's me done for now, boxing yesterday so a run today weather looks decent so no excuse but to slip on those trainers and pound the streets.

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