Saturday, 7 November 2009

So here I am back on the running and I have to admit it feels good and unlike last year when I started I am a stone and a half lighter and even though I have hardly run much since July I am fitter.

You know what I love most about running is the journey, ya start off convincing yourself, bullying yourself sometimes even fighting yourself to get out of the front door, you get out, chest hurting legs protesting then somewhere along the way the magic happens and your running and at the end you feel great cause it's all over!

I have to admit I am disappointed about not getting a place in the marathon I thought it would not bother me now I'm back running the itch is coming back, the pain the joy. I must be a nutter, well I guess like childbirth after a while ya forget the pain. I have booked in to do Reading half marathon at the end of March and managed to convince the boyfriend to join me. I never thought he would say yes, but he signed up paid his money and we went out for a 3 miler today he done really well. It will be good to have someone to run with and great to exercise and keep fit together, and rather than standing on the sidelines he can join in and be part of the action.

I have managed 3 runs this week, and I will do another run tomorrow, first time I would've run 4 times in one week in a long time. My achilles God bless is holding up, I am still stretching it and massaging it, and went to the DR to get some physio which should start in a few weeks time, no way could I afford to keep going private! The achilles is not giving me any problems, but we'll see when the miles start to add up if my body starts to protest.

Next week the same 4 runs, 3 miles plus, keep taking care of my achilles, and try and get back on some sort of eating plan, weight has been stable, but still need to lose some more, now I am back running the pounds should start shifting again.

Here's to happy running.


  1. Whoop Whoop - it's good to have you back babe! So so pleased to hear your injury has healed and well done you on doing the sensible thing and taking the required time out, it's a tough thing to do!!

    Excellent stuff that you've signed up for a half! And don't forget there are lots of other marathons you can do babe, how about Paris? Or maybe Dublin next October - give yourself and the achilles plenty of time to ease into it.

    Weel done on keeping those pounds off and welcome back to the running world :o) xx

  2. Hey Charlie,
    thanks for the love, Lord it's good to be back, so good, yes it was very hard to take the required time out, but it was the best thing I could do as my achilles is so much better and so far giving me no problems, will have a look at Dublin and Paris, thanks for the idea, hadn't thought of doing a different one.

    Hope all is well with you.